How To Delete Duplicate Photos On iPhone

How To Delete Duplicate Photos On iPhone – 2 Easy Ways


If you’re taking photos with your iPhone, it’s unlikely that you will snap one. It usually requires a few attempts to find the proper lighting or angle. If you don’t step back and delete any photos you don’t want to see; you’ll have run out of space due to duplicate pictures stored on your iPhone before you know it.

Similar-looking and duplicate photos can occupy lots of storage space in the photo collection if not cautious. This article will explain the methods to identify and dispose of duplicate images.

How To Delete Duplicate Photos On iPhone

How To Delete Duplicate Photos On iPhone

There are two ways to remove duplicate photos: one lengthy process, the slow method, and the easy, quick way. Before you decide to say, “we want to complete the process quickly!” there’s something you need to think about.

The most efficient method involves using third-party apps that scan your images. This is the best option if you’re not too concerned about this issue.

But, if you’re a fan of privacy, You may be opposed to third-party applications to snooping through your iPhone photographs. If that’s the case, you’ll need to delete the photos manually from the camera roll. We’ll guide you through the two steps.

Delete Duplicate Photos On iPhone With Gemini Photos?

Delete Duplicate Photos On iPhone With Gemini Photos

Gemini Photos not only scans your iPhone for duplicate photos but also detects similar photos, blurry images, and screenshots. This is how to make use of Gemini Photos to clean up your photos:

  1. Get Gemini Photo downloads through the App Store.
  2. Launch the app and allow it to scan.
  3. Click on an option like Duplicates.
  4. Choose a set of photos to examine, and then determine which pictures you’d like to remove.
  5. When you’ve finished selecting the duplicates you want to delete, click Delete Duplicates at the end of your screen.
  6. Tap Delete to confirm.
  7. It’s crucial to keep in mind that even after you erase your photos using Gemini Photos, they’re still stored on your phone. To erase them permanently:
    1. Start Photos in the Photos app.
    2. Tap Albums > Recently Deleted.
    3. Tap Select > Delete All.

Delete Duplicate Photos On iPhone Manually In Photos?

Delete Duplicate Photos On iPhone Manually In Photos
  1. You could look for duplicates manually on your iPhone. The process is straightforward; however, there are a few methods you can utilize within Photos. Photos app to identify the duplicates:
  • Date view: In the Photos app, click the Library tab and then Photos > All Photos on the left of the screen to look through your photos in chronological order. This can assist you in identifying identical prints and duplicates while scrolling through.
  • Sort by place: You can also sort your images by area. In the lower right corner, click Search and scroll to the Places.

How To Remove Duplicate Images From iCloud?

How To Remove Duplicate Images From iCloud

Perhaps you have duplicate images in iCloud. There’s a good thing that you can utilize Gemini Photos for Gemini Photos to aid in cleaning those as well. These same steps are applicable; however, you’ll have to ensure that you’ve got iCloud Photos activated for your iPhone. Here’s how to turn on iCloud Photos:

  • Launch Settings. Open the Settings app.
  • Tap Photos.
  • Turn the slider to iCloud Photos.

How To Delete Duplicates In Google Photos

How To Delete Duplicates In Google Photos
  1. When using Google Photos, you can look through your photographs manually or utilize the Google Photos’ Search feature to identify specific groups of images. To find duplicates in Google Photos, you need to follow these steps:
    1. In Google Photos, tap Search.
    2. On the Search bar located at the top, you can type in a search term to find the pictures you’re searching for (e.g.”zebra”, for instance).).
    3. Hold and tap the images you’d like to delete.
    4. Once you’ve chosen all photos, click on the icon for trash bins located at the top.
    5. Tap Move to Trash > Delete.

Why Do You Have Duplicate Photos on Your iPhone?

Why Do You Have Duplicate Photos on Your iPhone

The primary reason why you have duplicate pictures that are duplicated on your iPhone is due to your. We all do what’s known in photography as “spraying and praying.” Instead of just taking one shot of something we like, We take several photographs and hope one of them will work. This is particularly relevant for people who prefer to snap selfies frequently.

The best tip is to slow down while snapping photos using your iPhone. Be patient and wait for the perfect moment; once everything looks good, you can take the picture.

How Can You Avoid Duplicate Photos On Your iPhone?

How Can You Avoid Duplicate Photos On Your iPhone

Once you’ve had all duplicates and clutter eliminated from your library of photos, You may be contemplating how to avoid further duplicates in the near future. Here are some valuable ideas to keep in mind.

Tip 1. The Photos Can Be Synchronized Using Just One Method.

There are several ways to sync your pictures across all of your devices. You can, for instance, utilize iCloud Photos or connect your smartphone to your computer via a USB cable. Whatever method you prefer to sync your iPhone to your computer, do it this method — and only this way. Synchronizing from both your computer and cloud accounts could mean uploading the same photos several times.

Tip 2. Disable Auto-Downloads For Third-Party Apps Such As WhatsApp

Third-party apps such as WhatsApp will automatically download photos or videos from your mobile. If you save manually the image you’ve received and then end up with several copies of it stored in your Photos app. To stop auto-downloads from happening, do these things:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Tap Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Photos.
  • Choose Never.

Tip 3. Transfer All Your Photos To Your DSLR Camera Simultaneously

Modern DSLR cameras let you transfer images to your phone using WiFi or Bluetooth. If you import just a couple of photos each time, you’re leaving an opportunity for error the next time you copy images. You could accidentally transfer the same pictures twice, duplicating your photos stored on the iPhone.

The easiest method of transferring pictures from the DSLR camera would be to transfer all the images to the iPhone, after which you wipe your card. In this way, you don’t mistakenly import the same photos again.

Tip 4. Do Not Make Use Of AirDrop When You Have iCloud Photos Disabled.

If you have several Apple devices that have iCloud Photos enabled, Do not transfer photos between them using AirDrop. It’s tempting to utilize AirDrop if your photos aren’t synced quickly enough; however, the result will result in duplicates of the same images. If you’re patient, this will help you avoid hassles in the future.

Tip 5. Use Shared Albums

If you attend an event with your friends or family, everyone will generally share the photos they took. Instead of sending pictures via email or text messages to one another, it is best to save them in the photos in a Shared album. So, all the images you share are stored within Photos. Photos app. It’s also not necessary to think about returning to retrieve them and saving the photos again, making duplicates.

Does iCloud Recognize Duplicate Photos?

If you have multiple devices trying to share the same image, iCloud will recognize it as a duplicate. If you have copies stored on your iPhone and iPad, iCloud can upload two copies of the picture.

Duplicates are common to all. Mainly if you’re using an iPhone for your primary camera. The more you work on your iPhone photography and the more likely you will be to fill your library with photos that look similar and duplicates. However, use these techniques and routinely look for copies using Gemini Photos. You can stop your photo library from getting cluttered, optimizing your iPhone’s storage capacity.

Final Thoughts: Remove Duplicate Photos on iPhone

The process of deleting photos from your iPhone is a tedious task. But, it allows you to manage your images for the future more effectively. This also means that you’ll be able to reduce storage room (read our best cloud storage alternatives to use with your iPhone) for your iPhone and allow you to take more pictures.

If you’ve put off this process for some time, do it now. Eliminating duplicate photos can provide a massive relief and can help keep your iPhone’s home in good order.

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