How to Find Clipboard on iPhone/ iPad | 5 Effective Methods


Clipboard is a wonderful feature of iOS devices. This function helps you to save your favorite texts, videos or images on iPhone or iPad so that you can access them later. It means you don’t have to copy the same content again and again from one app to another. In spite of its many advantages, there are some limitations of the clipboard. For instance, you cannot paste a content saved on the clipboard back to iDevice before you have copied some other data.

What do you need to copy and paste an item from an iPhone or iPad? In order to get access to what is stored in the clipboard, all you need is a genius way. There are many ways available to copy and paste on an iPhone, but all of them don’t meet your needs. Here we present five best methods to find clipboard on iPhone/ iPad devices.

5 Most Effective Ways to Find Clipboard on iPhone & iPad

Method One: Check what is in the clipboard from Spotlight Search

find clipboard on iphone with spotlight search

Step 1: Go to Spotlight Search on the home screen by sliding your finger from bottom to top.

Step 2: Type “Clipboard” in the search box and select “Notes”. All you have copied will be shown here. Scroll down to find what you want. You can preview it before opening or sharing with others.

Method Two: Find what you copy on your clipboard with “Share” button

share button on iphone

Step 1: Go to the app where you want to share the copied items. For instance, if I want to paste this text in Notes, open it first.

Step 2: Copy some words or images from any apps and tap the Share Button at the iPhone screen’s bottom.

Step 3: Options appear on the screen, tap “Copy”.

Step 4: You can paste it anywhere you want from Apple Notes to Facebook. Just select where you want to place your item and share as usual.

Method Three: Save what you copy on the clipboard with special apps.

1) Clippy

how-to-clipboard-on iPhone-with-clippy-app

This clipboard manager app enables you to sync all the data saved on your computer with iPhone or iPad. You can access them at any time and place you want without any limitations. It will also save some space on your device by clearing out what you copy on iPhone regularly. The only disadvantage of this tool is that it is not free.

Step 1: Open your Safari browser on computer and go to Tap the “Start Free Trial” button, sign in with your Apple ID, then choose what data you want to sync (text or images).

Step 2: Go back to your iOS device, tap Safari Browser followed by clippys://.

Step 3: Enter the code displayed on your computer screen to finish this process. Everything you copy on your iPhone will be synced with Clippy in real time and vice versa. Anything captured by it will be securely protected in its database before being deleted from the device after 24 hours for saving more space on your iPhone or iPad.

2) Share Back Clipboard

This is a free alternative app for iOS devices, which enables you to manage the clipboard content without any limitations. It doesn’t only show what is on your clipboard but also helps you copy and paste saved texts or images quickly. You can even save notes on it to access them anytime with no connection needed. All functions are free available in this app.

Step 1: Open Share Back Clipboard. A new screen appears with the text “Open”.

Step 2: Tap it to get there. You can see some options on the home page, including “Save”, “Copy” and “Paste”. Tap “Save” to continue. (Note: If you want to copy the text instead of saving it, you can choose “Copy” on the screen).

Step 3: A new page pops up where you need to input your desired keywords to find back what you want later. After finishing typing, tap “Save”. The app will save all the things that are captured by yourself with these keywords. Feel free to use this feature as you like.

3) Clips

Clips is a productivity app that provides a storage space for users’ clipboard content and makes it easier for them to manage text, photos, videos and links from the device. It will automatically detect what’s been copied on your iPhone or iPad clipboard and save those texts, links and images for you.

Step 1: Open the app after installing it on your iOS device. You can see there are some options that include “Clips”, “Camera” and “iCloud Drive”. Tap “Clips” to continue.

Step 2: A new interface pops up which shows all the text, links and images on your clipboard. You can find what you need by scrolling down or searching with keywords. Tap “Save” to add them to local storage on your device without limits.

Step 3: All the clippings will be saved in the server automatically and organized by date of clip creation and time stamp for you to retrieve them quickly.

Method Four: Use Notes to Save Everything You Copy on Your iPhone


Notes is a default app offered by Apple in its iOS devices for note-taking and saving things you copy on the clipboard. It’s simple and easy, but many users find it difficult to find things after they’ve been copied. This method will show you how to use it more efficiently.

Step 1: To save everything on the clipboard with Notes, open a new note and tap the “Edit” button on the top right corner. Then choose “Select All”.

Step 2: You will see all kinds of stuff on your clipboard now. Go to the text field and press firmly on the keyboard. A pop-up menu will appear where you can save them to Notes by tapping “Copy”.

Step 3: Repeat this process for all of the data on your clipboard.

Method Five: Use Keyboard Buttons to Save Texts Easily


It’s not very obvious, but many iOS devices come with dedicated buttons for text input. They are located at the bottom-left corner of your keyboard. There are four buttons, which can be used to facilitate data input on your iPhone or iPad for saving texts on the clipboard without any situations you cannot imagine.

Step 1: Tap firmly on one of these buttons “i”, “v”, “n” and “m”. They will be highlighted and a pop-up menu will appear. Tap “Cut” to save them on your clipboard.

Step 2: To paste these pieces of text, press firmly on the keyboard again and tap “Paste”. Backup everything by yourself is the best solution for users who want to make sure they never lose anything important in their daily life. If you have any other tips or best solutions for this issue, please tell us in the comment box below.


I hope this article provided you with proper guidance on how to find a clipboard on an iPhone. If you like what I wrote, please give me feedback by sharing it in social media or drop me emails. Thanks!

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