How To Create Fake Tracking Number Online

How To Create Fake Tracking Number Online


Are you seeking methods How To Create Fake Tracking Number Online but haven’t found an accurate guide? Don’t worry; you’ll learn all about fake courier tracking numbers and how to tell if they are authentic or fake.

What Is A Fake Tracker Number?

What Is A Fake Tracker Number

The fake number for tracking is information that isn’t legally given nor included and stored in the database. It’s used to play pranks on a person or give it to someone else, stating that it is your tracking number.

There is, however, no need to create an incorrect tracking number since it won’t work for every parcel tracking website. It only provides the data that the creator provided while making it. Additionally, it will only be tracked via the site.

Let’s look at how you can create a fake tracking number.

How To Create Fake Tracking Number Online

How To Create Fake Tracking Number Online

A tool available on GitHub lets users create fake tracking numbers for a specific courier service. Through this tool, you’ll be in a position to make a tracking number that you can then share with your acquaintances or anyone else to fool them or use for any other purpose.

But, it won’t perform for all companies since the person who created the tool isn’t able to give you fake tracking numbers for the companies. The major benefit of this software is that it can create the tracking ID from any site.

All you need to do is type in your name and the service address, enter their unique tracking number, and select the appropriate sort. – This is GitHub javascript that you use to create and verify a tracking number, so check it out. You’ll be able to choose a courier service, the name, service, and country code.

Complete all the information and click generate. After you click that, about 10-15 numbers will appear, and you can apply them anywhere you’d like.

However, the tracker number expires in minutes or hours, so be mindful before using it.

It’s not working; what’s the reason?

Because these are fake Apps to create fake tracking Numbers, the information about the package is not found in the database. Rather, it will display “Label Not yet on the database” or a different one that indicates the tracking status. This means that you can try it for a short time.

Why shouldn’t you make Fake Tracking?

Providing false tracking information to anyone claiming the package was delivered is a blunder and an offense. It may last a few days, but then they’ll discover that this isn’t the original tracking information, so you’re lying.

Additionally, it could indicate that you’re playing with who is trusting you, and the trust between you is likely to be damaged. You can, however, play pranks on your friends by saying that you have reserved something for them or using a different phrase.

Is it secure?

This is a very simple problem to answer. This isn’t safe, and you shouldn’t use this tool to make fun of your acquaintances. If they attempt to track the package with the fake tracking number, they will not be able to get any information because there’s nothing to tell them about the package.

An alert could be stating it is invalid or has not been found. There is nothing to be visible about the package.

How Can You Tell If The Tracking Number Is Not Genuine?

How Can You Tell If The Tracking Number Is Not Genuine

Have you purchased something from the internet and are wondering if the information they’ve provided isn’t official? There are methods to determine whether or not the tracking number provided is genuine.

Here are the events that take place when a package is sent.

  • When the package is delivered once the package has been delivered, the courier service will notify you by email when you’ve provided the information.
  • Additionally, if the individual is genuine, you’ll receive a “your package was sent” mail from the service provider who delivered your package.
  • The status of tracking gets regularly updated.
  • The official may give you the receipt for your purchase.

How To determine And How To Figure It Out

You can track the package regularly on the official website of the courier. If the tracking were fake, there would be no trace to show, and if tracking is constantly updating or indicating that the package was taken care of or anything other than that, then it’s legitimate.

Check the tracking for any updates and find out what’s happening to your package if it’s not updated in the next 24 hours. In this case, contact customer support for information on your package’s loss.

You may also reach out to the person who delivered this package and informs them about it. Only the courier and shipper service provider can provide you with the package’s status.

You must also determine whether your tracking numbers are authentic or not. The best method to verify this is to open the number of tracks. The details about the package will appear on the screen. You can look over and verify.

If you discover something suspicious, you should try to speak with the seller who supplied the item to you or the person who sent the package. The person you contact will be able to provide more information than we will tell you here.

You can also connect with customer service to learn more about the program.

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