How To Delete Your Zola Account

How To Delete Your Zola Account | 2 Quick Steps


Zola is an American online/app portal that fulfills the needs of couples who want to tie the knot. Everything related to the wedding, including a wedding planner, invitation management, and wedding registry.

There are options to delete an account once the wedding-related requirements have been fulfilled.

How To Delete Your Zola Account Easily

How To Delete Your Zola Account Easily
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Congratulations, newlyweds! You have likely had a very busy year. You’re probably now wondering how to cancel your Zola account and all other wedding planning websites you have joined since your engagement. It’s not a fun task, especially as you are probably still writing thank you notes and figuring out how to give all the gifts.

We can help. We can help you cancel your Zola subscription or any other subscription. It’s best to cancel your Zola account as soon as possible. Old accounts can be vulnerable to data theft and lead to junk mail oblivion.

You probably receive a lot of junk mail about weddings. Your e-mail inbox will be flooded with marketing targeted at brides and new couples, likely because of bridal websites.

Let us help you start fresh. You’ve been removed from an account.

How To Delete Zola Accounts On Your Own

You won’t believe it! It’s not as simple as it seems with other websites for bridal. Although you can delete your Zola account via their website, it is impossible to delete it permanently. Let’s start with the DIY method.

Step One: Temporarily Deactivate Your Zola Account

It seems odd that Zola behaves as if you will marry again soon. Zola wants you to remain on their membership lists for various reasons. These include showing high readership numbers and having a longer mailing list to sell to advertisers. You’ll need to review their latest Terms of Service and Privacy Policies to be sure. It is important to cancel your Zola account completely, not just deactivate it. Here’s how:

  • Log in to your Zola Account
  • Click on “Website” in the navigation bar at the top of this page
  • Click the “Hide Website” button located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • You can also access your Privacy settings to take the following steps.
  • You can toggle the setting to “Website not visible.”
  • To hide your website from search engines, click the radio button “No.”
  • To hide your website or registry from search by family and friends, click the radio button “No.”
  • Your new settings can take up to 30 days to become effective.

Step 2: Permanently Delete Your Zola Account

  • Visit
  • Scroll to the bottom of this page and click “Contact us.”
  • Scroll down to about three-quarters page and click on the blue “Submit A Request” button.
  • Please complete the following form:
  • You can also add the e-mail address you used to sign up with Zola.
  • After the question, select “No,” then “Are You a Wedding Guest?”
  • Write “Completely delete my account” in the Subject field.
  • Write in the Note field: “My name (XXXX).” Please delete my Zola account and any personal information it may have. My account has been deactivated. My username is (xxxx), and my wedding date is (xxxx). Please use the e-mail address to reach me if you have any questions. You can provide additional identification information if you need it. However, do not include your social security number or birthday as this form could be compromised and put your personal information at risk.
  • Attach any attachments that you consider necessary, such as a letter with the above information and the date. Keep a copy of the original for your records if you do this (and it is highly recommended).
  • Click “Submit.”
  • Zola will take around 30 days to delete your account permanently.

DoNotPay: How To Delete Your Zola Account

What if you run into problems deleting your Zola account on your own? DoNotPay can help you.

Recover lost passwords, Register to be unbanned to gain access to your account, We can help you cancel any associated subscriptions, DoNotPay can help you navigate certain roadblocks or delete old accounts.

DoNotPay offers the Delete Old Accounts service.

Choose the account type you want to delete.

We need to know more about your account.

We need to verify that you own the account. Enter the date of creation, the last time you logged in, and any saved payment methods.

If you have photographic evidence that could prove ownership of your account, upload it.

Please enter any passwords you have previously used or that are not known.

Fill in your contact information to submit the task

Contact Zola Support To Delete Your Zola Account:

This is method 2. I haven’t tried it, but it is very useful if the above steps are not followed.

Contact Zola customer service to deactivate your account permanently.

Go to You will see the page below.

  1. Click Send a request. The form will be displayed.
  2. Enter your Zola e-mail address.
  3. For a deactivation request, please enter additional details.
  4. Click on Submit. The customer service executive will do the rest.
  5. If you have any questions, please call 1-408-657ZOLA or e-mail support[email protected]
  6. The Zola team will permanently delete the account.

DoNotPay is a great way to cancel your Zola account.

Because we’ll delete your Zola account–permanently–in just a few minutes, saving you time and ensuring success. Let’s get started! We can assist you tomorrow with any of our consumer advocacy services. We promise you’ll love us!

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