How To Find A Lost Samsung TV Remote

How To Find A Lost Samsung TV Remote?


Can’t find your Samsung TV remote? It’s not a problem if you have a Samsung Smart TV running Tizen OS and you have a smartphone, you can use the phone as a remote, or even as a universal remote or keyboard. There are pros and cons to every method, of course. Here are some methods to use your Samsung TV when you can’t locate the remote. Let’s do it and find out How To Find A Lost Samsung TV Remote?

How To Find A Lost Samsung TV Remote

How To Find A Lost Samsung TV Remote

Utilize the power button to perform basic navigation

The majority of Samsung TVs and other TVs feature an on-screen power button beneath the screen, which you can utilize to power on and off the TV. Additionally, you can utilize the button to perform simple navigation, such as the volume up/down button, change of source, and then switch to the remote for an HDMI source.

Based on the model of the Samsung TV The power button is situated on the back of your TV as well as in the middle of the lower panel. By pressing it, you can toggle power on and off. You can also make it the joystick. This can open additional options including altering the channel’s settings, altering the volume, or even switching sources to HDMI. It’s not possible to make use of it to navigate or start applications for your device.

While this is a natural method, it’s quite restrictive. You can’t, place your head on the TV, for instance, because it’s wall-mounted, but there’s a better solution using the keyboard.

USB Keyboard

USB Keyboard

The majority of Samsung smart TVs have a USB keyboard that allows you to manage each aspect of the TV.

If you’ve got a keyboard wired that you have lying around, connect it to the USB port on your TV. After that, you’ll be able to control pretty much the entirety of your television using the arrow keys on your keyboard. It is also possible to access Settings to open, switch and close applications, etc. I’ve tried several different keyboards, including those with wires Apple keyboard, and they all function perfectly, with one minor limitation, you cannot change the volume. It is possible to use the keyboard’s arrow keys, to move or enter to select, ESC to go home, and so on. However, you are unable to adjust the volume due to some reason.

The mouse, however, will not work on our Samsung TVs that run Tizen OS.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Bluetooth keyboard

It’s okay, USB keyboard works, however, if there’s a benefit to be gained from this film, it is that we strongly recommend that everyone purchase wireless keyboards.

You can buy this inexpensive wireless keyboard and mouse combo that connects to the Bluetooth dongle that allows you to control the TV with no setup. Connect the dongle via the USB port located on side of the television and you’re ready to go. It’s only able to do the basic functions of navigation. You can also mute, open apps, and manage the sound volume on the television. With Android TV, the touchpad also functions as a mouse-pointing, but it did not work with the Samsung TV.

The only issue is, that they’re made in China and if they break, it is not covered by a warranty. But, I’ve used this for over a year and it’s working perfectly.

Use The SmartThings App

Use The SmartThings App

Samsung’s SmartThings is an app for smart home control that works with a variety of devices including the smart television, plugs bulbs, switches, and more.

It is usually set up using a SmartThings hub However, in our situation we’ll utilize the SmartThings application to manage the TV only.

It is compatible with all Samsung smart TV. Just adhere to these instructions on how you can configure the app for the TV:

  1. Turn your Samsung TV on.
  2. Select the “Add Device” icon at the top-right, then tap the Device.
  3. Select your smart TV under the By device type.
  4. Tap TV > Start > Next.
  5. Select the TV you want to use and tap done.

After connecting your television to your app go to the main page of the app, then press the TV’s card to begin controlling the TV.

Use Your Smart Home Assistant

Use Your Smart Home Assistant

Additionally, you can connect the smart television to smart home hubs such as Google Home or an Amazon Echo.

Control your TV via the voice of your phone or the intelligent Home Assistant device.

For setting up the Samsung TV with your Google Home application:

  1. Download the SmartThings and Google Home apps.
  2. Launch the Google Home app.
  3. Go to Settings > Assistant > Home Control.
  4. Tap the plus icon then choose SmartThings.

For Alexa devices:

  1. Once the television is connected to the SmartThings app.
  2. Launch Alexa.
  3. Tap Menu > Skills & Games.
  4. On SmartThings on and connect to your TV.
  5. Click Find Devices Select your TV.

When you connect your TV to a smart assistant, you can make use of your voice for navigation and access applications or services on the TV.

Get A Replacement Remote

Get A Replacement Remote

Finding a replacement remote is an option to solve the problem when you’ve lost the remote.

You can buy the exact Samsung remote that was included with your TV, and both the smart as well as the regular TV models are on Amazon.

They don’t require any additional setup and the smart TV remote is based on the same procedure you used to connect your old remote with the TV after setting it up for the first time.

Buy A Universal Remote

Buy A Universal Remote

Universal remotes are remotes from third parties that allow you to control your TV, but also your audio system, as well as other equipment in your entertainment space.

The GE Universal remotes are highly recommended since they work with a variety of televisions as well as other devices for audio or video.

You can manage up to four devices using one remote, making it easier to reduce the mess in the living space.

You’ll need your code for the remote of the model of your Samsung TV, and you’re now ready to pair the remote.

Use An IR Remote App

 Use An IR Remote App

If your phone is equipped with an IR blaster, and your Samsung TV comes with an IR receiver You can then utilize a remote application for the phone for controlling the TV.

To determine if your device is equipped with an IR blaster, make sure you check both sides of your phone.

If you’re unable to locate one, try installing an app that allows you to control your phone, such as Mi Remote Controller. Mi Remote Controller and see whether it recognizes an IR blaster in your phone.

This remote app can be used to operate your TV after you’ve selected which model the Samsung TV is while setting up the application.

Final Thoughts

A majority of the devices I’ve discussed work using smart TVs. So should you have some feature that requires internet access, the internet and/or the SmartThings Google Home, or Alexa app it won’t be possible to use them on a TV that isn’t smart.

Non-smart TVs can buy an additional remote or utilize the remote app, which utilizes the phone’s IR blaster.

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