How To Create An Oculus Account Without Facebook?

Oculus is one of the divisions part of Facebook Inc. that produces Virtual VR headsets primarily designed for gaming. It makes sense that the prerequisites to sign into the VR headset be your Facebook profile. However, most users would prefer to create an Oculus Account without Facebook account.

For an additional $500 for another version of the Quest 2 VR headsets that do not need for Facebook to sign into. Even though the lower-cost Quest 2 headset does require the use of a Facebook account to log in, the other variant of this headset has been designed for business.

While the company promises upgrades to new technology that should allow users to establish their accounts without Facebook, many customers aren’t happy with the current account system. This article will discuss details regarding the VR headsets and how you can log into Oculus without a Facebook account.

You must link your Oculus account to Facebook for games to play with the headset. Without this, Facebook will not allow users to play. This is terrible news for everyone afraid to share their gaming abilities and scores with family members, friends and coworkers.

It’s an infamous action by the tech company, which continues to snoop around on the privacy of its users. Many users are talking of it on social media, nothing anyone can do about the issue.

If you’re someone who likes sharing the details of their lives via the internet, it can work very well for those who enjoy sharing their lives on social media.

What about those who are affluent and do not believe in marketing their gaming skills online? The following article is dedicated to particular groups of gamers who do not have an account on Facebook or plan to create one. If you’re among them, you should get to join us.

I will go over the steps to quickly skip the irritating [Create Facebook Account] notification and continue to use the account you have created with your Oculus account.

How To Create An Oculus Account Without Facebook?

Setting up an Oculus account that is not linked to Facebook requires steps because this is an Oculus for Business account. We’ll go over the whole procedure of opening an account and activating headsets.

The company strongly advises users that Oculus to Business headsets need to be configured via Oculus for Business Device Setup. Oculus for Business Device Setup application.

If you set up your Oculus for Business headset using an Oculus consumer operating system, the headsets won’t be able to utilize Oculus for Business. It will prompt you to log in using Facebook since the headset runs with Oculus Consumer. Oculus Operating System Consumer.

The following process activates the only Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets purchased through the Oculus Business program. You must have a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connected Android phone running OS 8.0 or higher to start.

Step 1: Setting up Account:

Before activating the headsets, you’ll require to ensure that you’ve correctly installed the headset—Oculus for Business and Workplace.

Step 1.1:

  • After you have purchased your Oculus headset for the business, you should receive an email with a welcome message. Follow the directions included in the email to log into Workplace.
  • This welcome message is the sole method to gain access to the workplace account for free that was granted through the Oculus for business purchases.
  • It is suggested not to attempt to create an Oculus for a Business account before you receive the email.

Step 1.2:

Take Oculus for Business integration. Accept Oculus for Business integration and accept your Oculus for Business orders. You can also sign directly into the Device Manager and receive it after signing up.

Step 2: Install The Device Setup Application:

This Application is used to enable you Oculus for Business headsets. Make sure that this Application is the most current version.

Step 2.1:

  • After accepting and confirming your order After you have got your charges, after you have received your orders, download the Device Setup Application from Device Manager by following these steps:
  • Log in to Device Manager using the username of your Workplace username or your business email.
  • Within the Device Manager, click the Device Fleet followed by UNconfigured Devices.
  • Go to the Get Setup app and select Add recipient under your name. You can also email your download URL to your team members.
  • If you are using an Android cell phone, press download the Device Setup app from your email.
  • Follow the directions within the Application.
  • Launch the Device Setup app on your Android mobile phone and sign into the app.

Step 2.2:

Once you have installed the app, sign in to your Workplace using your Facebook credentials.

Step 3 Stage Headsets

The layout of multiple headsets should be so that they all can be connected to power and then switched on.

Step 3.1:

Make sure that the headsets are connected to the power source and are charged for a minimum of 30 minutes. Be sure to keep them connected during this activation.

Step 3.2:

Switch on each headset with the push of a button. When a headset is switched on, it will enable it to be identified in Device Setup. Device Setup application for activation.

Step 3.3:

Make sure your phone is connected to the power outlet so that it doesn’t run low when the activation process is in progress.

Step 4: Set the Headsets to Active:

After completing the stage the first step, the next thing to do is to enable the headsets using the device setup app

Step 4.1

Start the Device Setup application and log into your Workplace using Facebook credentials. Click Start Setup to open the Wi-Fi info dialogue.

Step 4.2:

Enter your Wi-Fi Network name and password, then click Save.

Step 4.3:

Tap Set-up to start the headset’s activation.

Are All VR Headsets Require Facebook?

There are many additional Virtual Reality Headsets producing companies around the globe. The majority of them don’t need Facebook to use the capabilities offered by the device. Therefore, not all VR headsets require Facebook.
However, Oculus Virtual Reality Headsets require Facebook as a prerequisite to sign up for an account. Other than Oculus for Business and Oculus for Business headsets, all other Oculus headsets require a Facebook login before being able to use features on the headset.

As mentioned earlier, the Oculus VR group is the Oculus owner of VR headsets and isn’t satisfied. The company is likely to release an update by the company soon.

Which is The Most Effective VR Headset Currently Available?

The New York Times analyzed various models of VR headsets. It was determined that the top VR headset was found as the Oculus Quest 2.
The most critical factor was the ease of use and comfort. Access, as these are considered crucial factors for people wanting to experience Virtual Reality. Other considerations include the responsiveness of controllers, content Tracking, Sound, and Content.

The headset is equipped with sensors inside that permit room-scale tracking. This allows you to monitor yourself throughout the area of average living space. It can also be used without or with a cord, which gives you the greatest freedom of movement and flexibility.

The headset has a comfy structure that allows it to be used on various faces without being uncomfortable or painful for users. It’s also very lightweight, enabling it to easily fit in a backpack when you’re required to go out.

Its high-resolution screen and display specs create an excellent VR experience for the user. The controllers are incredibly comfortable to hold for a long time with simple button layouts, allowing users to control their movements within VR easily.

While Facebook states that Quest 2 lasts approximately two to three hours, the battery was closer to the 2-hour time limit when using it.

Many VR headsets give you unique experiences without using Facebook account login; however, because of the specs of the Quest 2, users will not be able to resist using one and making an unauthentic Facebook account to gain access to the functions that the device offers.

What Will Happen To My Data When I Log in To An Oculus Device Using My Facebook Account?

Suppose you sign in to your Oculus device using your Facebook account or combine your Oculus with your Facebook accounts. In that case, we’ll make use of information relating to your usage of both Oculus and Facebook to fulfil purposes like:

  • Enhancing your experience with Facebook products
  • Integrity and safety are the main goals of our products and services.
  • It is displaying you relevant advertising and other content throughout Facebook products. This might include suggestions for Oculus events; you may like advertisements about Facebook apps and new technologies or promotions by developers for Facebook’s VR apps.

Some examples of the data we use are:

The VR applications you’re using are what we recommend, so we can suggest new apps that you haven’t tried yet.

Your Facebook friend list to help you connect with and communicate via Facebook with Facebook buddies who are in VR.

Invitations and acceptances for the events you plan to create

Your name, contact information and chat metadata for messaging in VR to ensure that you can access your conversations across all devices

Your photos and the related content such as captions, likes, and comments when you upload VR photos to Facebook

Details about your VR activities, such as the apps you’re using, display ads for different VR apps that you might enjoy.

Your activity information in various Facebook products, such as pages you like or groups you are a part of, suggests items and activities in VR.


If you adhere to these steps, you can continue using Quest 2 with your Oculus account. However, this is a crucial issue. That is why Facebook offers VR headsets at a bargain cost to its users? We’re all aware we are headed toward virtual reality, and from a broader perspective, it’s good.

However, denying users the ability to log into their Oculus account without logging into Facebook is a morally unsound decision. They were based on the past of both Facebook and Oculus; both tech businesses cannot trust customers such as us.

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