How To Fast Forward Instagram Reels

How To Fast Forward Instagram Reels


Instagram continues to try to grow similar to TikTok in most features. One of the most recent updates you can manually obtain through the Google Play Store added the ability to rewind or fast-forward the videos in Instagram Reels quickly.

If you want to learn how to use this feature, you need to read further since we’ll walk you through step-by-step How To Fast Forward Instagram Reels.

How To Fast Forward Instagram Reels

How To Fast Forward Instagram Reels
  • The first step is to start the Instagram app you’ve downloaded on your mobile device.
  • You need to access the Reels section when you’re inside the social media network. You have to click the icon at the bottom of the lower right.
  • Thus, you will have to put the program on hold. The Reel you’re watching and, in other words, the moment you need to press the button.
  • When the Reel has been paused, you can advance the video by holding the bar located at the bottom of the Reel.
  • If you’d like to move the Instagram Reels video to the back, you’ll need to shift the slider to the left.
  • It is essential to note it is possible that you can speed forward or reverse any video which appears on Instagram Reels.
  • If Instagram Reels doesn’t allow users to fast-forward or reverse any of the videos appearing on your phone’s display, it is necessary to install Instagram Beta. The available version usually includes the most recent functions (it updates more frequently than the standard version of Instagram).
  • The last thing to mention is that you’ll only be able to fast-forward or slow-wind videos through the Instagram application available for Android and iOS, as the feature does not available on this version of Instagram’s social network available for PC.

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