How to create snapchat public profile

How to Create Snapchat Public Profile in 2022 [Updated]


What is Snapchat’s Public Profile Update?

Snapchat’s Public Profile is a new feature on the app where users can create and manage their own Snapchat public profile, flaunting their creativity, talent, etc. They also have access to a novel set of profile features that made them showcase Lenses and Highlights, separate Subscribers from your friends, and more!

These profiles were already available on the platform yet restricted only to celebrities and content creators. However, with this update, all snap chatters will be able to have their own Public Profile page that allows them to easily connect with other users both online and offline by displaying all of their work in a single place. People can find you through a personalized Snapcode or username added to your account so they can follow you privately or publicly depending on your preference.

The page is easy to set up and manage, but what stands out the most about this new feature is that you can now (finally) separate your work from your personal friends! You will also get notified when someone takes a screenshot of one of your posts or stories for viewing later. It’s possible to delete comments on each post, block followers easily if they bother you, get video views in real-time, etc.

This update promotes content creators by giving them more tools to grow their following and continue sharing their talent with others. As far as the general public goes not only do they have access to Public Profile features but they’re able to discover live events nearby and connect with others near them through Snapchat Maps.

Overall, this is a very positive update that can definitely benefit both creative individuals and the public. I’m glad Snapchat listened to its community and made all of these features available to everyone regardless of their social standing or whether they’re creating content or not. This will most likely encourage more people to try out this app especially since it’s so simple to use.

Step-by-Step Guide How to Make Public Profile on Snapchat.

1. Visit your Profile Page on Snapchat.

2. Tap the ghost icon at the top of your screen, then tap ‘Edit Profile’ in the upper right-hand corner.

3. Type a name for your public profile and select it from the list below (if applicable). Once selected, you can no longer change it so be careful! You also get to decide who can find you, add you or view your story by clicking either ‘My Friends’, ‘Everyone’ or ‘Select friends.’

4. Select whether people must message you first before they can see your story – this will require them to search for you using something like your username in order to access it.

5 Scroll down and use any available options to make your name or story more searchable.

6. Tap ‘Done’ when finished!

Now anyone can find you, add you and view your public story by searching for either your exact username or a variation of it. Your friends will not be alerted if someone adds them that they don’t know – this is just an extra layer of security you have put in place so strangers cannot randomly find and spam you on Snapchat. Enjoy being able to share your stories with the world!

Permanent Account Linking has officially begun as Snapchat opens it up to all users now rather than just those who are well-known celebrities . This means that any user can now decide whether they want their Twitter activity to appear within their public profile, thus making it easier for people to connect directly to them.

Source: Snapchat Help Center

Eligibility Guidelines for a Snapchat ‘Public Profile’

The exciting news is, anyone can now create a Snapchat Public Profile! Previously known as a Snapcode, you can now easily turn your Instagram handle into one. Keep reading to learn more about what it takes to create one, eligibility for this great new feature, and how best to use it!

What You Need To Create A Snapchat Public Profile

To get started creating your new ‘Snapchat Public Profile’, all you need is an Instagram account linked with your Snapchat account. Once that’s done, go on over to the app’s settings page and scroll down until you see the new “Your Public Profile” feature. After clicking that button, simply follow the prompts on the screen then confirm once completed. The whole process is quick and painless.

Eligibility Criteria for The Feature

It might seem odd, but the eligibility criteria to create a Snapchat Public Profile are actually straightforward. First off, you have to have an existing Snapchat account. Next up, your mobile number must be tied to your SS Snapchat account too. Lastly? You need an Instagram account that contains your ‘Snapcode’ (Instagram profile link). If all of these things are in place, congrats! You’re good to go ahead and make one now!

How To Use A Snapchat Public Profile

ow to create Snapchat public profile

Now that you know what it takes to make one plus how useful they can be for both brands/businesses as well as individuals who want more exposure, it’s time to dive into how best to use them. For the most part, everything you can do with a regular Snapchat account is possible with one of these too!

For example: As soon as you begin using your new profile, any friends who add you in their app will be able to view and watch snaps from your Public Profile just like adding a normal friend. However, they won’t be able to follow or see anything else unless you send them an invite first. If they choose not to accept the offer, that’s no problem! They still have access to all your public-facing content plus what you post for everyone else!

To make sure only those people interested in seeing more of your Public Profile content actually choose to add you, it’s important to create a Snapcode that’s easy to recognize and different from your personal account.

For example You can use a logo or artwork related to your brand or something else people should know about what makes you special!

What To Post On A Snapchat Public Profile

All the content you already post on Snapchat can go out to your Public Profile audience! For example, you can take advantage of the app’s Lenses feature which is perfect for selfies! Also, try posting short clips of what’s happening at an event or business launch. Once you make a video, don’t forget to share it with your friends first before adding it to your Story. This way they have something exclusive to watch without having to add you back immediately.

Another great idea is showcasing the talents/skills people who want more exposure should highlight. Create fun videos that show off cooking skills, dance routines, yoga sessions, and much more!

The Bottom Line From now on, anyone looking for businesses or influencers has an easier way to discover them! Snapchat Public Profiles offer a new option for people who want to get more attention while also providing more exposure for brands, musicians, and more! To stay up-to-date on the latest social media news, subscribe to the blog today! Thanks for reading.

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