How To Delete Multiple Facebook Friends At Once

How To Delete Multiple Facebook Friends At Once – 2 Easy Methods


You may need to delete your Facebook friends. This guide will show you how to avoid negativity, oversharing and random work “friends.”

So Here learn How to delete multiple Facebook friends at once.

You might be asking yourself: How did I become friends with that guy? Are you even familiar with that woman? Are you going to let my niece’s best friend’s boyfriend see everything? We are here to help.

Social media can be an excellent way to interact, learn, and share with people you already know and extend networks of people you don’t. Social media can also be a great place for noise, oversharing, and arguments. Facebook is a poignant example right now. However, many of the claims you might have heard about Facebook may not be true.

How To Delete Multiple Facebook Friends At Once?

Facebook allows you to remove all or multiple friends at once

This article will explain how to mass delete Facebook friends. Let’s get started:

#1 Delete Friends On Facebook Traditionally

Facebook doesn’t allow you to delete all of your friends at once. You can delete each friend individually or unfriend them all. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Facebook app or go to the Facebook page. Login to create an account.

2. Go to your profile. To open your Facebook account, click on your username on the homepage.

3. To open your friend list, click the Friends button once you have landed on your profile page.

4. Scroll down to find the friend you wish to delete. Or, you can use the search bar in the friends’ section.

5. Once you have located the person, click the Friends tab. You will see the Unfriend option. Click it.

6. Click here Confirm To remove this friend.

7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for each person you want to remove from your Facebook Friends list.

This is the only way you can remove friends from Facebook. You will need to repeat the steps 100 times if you want to delete a hundred friends from your friend list. There is no shortcut to removing multiple friends. Facebook does not provide an easy way to remove multiple friends, but that’s why we’re here. The next section will discuss an extension that allows us to remove all of your Facebook friends at once.

#2. Use Chrome Extension To Remove Multiple Facebook Friends At One Time

NOTE – I do not recommend third-party extensions or tools that may compromise your privacy and personal information.

To unfriend all your friends at once, you’ll need to install the Friends Remover Free extension on Chrome. Follow these steps:

1. Open your Chrome browser. This extension is only available for Firefox and not any other browsers. If you don’t have Chrome installed, please install it.

2. Go to the Chrome Web Store or click for the Friends Remover Free extension.

3. After installing the extension, click on the icon ( Puzzle icon), and then click on Friends Removal Free.

4. You will see two tabs. You will see two tabs. Click on the first to open the friend list.

5. Next, click on the button that reads – Step 2 – Unfriend All.

Click on the link, and all your Facebook friends will disappear immediately. You can also use Chrome extensions to perform the same function in a few clicks, such as Mass Friends Deleter and Friend Removal Free.


  • There are some browser extensions that claim they can remove multiple Facebook friends at once. However, there are not many good reviews and most require full access to your Facebook account. This is not the best option.
  • You cannot undo an unfriending action by not re-friending the person.

The two methods above are the best ways to delete friends from Facebook.

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