How To Find A Movie That I Can't Remember

How To Find A Movie That I Can’t Remember


Well, I guess many people out there face the problem of guessing what they are trying to remember or the one they forget. It’s not strange that you forget the name of the movie. So if you do, know here how to find a movie that I can’t remember. When we were kids we used to watch several movies and or we saw trailers on YouTube and used to sleep while watching something.

There are some websites that will help you to do so and they are certain tools to do the needful and they definitely help you to search for the movie that you want to know and that is What is My Movie.

I know how it feels when you tend to forget some song lyrics too and what happens when you forget the title of the movie that you are trying to remember as it goes on your mind in the loop and the melodies keep playing in the background.

Well, now there is no such problem that you need to face for this situation as we got you covered with the best answer for how to find a movie that I cant remember. You just need to follow these hacks and then there you are! Isn’t it amazing? So keep reading and know these amazing hacks!!

How To Find A Movie That I Can’t Remember

How To Find A Movie That I Can't Remember

There are certain ways with the help of which you are able to find the movie that you trying to search. One thing that is easy to do is you can search on the streaming service but there must be the condition that it should be streaming on the streaming site. Streaming sites like prime video and Netflix will give you the options to search for the one that you need.

You can do this by searching for the music director, you can go for searching for the actor or even you can go for the composer and you will get what you want. It is a one-stop-shop where you will get everything. It sounds amazing. Isn’t it?

You can easily do this and it will suggest all the movies like that. Like you can write the name of the actor on the Netflix search button and it will come up with the suggestions and it will show you what people have searched for.

Websites To Find A Movie

Websites To Find A Movie

Well as I told you earlier that there are some websites that help you to find the movie names and one of them is What is My Movie? This movie helps you to find the movie and with specific details and it also gives you the plot, director, or the detail of the movie. This movie will help you to use anything and it makes the video search easier. 

This search engine helps you to make your search easier. It searches in a way that no other search engine searches. It also gives you the option of voice search. There is a way to search video content. What is my movie’s states? The technology that it offers will understand the video content of the files and it can range from text to pattern recognition. 

It also has the feature to show you the data that has been searched in the past and it keeps records of that. The steps that you need to discover the name of the movie are also quite easy and super simple. You simply need to type or also you can say what you remember from the movie. This also shows the Metacritic rating. 

There might be the case that as a kid you watched any movie and now you are feeling nostalgic about that and you are searching and for that and there is no better place to get and it will show you what you exactly want.

There is also another way to find a movie that you can’t remember and you can find it on IMDb. you just need to do certain clicks and there you are! IMDb has a huge database and it has every movie that was ever existed. You need to visit this website more frequently for movie details and for cool trivia.

There are certain ways to search on IMDb and you need to follow certain ways to search on IMDb.

For this, you need to write something on the IMDb search bar that you remember like it can be plot, director, or the actor. You just need to name it. Also, you need to keep your search simple and you need to keep in mind while searching that it will not respond to your long sentences and guesses. So you need to use clear keywords.

You can also follow the hack and which is the advanced title search and it will help you to make your search more specific. This search option will allow you to Tick and it will give you the best results that it can give. You can also filter your search by following some of the steps and you will get there easily.

You can go for the title type be it documentary or it can be a movie too. You can also assume the release date of the movie and it will help you to reach some step closer. Another thing that you can do is search for the genre of the movie and it will also help you to reach that. You can also search for the plot of the movie. Another thing is to go for several keywords and go for the main title. There is one additional thing is to search for the additional options. 

Another website is FilmFind and it will help you to find the answers that are related to movies. Then you need to wait for the users to answer the questions. It will be easy for you to search this way and then the users vote for the right movie and then they can enjoy the movie. This is a great platform to search the movie by scene. 

So this was all about how to find a movie that i cant remember. We told you the ways how you can find it easily. Now go and find the movie that you want to know. Still, if you have any doubts then you can ask us in the comment section.

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