How To Delete Game Pigeon

How To Delete Game Pigeon?


Do you know what is game pigeon and How To Delete Game Pigeon?

GamePigeon lets you and your friends use the iPhone messaging app to play games. This multiplayer game allows up to six family members to play together with Family Sharing enabled.

It is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. The app offers 23 interactive games such as basketball, mini-golf, and chess. It is possible to delete the game pigeon after you have finished it.

How To Play Game Pigeon

How To Play Game Pigeon

Game pigeon offers a collection of multiplayer games that only work on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Open iMessage and choose the contact you wish to play the game with. Click the game pigeon icon at the bottom. Hit the Send button to choose any game you like. The invitation will be sent to the contact.

How To Delete Game Pigeon From My iPhone?

How To Delete Game Pigeon From My iPhone

You may become bored with the game pigeon and want to get rid of it. It may be challenging to remove game pigeon off your iPhone because there is no icon for it on your home screen.

This quick tutorial will show you how to remove game pigeon off your iPad or iPhone. It worked on IOS 13.

These are the steps.

  • Navigate to the iMessage App.
  • Select a contact you have previously sent messages to and tap on “New Message.”
  • Swipe to the left on Horizontal App Drawer, and drag it to the left.
  • Tap on the “More!” option.
  • Swipe left to remove Game Pigeon or any other app from iMessage’s “MORE APPS” section.
  • Game Pigeon can be successfully deleted using the “Edit” button. Instead of clicking left, toggle the apps.

Hide GamePigeon In iMessage App Drawer

Hide GamePigeon In iMessage App Drawer
  • You can also hide the Game Pigeon application from iMessage if you don’t want to delete it. The Game Pigeon app can be hidden from the Chat screen’s app panel. To do so,
  • Go to the iMessage App on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Locate any contact with which you have exchanged messages. You can also tap “New Message.”
  • Multiple applications should be visible under the text bar.
  • Drag the Horizontal App Drawer to the left.
  • The option “More” should appear. Tap on it.
  • Swiping left will reveal Game Pigeon hidden from “FAVORITES.”
  • You can also get the same results by using the Edit button located in the top right corner of your screen. You have to toggle, not swipe.

How Do I Reinstall Game Pigeon From My Device?

Are you still missing the multiplayer games on the iMessage app, even after uninstalling Game Pigeon, No worries? Game Pigeon can be reinstalled on any iPhone or iPad at any moment.

You can do it faster than through the App Store.

Navigate to the iMessage app. Look for the Horizontal Application Drawer at the bottom of the screen. This is right where you used to see Game Pigeon’s icon with all the exciting games.

  • Tap on the App Store icon. This will open the App Store for iMessage.
  • Select the section “”Free””.
  • Game Pigeon often spots the Free Section’sSection’s top.
  • You will see a download icon, a cloud-shaped icon with an arrow pointed down from it. The installation will begin when you tap on it.
  • To install Game Pigeon on your iPhone/iPad, you can also search the App Store for Game Pigeon.
  • Both options will work fine once you have installed the app on your iOS device, head over to the iMessage App and play some fun multiplayer games with your friends.


GamePigeon, one of the games in iMessage apps available for iPhone and iPad users, allows you to play multiplayer games within this app. Up to six family members can enjoy this app with Family Sharing enabled.

You can add GamePigeon to your iOS favorites if you have already installed it and liked it. Open the iMessage App Drawer to do this. Next, touch Edit, followed by the (+), Icon next to Game Pigeon.

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