How To Check Samsung Battery Health

How To Check Samsung Battery Health- Easy Methods


Wondering how to check Samsung battery health? Battery life is a topic that many people are aware of But what is the batteries condition? This is vital for the long-term viability of your device. In contrast to that of the iPhone, Android devices do not provide a simple method to determine this.

What exactly is a healthy battery, in the first place? The phrase “battery life” generally is a reference to how long the battery can last when charged. The battery’s health indicates how the battery is getting worse. A low battery health indicates that the battery is performing less well, discharge more quickly, become warm and so on.

“How do I check the state of my battery in Android” is a frequently asked question from Android customers who’re interested about the health and effectiveness of their phones’ battery. As you regularly charge your phone the battery’s health will start to decline slowly.

You’ll be able to tell if the battery of your phone is deteriorating when you’re annoyed by how fast your phone goes into”low-power” mode “low battery” state (even when it’s as if you’ve charged it just within 15 minutes). A battery in poor health will mean you have to deal with an unresponsive phone more frequently than you’d prefer, which is not a pleasant experience when you’re constantly traveling.

How Do I Know If My Samsung Battery Is Poor?

How Do I Know If My Samsung Battery Is Poor?

If you feel that the Android phone’s battery isn’t last longer than it did in the past this could be an indication of something wrong. This article will provide a brief overview of how to identify if there’s any issue.

  • Your battery is constantly running out. This is a common occurrence, however, if you’re aware that your battery was able to last for a long time without issue, but you’re now needing to recharge several times throughout the day, it most likely signifies that your phone’s battery isn’t as robust as it was in the past.
  • Charging does not seem in full charge. Have you noticed that even after charging your smartphone for hours but it’s still not at 100 percent? This could mean that the battery is no longer in a position to hold the full charge.
  • The battery gets hot. If your phone is operating much hotter than it was previously it could mean that your battery is running hot and has been damaged.
  • Your battery may be expanding. If your phone’s battery is growing out of its case Stop using it. This could be hazardous and could mean that the battery is damaged.

How To Check Samsung Battery Health: From the Settings menu

How To Check Samsung Battery Health: From the Settings menu

You can verify you Android phone’s battery health by going into Settings > Battery Usage. If you’re interested in more detailed data on the health of your phone’s battery We recommend the AccuBattery application.

The more you utilize AccuBattery more, the more accurate it becomes in analyzing the performance of your battery. Here’s how you can check you Android cell phone’s overall battery condition with AccuBattery’s app.

The tabs available in the AccuBattery application: Charging Discharging Health, History and Health. The Health tab is the first to be clicked.

  • In”Battery Health” in the “Battery Health” section, you will see an evaluation of the state of health that is your Android battery. In the image below, you’ll see that AccuBattery evaluated my LG Wing’s battery health as 95%..
  • This section also displays the capacity estimate and capacity of the design. Every every time it charges your phone AccuBattery will record the estimated capacity of the battery. When you sign up to the app, AccuBattery analyzes the capacity of your battery’s original design (your battery’s capacity when it’s fresh). When you compare these two figures, you can see the amount of capacity (mAh) your battery has lost over the course of time.
  • “Health” tab is a great place to start “Health” tab has an area titled “Battery Wear.” It will let you know the amount of the battery’s condition has deteriorated throughout the day using a clear bar graph. AccuBattery recommends that users reduce their phone’s charge to 20% to lessen the wear of their batteries.
  • The following section will reveal what you are “Battery capacity.” AccuBattery makes use of this data to build the health bar for your battery. It analyzes the data on battery capacity and then compares it to the capacity of the design and then spits out a percentage number that shows the condition that is your Android battery.
    We’ve discussed the basics of assessing the health of your battery on your Android phone The AccuBattery app gives you more detail-oriented data which you can use to make informed choices on whether you should change your battery or buy an entirely new smartphone.
    For instance, under the charging tab You can find the duration of time your phone will run in its current condition. In the image below my phone is currently 55 percent fully charged.
  • One icon (a circle with orange and red) shows the length of time my battery will last at 55% for mixed usage (active as well as idle). Another icon (a sun) shows how long my phone is able to be used during active usage. In addition, the final image (a bed) shows the length of time my phone will remain inactive.
    This tab also displays live information as your phone charges including your phone’s charging speed, temperature, and many more.
  • “Discharging” tab. “Discharging” tab gives you data about the Android battery’s condition when the battery is isn’t charging, such as how quickly the battery drains power and the apps associated to that use. The tab also provides statistics about the speed of charging your phone.
    If you’d like to go back in time to the charging information on your phone you can do so as well, by clicking on the History tab.
  • As stated, do not allow your phone to run at 100% for long for hours. Research has shown that stopping charging at 80% will improve the longevity for an Android battery.

How To Check Android Battery Health Using A Dial Code

How To Check Android Battery Health Using A Dial Code

Android phones come with hidden diagnostic menus you can access by entering sequences of numbers as well as hashes and asterisks onto the dial pad within the Phone application.

There are a variety of them which take you to different choices, though we’ll concentrate on the one that is battery-related. Don’t get upset in the event that your device doesn’t show the battery status.

1. Open your phone’s dialpad within the Phone application. Enter this Code *#*#4636 #*#*.

When you press the final ” *” after which your phone will take you to the next menu

2. Then, look at the title “Battery Information. ” If it’s not there it, then you’re blocked by this method. If it does, choosing it will reveal details like the charge level as well as temperature, health level and.

This dial-code method was successful with Xiaomi, Google and OnePlus devices that we have tested however none of them provided the battery information we required. The menu was not visible on the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G when the code was entered.

How Do You Check Samsung Battery Health Using An App

How Do You Check Samsung Battery Health Using An App

If the strategies we’ve described above do not give you the information you require and you don’t have it, then you can use an alternative by using third-party applications. Some of the best options for this job comprise AccuBattery by Digibites, CPU-Z by CPUID along with Batteries through MacroPinch. This will give you information such as the typical battery capacity as well as temperature and details about use.

The apps are all completely free to download, but provide Pro editions for a tiny amount if you wish to eliminate advertisements in the app, or access additional features.

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