How To Disable Conversations On Snapchat

Why should one have the security of their conversations with their friends? Protect yourself from others watching your phone conversations or accidentally looking into your private chats after you transfer it. It’s one of the absolute requirements to set a security lock for our digital lives. Particularly with regards to social media sites because they reveal the whole story of our life.

We still need an option to chat privately on Snapchat that will benefit its users. While you’re there, we should learn some ways How To Disable Conversations On Snapchat.

Snapchat is also among the most used mediums by kids to share their thoughts. Snapchat is the perfect combination between communication and fun with its fun and crazy filters. While other chat rooms try to compete with it, it’s the most popular chatroom because of its built-in feature of messages disappearing. To communicate with users, it is very sought-after to let people know that you took an image of your chat or what message they are trying to keep from your conversation.

How To Disable Conversations On Snapchat

How To Disable Conversations On Snapchat

It is true that essentially there are private chats with Snapchat. However, as of nowadays, you cannot depend on any medium to be able to communicate and guarantee your information is secure. Snapchat, however, helps by making it possible to ensure your safety. It offers you options to manage your chats. In this article, we will discuss all the methods you can discover how to hide chats on Snapchat. Snapchat and other social media platforms.

Turn To Delete After viewing

If you’d like to be sure that nobody can see any private messages, opt for this simple alternative. By the default setting, Snapchat will clear your conversations within 24 hours. However, the alternative option to erase messages right after viewing them will make it even more secure. To enable it, start the conversation, then go to the Update option in the Conversation Settings.

Then, click on After Viewing. This will clear all messages saved until they can be deleted from the conversation.

Shut Off The Notifications

If you don’t wish others to know that you’re communicating with another person on Snapchat, turn off the notifications. Go to the conversation, and then long press on it. To view the options. Then, tap Notifications from Messages. Click on silent.

Change The Name

One method to ensure your Snapchat chats are secure involves changing the names of the person you are talking to. Log into conversations, and then long press the name of the user and then choose options. You’ll look up the possibilities. Click Edit name, and type in the name you wish for it to be replaced with.

Stop The Person

One of the things that you could do is stop the person from contacting you for a limited time. This will prevent the possibility of them contacting you via Snapchat. It’s not possible to check out their Snapchat story either.

Secure Snapchat’s App In Its Entirety

To protect your privacy To ensure your security, we suggest using an app lock to protect Snapchat and any other social or personal media app on your mobile. This will stop individuals who can access private things without your consent. You can utilize an inbuilt app security feature on your smartphone or a third-party application to complete the task. Follow the below guide to find the top app lockers available for Android!

Lock Personal & Group Conversations Snapchat

What happens if you need to show someone something you’ve seen on Snapchat? It’s not a good idea to lock the app. the situation. Therefore, the best option is to block specific Snapchat chats Snapchat to prevent other users from accessing private messages and group chats.

This allows you to keep your messages safe and secure to be accessible by you only via your lock code. So, in the next section, we’ll discover how to make this feasible. We’ll use a special application called Locker for SnapApp Chat that can be used to lock the chats of all chats or specific chats on Snapchat.

Step 1: To install this incredible Snapchat App Locker on your device, go to Google Play Store. Google Play Store and download Locker for SnapApp Chat from Systweak Software.

Step 2: Launch this application, and then set the lock. Enter an initial passcode on the screen. Make sure to confirm the same 4-digit passcode to complete the process of setting up the safety in the subsequent screen.

Step 3: At this stage, you must enter an email recovery that can help you recover your lost or forgotten password. If you’d like to skip this step, you can do so! Process too!

Step 4: Grant access rights to the application locker must be granted to ensure that the app is functioning smoothly.

Step 5: Once finished, your account is ready to secure your private and group chats. Click the (+) icon, and you’ll be directed back to the original Snapchat application. There, you’ll need to choose the conversations you want to lock. These are added to the screen that is the Locker for Snapchat Chat.

If you launch the Snapchat app and then go to the locked chat and click on the lock icon, you will see the Locker For SnapApp Chat screen will be displayed. Then, you can unlock it using your Fingerprint or passcode and gain access to secret chats.

NOTE This fingerprint option is accessible on your application, but it is only available if the device has it and you’ve enabled it on your smartphone.


Here are some tips to keep conversations private on Snapchat. The most effective method is to block your chats by using The Locker For SnapApp Chat from Systweak Software. This ensures your privacy is protected, and you do not have to erase your conversations. Lock the secret chats of Snapchat by entering a fingerprint passcode, making Snapchat safe to use.

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