How To Connect Samsung TV To Wi-Fi Without A Remote

How To Connect Samsung TV To Wi-Fi Without A Remote – Quick & Easy Methods


The Samsung Smart TV isn’t so “smart” without internet connectivity. If you thought that the Smart TV could never get more advanced, You discover that it’s connected to the internet. You can look up information online, download applications streaming your most loved shows and more if you can join the Samsung TV to an internet-connected network.

When you’ve established a WIFI internet connection, you can effortlessly browse the web or stream your preferred entertainment, and even play online games on Your Samsung Smart TV. You can also enable Internet services such as Netflix and HULU via the TV.

Here learn How To Connect Samsung TV To Wi-Fi Without A Remote?

How To Connect Samsung TV To Wi-Fi Without A Remote

How do I connect my Samsung TV to Wi-Fi Without the Remote

Physical Buttons

The most efficient method of navigating your Samsung TV without using a remote would be to utilize physical buttons (or, in some instances, just one button or an analogue joystick). However, this method is rather limited. Look for the Power On/Off switch on the bottom or at the back of the TV’s panel. When you press the button on the panel, the TV will turn on.

In most models with a physical button, the TV allows you to change only basic options (change the channels, alter the volume, choose the source); however, you aren’t capable of navigating the menus and connecting to a Wi-Fi network that isn’t known. If you want your television to be connected to a previously-remembered Wi-Fi and can’t switch the TV on without a remote, you should use that one button located on the back or bottom of the TV.

Samsung Smart TV Application – SmartThings

Samsung Smart TV Application - SmartThings

Samsung is a major brand for consumers, and it offers a specific app known as SmartThings to control household appliances, including Samsung Smart TVs. To make use of this app, your smartphone and your TV (the one that has the app installed) have to be linked via Wi-Fi. This means that you cannot use this app to connect your TV to a new Wi-Fi network; however, there’s a solution you can test. To do this, it’s necessary to have two phones: your phone equipped with an app called the Samsung Smart TV app and another phone that will serve as an internet hotspot for mobile devices.

Setting the hotspot is the essential step in this process. It’s not enough to enable the Mobile Hotspot on the phone; you must change both the password and name of the hotspot to match that of the username and password for a Wi-Fi network already memorized by the television (it could be the last network that your TV was connected to or another network that your TV was connected to before). This is so that your TV can be connected to the Hotspot’s Wi-Fi seamlessly.

After you have installed the SmartThings application on your phone and then set up a hotspot on your other phone, you will be able to activate the hotspot and switch the TV on. The TV will be connected directly to your hotspot. It is recommended to connect your smartphone (the one that has SmartThings) SmartThings app) to the same hotspot. Since your phone and TV are on the same wireless network. You can make use of the app to control your TV.

The app can be opened, then go to Dashboard and check whether your TV is listed within the application. If not, click on Devices, then Add New Device. After the app has added the TV to your list you manage, you will be able to navigate through the TV’s settings, locate your Wi-Fi settings, look for available networks, and then link your TV with your Wi-Fi network.

If your Samsung TV connects to a new Wi-Fi network, you can switch off your hotspot, after which you can connect your smartphone to the same network to get back control of your TV.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Utilizing a wireless or wired mouse or keyboard is among the most inexpensive alternatives. It’s just like purchasing a universal remote but with more options. The only issue is that not all mouses and keyboards can be used with Samsung televisions.

If you do have an appropriate keyboard (preferably Samsung Smart Wireless Keyboard), Here are the steps you need to take for to your Samsung smart television to Wi-Fi via the keyboard and mouse, in the absence of a remote

  • Connect the mouse and keyboard to the TV using a USB transmitter that includes the keyboard and mouse into any of the USB ports on the TV. You can connect your keyboard or mouse, and you’re set to go.
  • Once your keyboard is connected the TV to it, you will be able to utilize it to navigate the settings. Scroll down to General, choose the network, then Network Settings in Settings. Then, you will be asked if you wish to connect to the Wireless or a Wired network. Select Wireless.
  • You’ve got your TV hooked up to Wi-Fi, and you can manage your TV with the mouse and keyboard.

Connect with Ethernet Cable

Connect with Ethernet Cable

There’s nothing to worry about if you can’t find a wireless or wired keyboard or mouse. Another method of connecting with Wi-Fi by using an Ethernet cable (assuming that your TV is equipped with the Ethernet port). The Ethernet connections are faster, more efficient, and improve signal stability. It is possible to use it as a permanent or temporary solution, depending on the location of your router.

If your router is far from your home and you do not want to hassle with wiring, you could bring your TV closer to the router to connect via the shorter Ethernet cable. You don’t have to worry about it – you’re going to be leaving your TV there. This is only the first step.

If you connect your television to your router via the Ethernet cable, you can connect your TV to the router and turn it on (use the physical button on the TV). The TV will then be hooked up to the web as an Ethernet connection doesn’t require the use of a password.

Then, you’ll need now to install the Samsung SmartThings application. Install it on your phone, and then install it. Begin by going through the settings, and then sign in procedure to take control of your TV. After the initial app configuration is completed, you can utilize it to manage your TV and navigate to settings. Open the network settings, and connect to the Wi-Fi.

When you connect the TV’s Wi-Fi to it, the Wi-Fi network will be remembered. Please turn off the TV and disconnect its connection to the router and return it to its initial location. If you restart it, the TV should be connected to Wi-Fi by itself.


Now, can you still claim that you don’t know how to connect your Samsung television via Wi-Fi without the remote? If you’ve reached this point, then you’re losing the Samsung remote shouldn’t cause any problems. Follow the steps detailed in the previous paragraphs, and you will not have any issues.

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