How To Delete Groupme Messages

How To Delete Groupme Messages: Is It Possible?


I sent the wrong message to someone! Well, this part is not at all surprising because it is often that we find ourselves in this predicament, and if it was Instagram, Whatsapp, or Snapchat I could have easily deleted the text before the other person could see it. But, is it possible to delete GroupMe messages?

However, this predicament happened on Groupme, and if you are not aware, GroupMe is a free messaging app that was launched in 2011, and it helps you stay in contact with friends and family groups (as the name suggests).

So, if you like me have also sent a wrong message to someone on Groupme, and are now looking for ways to “delete GroupMe messages”. Well, sad news for you because there is no way you can delete Groupme messages. You see, messages on Groupme work like SMS, which means once you have sent it, even if you flung your device towards a wall, that message will stay there.

As there is no way you can delete Groupme messages, however, you can hide these messages if that works for you.   

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that if you hide Groupme messages, they will only be hidden on your device only, however, the messages and texts will be displayed in the chat, so if you were trying to hide the messages from the person you sent them to, that is not possible.   

How To Hide Messages In GroupMe: iOS Device

How To Hide Messages In GroupMe: iOS Device

As we have already established, you cannot delete Groupme messages, however, you can hide them from your device if you want, if you hide a Groupme message, then you no longer will see that message whenever you log in to your device.

Here are the steps to hide a message on the group.

  • Open the GroupMe app on your phone and find the chat room where the messages you want to hide are located.
  • Tap and hold your finger on the desired message.
  • Select “Hide” from the list when you see the popup menu.

Do remember, that the text you have hidden, will only remain hidden in your device i.e the person to whom you have sent this message can still see this. This hiding feature only works on your side and not on the other one.

Additionally, if you are an Android user you need to follow the same steps in order to hide a message on Groupme, it is impossible to delete GroupMe messages on Android devices as well.

You also cannot avail of Groupme on a browser, you will need to install the application on android or iOS and then delete Groupme messages.

How to unhide GroupMe messages 

If you feel you no longer need to hide a message on Groupme you can easily unhide it as well. Groupme has put no restrictions on its users about the number of times they can hide or unhide the messages they have sent. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Click on the profile picture of the person you sent the message to. If it’s a group chat, click on the chat photo.
  • You’ll see the “Unhide Hidden Messages” option.

This way, you can easily unhide the messages you have hidden previously. Additionally, if you want to hide these messages again, follow the steps that we have mentioned above.

How to delete GroupMe messages: PC

How to delete GroupMe messages: PC

As I have mentioned above, it is not possible to delete GroupMe messages from any platform, not even if it is a PC or a Mac. However, you can still hide GroupMe messages. To hide messages on your computer, you should follow these steps:

  • Open the GroupMe app.
  • Tap on the chat from which you want to hide messages.
  • Right-click on the desired message and select “Hide message” from the menu.

If you want to open a GroupMe message, you can follow the steps mentioned above, the steps are the same no matter the device you are using.

How To Delete A Message For Everyone In The GroupMe

You cannot delete your messages from individual or group chats on GroupMe. This option has never been available. The best thing to do is hide the messages on your device. Other members of the conversation will still see your message.

However, in the case of group chats, there is a trick that will allow you to both delete a message from yourself and delete them from everyone else. However, this only works with the entire chat history at once.

How To Delete GroupMe Messages Permanently

How To Delete GroupMe Messages Permanently

It is also possible to delete entire conversations. You can clear the chat history. But this will only apply to your device. Another user can still see the chat history on their phone. If you delete your chat history, you can’t get it back, so think carefully before you do this. To do this, you will need to :

  • Open the GroupMe app and find the chat you want.
  • Tap on the person’s avatar or chat logo and select Settings in the menu.
  • After that, find the item “Clear Chat History” in the list and confirm your choice again by clicking on “Clear” in the popup window.

This will help delete the group chat history from your device. Remember that other group members will still have the past and see every message. However, if you are the chat creator, there is another trick.

How To Delete All Messages In Group Chats

Group chats also do not allow you to delete a message completely. But if you are the creator of the conversation, you have the option to do something. If you end the group, it will delete all messages and photos sent through the chat. To do this, you need to :

  • Run the app on your device.
  • Click on the group icon where you are the creator.
  • Select Settings, and at the very bottom, click on End Group.

Once you end a group, the information and messages associated with it can no longer be retrieved. So far, this is the only way to get rid of messages from all chat users. Of course, it works with some limitations, such as the fact that you must delete the entire history for all group m

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