How To Delete A DoorDash Account

How To Delete A DoorDash Account?


You may have got a plethora of delivery services. It’s possible that one of your goals for the coming year is to prepare more meals at home. You can delete your DoorDash account for any reason. It only takes a few steps.

So here to learn How To Delete A DoorDash Account?

The mobile app does not allow you to access your account. You must use a web browser to access your account. You can download your data from DoorDash before it is permanently deleted. This includes all receipts, orders, and other relevant information. You must cancel your DashPass subscription before erasing any data. This service costs $9.99 per month and offers unlimited delivery on orders over $12.

Reasons To Delete A DoorDash Account

Reasons To Delete A DoorDash Account

For many reasons, it may be necessary to delete your DoorDash account.

You might have a new favorite food delivery company, and you don’t need the DoorDash App anymore.

You may also want to unsubscribe from DoorDash or delete your account. This could be due to personal decisions to order more food and cook less.

Perhaps you have a personal problem with your DoorDash experience.

DoorDash was 45% in third-party food delivery orders. This number is 28% for primary rivals.

These staggering numbers don’t make the company flawless.

These are the top reasons to close a DoorDash Account:

Disappointment from Dasher

“Dasher” is an unofficial name for food delivery men who work with DoorDash.

  • Sometimes DoorDash will pair you up with a dasher who arrives late.
  • Perhaps an application error caused late delivery.

You may want to close your DoorDash account due to past bad experiences.

Register for the wrong account

You’ll be able to create an account when you open DoorDash.

When you create an account, a prompt will ask if you would like to be a dasher (DoorDash rider) or a customer.

You can delete your DoorDash account if you select the wrong option.

Important Data

DoorDash suffered a security breach in May 2019 that resulted in data loss.

Personal data loss includes credit card details and personal info.

Some consumers were able to remove their credit card information from DoorDash.

You may want to close your DoorDash account due to a recent security breach.

Customer Tips

DoorDash came under fire for its tipping rule in July 2019.

DoorDash’s tipping system was criticized by heavyweight publications such as The Verge and The New York Times.

A tip from a customer will not be immediately given to the driver by DoorDash.

It instead goes first to DoorDash. DoorDash doesn’t allow riders to separate tips and base payments. This is the worst thing.

Tipping culture resulted in massive account deletions and deactivations. Even rumours of a court case were heard.

DoorDash has changed its tipping policy, but you may not have faith in the company. Learn how to delete your account.

How to delete your DoorDash account on Your Own

How to delete your DoorDash account on Your Own

These steps will allow you to delete your DoorDash account quickly and without having to contact customer support

Visit DoorDash On Your Web Browser

First, visit DoorDash’s website.

The link in the preceding sentence will take you to the home page of the food delivery service. There you’ll find some instructions.

Login to your Account

Log in to DoorDash to delete your account.

Click on the login button at the top of the screen.

Fill in the required details to sign in to your DoorDash account.

Click the Menu Icon

Logging in to your DoorDash account will bring you to a dashboard.

The menu button can be found in the upper left corner of your dashboard.

You can access your account settings and management tab by clicking the menu button.

Click “Account”

You’ll be able to see settings, help, and your account after you click the DoorDash menu.

Click on the account icon.

You can click the button to go to a page that contains all of your account information.

Select The Manage Your Account Icon

You can delete your DoorDash account by going to the “manage account” section on the account information page.

Before you delete your account, you can also secure your account information.

Download your DoorDash Account History. This will contain information about all transactions.

It may be necessary to download transaction data before deleting an account.

Delete The DoorDash Account

Click the delete button to receive a verification code by phone or email.

Enter the verification code, then click the “continue” button.

To confirm the deletion, click on the delete account icon once more.

How To Delete A DoorDash Account (With Customer Support’s Help)

How To Delete A DoorDash Account (With Customer Support's Help)

It is not possible to contact customer service to delete a DoorDash Account.

However, DoorDash accounts can be deactivated by contacting a customer service representative.

You can deactivate your Dashpass subscription and reactivate it if you ever have a need.

Deactivating your DoorDash Account takes longer than deleting it. We find this to be more stressful.

Here is the procedure:

Visit’s Help Page

You can only submit a DoorDash account deletion request via the help page.

You can contact DoorDash customer service via this link or by typing “” into your browser.

Complete And Submit The Necessary Details

Before submitting a request for deactivation, you will need to provide some information.

Please fill out your name, email address, and phone number.

You can also find a description tab on DoorDash’s customer support page.

You’ll find the description tab where you can express your desire to deactivate DoorDash.

Once you have verified the information, submit the deactivation request.

Wait for customer support to respond.

Last Thoughts

Although Doordash may be the dominant player in the food delivery industry, it is no secret that it has been losing customers daily lately. Their poor service and controversial policies make it difficult to maintain its top spot in the market. You can permanently delete your account or contact customer service to deactivate it. Both options are available via the Doordash website, not the mobile app.

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