How To Find A GPS Tracker On Your Car

How To Find A GPS Tracker On Your Car


Today’s vehicles are equipped with car GPS tracking. This tracker uses the global positioning system (GPS), cellular networks, and GPS to locate and report the exact location. Because they can be used to track and recover stolen vehicles and monitor their location, GPS trackers are very popular with taxi and fleet companies and car owners. Although the vehicle’s owner installs most trackers, anyone can install them without their knowledge or consent. You can take simple steps How To Find A GPS Tracker On Your Car

Here’s What You Need To Know About GPS Tracking Devices

Here's What You Need To Know About GPS Tracking Devices

There are many types of GPS trackers, some more discreet than others. They can be classified into two main categories: real-time GPS trackers (active) and data loggers. Active trackers combine GPS location tracking and real-time data transmission via cellular towers. Active GPS trackers have the advantage of being accessible remotely via the internet. Passive GPS trackers save location data and can only be accessed in person.

How To Find A GPS Tracker On Your Car

Although installing modern GPS trackers in a vehicle is easy, it is not always as simple to find hidden GPS trackers. Because GPS trackers work differently, you need to look at several areas on your vehicle if you suspect someone is tracking you with a GPS.

Examine The Exterior

Bumpers are made from injection-molded ABS and make the perfect hiding place for a GPS tracker. We recommend placing a mirror on a pole and illuminating the area with a flashlight to see behind bumpers.

Continue inspecting the undercarriage if you can’t find anything between the bumpers. Any undercarriage part that is noticeably cleaner than others should be inspected. Make sure to inspect the wheel wells. Although it is not a good place to hide a tracker, inexperienced users may have put one there.

Finally, inspect the underside of the engine. It’s best not to disconnect any wires unless you are experienced. Pay attention to wires that are connected to your vehicle’s battery. They could lead to a GPS tracker.

Take A Look At The Interior

It is easiest to locate GPS trackers that plug into the OBD data port behind the dashboard or the 12V cigarette lighter socket. These devices will be easily visible from the vehicle’s cab and won’t require any special inspection. If there is no GPS tracker, you can inspect the interior, including the dashboard, storage areas, and under the seat cushions.

Modern vehicles have easy-to-remove interior plastic trim that hides a lot of space. This is where you will likely find a hidden GPS tracker. An electronic bug sweeper is better if you don’t want to disassemble half your car to find one box. An electronic bug sweeper can detect radio and GPS signals and point you in the right direction, helping to locate a GPS tracker.

How To Find A Hidden GPS Tracker On The Exterior

How To Find A Hidden GPS Tracker On The Exterior

Although it is possible to conceal a small GPS tracker anywhere, they are most often located in an easily accessible location. The first step to finding hidden GPS trackers on your car is to inspect hiding places that are easy for someone to reach.

It is common to conceal a GPS tracker in a wheel well. This is also a convenient location to inspect. Use a flashlight to inspect both the rear and front wheel wells. To get a clear view, you may need a telescoping magnifying mirror. You can also use your hand to feel for things you don’t see.

You can remove the hard plastic wheel well liner if it is missing. Someone may have removed the liner to attach a magnetized tracker behind the frame.

A flashlight and telescoping magnifying glass are also useful in checking under the vehicle. If there is a creeper and enough ground clearance, slide underneath the vehicle to inspect it thoroughly. You should focus on the areas where someone could hide a tracker easily. Also, remember that trackers could be covered with road dirt and grime.

You can hide trackers under or inside bumpers. You will need a flashlight and a mirror to inspect this area thoroughly. You may sometimes need to reach inside the bumper to inspect it.

Trackers can be hidden in the engine compartment, but this is not common. It is more likely that someone will get into your car and open the hood to find the device.

How To Find A Hidden GPS Tracker In The Interior.

How To Find A Hidden GPS Tracker In The Interior.

Hidden GPS trackers are small and can be hidden anywhere in a vehicle or truck. While you might want to concentrate on where the device can be hidden quickly, this won’t always work.

The most discreet trackers use batteries, but simpler units can be plugged directly into the vehicle’s data connector. You should be concerned if you find the data connector (usually located under the dash near the driver’s legs) and can see that something is plugged into it.

If you don’t see anything obvious, use your flashlight or mirror to look under and behind the seats. Also, check the interior and back of the glove compartment and the console. You can hide trackers in the seat pockets, between the seats, behind sun visors, or anywhere else.

Hidden GPS trackers in cars can be difficult to locate because they may blend with other parts. Small modules, such as the one controlling the power door locks, can easily be mistaken for something more sinister.

If someone is determined to hide their surveillance device, they might conceal it behind a door panel or in other places.

You can hide these devices in your trunk. You can inspect your spare tire if you have it. You can also remove the trunk liner that can hide a small GPS tracker device.

Finding A Hidden GPS Car Tracker With A Bug Sweeper

Finding A Hidden GPS Car Tracker With A Bug Sweeper

These handheld devices, also known as bug detectors or electronic sweepers, detect electromagnetic signals such as those transmitted by cellphones and radio transmitters. You can buy this equipment from the same places as GPS trackers. You can make your own bug detector if you have the spare parts.

Sweepers rely on the detection of transmissions and are therefore not useful in finding passive GPS trackers. They can, however, be very useful in finding hidden active trackers.

You can get a bug sweeper if you have it. Then, turn it on and walk slowly around your car. Depending on its sensitivity, you may need to hold the bug sweeper near the areas mentioned in previous sections.

A bug detector will light up, vibrate, or buzz when it detects a suspicious signal. This is your signal to use a fine-toothed brush to inspect the area.

You may encounter a tracker that transmits only while the vehicle is moving. This type of tracker is passive when the vehicle is stopped and can’t be detected by a bug sweeper. If you cannot detect anything, you can ask another person to drive the vehicle and keep an eye on your sweeper.

What To Do If You Find A Hidden GPS Tracker

Hidden GPS trackers are usually battery-powered and secured by magnets or tape. You can pull the tracker out if you locate one. Trackers plug into the cigarette lighter socket or a car diagnosis tool connector are compatible.

You may need professional help in rare cases where the GPS tracker is hardwired to power and ground. Although cutting the wires might work, wires that are cut this way may cause problems in the future. A professional can tell you if the tracker on your cutting component is working.

Hidden GPS Trackers: Why use them?

Hidden GPS Trackers: Why use them

GPS trackers, like many other technologies, have legitimate and less-savory uses. These devices are often used by law enforcement agencies and private investigators, provided they have the appropriate warrant.

Vehicle owners may also want to use one of the best car GPS trackers for various reasons, though most don’t require hiding the device.

GPS car trackers are used in a variety of ways.

  • Fleet management
  • Delivery and dispatch of taxis
  • Keep an eye on your minor teen
  • We can help you locate where you have parked.
  • Recovery from theft

You can find GPS trackers designed to be used in cars in major retailers like Walmart and electronics stores like Best Buy. There are also specialty shops that cater to private investigators. You can buy them online from most electronics retailers, such as GPS devices or surveillance equipment.

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