How To Delete Messages On Pinterest?

Pinterest, like all other social networking sites, has a messaging function that allows users to communicate with others via messages. Pinterest isn’t as simple as Instagram Direct Messages or Facebook Messenger. For beginners, it may be a bit difficult to use. This guide will show you How To Delete Messages On Pinterest on Android or iPhone.

You might have been using Pinterest for quite a while and know that you cannot delete messages from Pinterest. It is possible to hide conversations on Pinterest.

In other words: messages are not hidden from your inbox but remain accessible on the server for the receiver.

What’s The Point Of Deleting Messages From Pinterest?

What's The Point Of Deleting Messages From Pinterest

There are many reasons to delete messages from Pinterest.

It can be frustrating and stressful to send the wrong message or send it to the wrong person. A delete message function is a crucial feature in any social network.

Worst case scenario: If you don’t wish someone to read your message, you can either delete it or block it.

This will remove the conversation from your message and make it unreadable.

How To Delete Messages On Pinterest

How To Delete Messages On Pinterest

You can’t permanently delete messages from Pinterest. Pinterest has deleted the delete message option after the latest update. You can now hide the entire conversation in your inbox.

However, if you’re using an older version, you can still delete messages permanently by following the steps below.

How can you do it?

  • Open the Pinterest app for Android or iPhone.
  • Tap the Messages icon in the bottom bar.
  • For three seconds, hold the message that you wish to delete.
  • Next, tap delete to remove it permanently.

Here you are! This message will be permanently deleted from your account. One thing to note is that Pinterest messages cannot be deleted from your chat history.

These messages will not be removed by the other Pinterest user with whom you spoke. The chat will remain visible to them unless they request that you delete them from their account.

How To Hide Pinterest Messages

How To Hide Pinterest Messages

This can happen when you share a meme on Pinterest or send a message to the wrong person. You might also accidentally share photos and videos with another person. All of us have experienced this problem.

It is easy to unsend a message on Instagram before the recipient can read it. Hold the news for a few seconds, and you will see an option to unsend it at the bottom. That’s it! There is no way to retrieve deleted messages unless the sender is still active on the platform.

Pinterest doesn’t have an unsend button. A message sent to a Pinterest account cannot be unsent. You can hide the message, report it, or block the user.

Pinterest: Delete Messages [Old Versions]

Pinterest: Delete Messages [Old Versions]

You can delete text on Pinterest using the older version. Follow these steps.

Use Android, iPhone, and iPad

(1) Open the Pinterest App from your mobile phone.

(2) Open the Section for Messages.

(3) Select and Open the conversation you wish to delete.

(4) Click the three-dotted menu icon in the upper-right corner.

(5) Select the option to delete.


(1) Open the Pinterest app section.

(2) Hold the conversation you wish to delete and tap it for a second.

(3) Tap on the to delete option.

(4) The conversation will be ended immediately.

Use Windows or Mac

This applies to the current browser version as well.

(1) Open using any web browser.

(2) Log in to your Pinboard account.

(3) Select the message you wish to delete from the inbox.

(4) Click on the Xmark to the right.

5) Your message will not be saved to your inbox.


These are the three things you can do to stop the person from reading the message you didn’t intend to send. Talk to Pinterest’s support team if nothing seems to work. This is only recommended if the matter is very serious. It is essential to have all chats deleted for security reasons. Pinterest may be able to help you delete these conversations.

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