How To Check EDD Card Balance

Everybody has likely lost track of their EDD balance on their card at one time or another, but it’s vital to know.

It is important to note that the EDD account balances are updated every month, So if your credit is low and you would like to ensure that everything is up-to-date, it is easy to look up your EDD card balance online. Here is a complete guide on How To Check EDD Card Balance

All you have to do is follow these easy steps, and you’ll soon be able to check the balance on your card quickly.

What’s an EDD Debit Card

What's an EDD Debit Card

A prepaid credit card offered through the Employment Development Department of California provides a simple and safe method to receive benefits.

The applicants for this EDD debit card are not required to go through the process of credit checking or to be screened for creditworthiness.

The card can be used anywhere which accepts a VISA card in the USA. This means you can withdraw funds at stores and ATMs banks and receive cashback on purchases made on the internet.

You can transfer funds via the EDD debit card into any bank you prefer.

In addition to being informed of any deposit made in the past, it also alerts you when a deposit has been made. EDD debit card also notifies you when the balance drops lower than the minimum. Additionally, the zero liability policy protects against fraud by EDD debit card customers.

How To Check EDD Card Balance

How Do You Verify Your Credit Card Balance

You can check the balance of your EDD debit balance by calling your EDD toll-free number or online on the official website or by visiting ATMs located near you.

But, you’ll need to provide your details before the balance is displayed.

Verify The Balance Of Your EDD Card Balance On The Internet

You can view your current Card Balance and available funds on the official website of EDD Card, which is (

You will need to input your Username and your password. Select “Sign In,” and you will be taken to the Account Summary page, which will show the current balance and available funds.

Toll-Free Numbers To Verify The Balance

You can also examine the balance of your EDD Balance on your Debit Card by dialing the toll-free number below. Additionally, you’ll have to provide personal information before you can check your balance.

Customer service number 1-800-888-888. 866. 692.9374

Use The ATM Close To You

You can also avail the possibility of checking the balance of your card at one ATM in your vicinity, but you’ll have to give specific personal details. To check your credit, the ATM will request the following information:

The EDD card’s number and PIN can be issued through EODM (Employment Development Department of California). An acceptable form of identification.

An ATM will show your balance at the top of the screen.

How Do You Transfer Money From An EDD Card Into A Bank of America Account?

How Do You Transfer Money From An EDD Card Into A Bank of America Account

Follow these steps to enable you to transfer money via EDD into Bank of America.

  • Log into the My Money section of your Account and choose transfer.
  • Next, choose to Add to the Account.
  • Fill in your account details as required.
  • To start the transfer process, click the Transfer tab.

All you need do is follow this then you’ll be able to transfer the money quickly to your checking account.

What Is The Maximum Amount An Individual Can Withdraw From An EDD Credit Card?

The EDD debit card holder should be aware that they can take out up to $1000 at any ATM in a 24- hours time frame in the US.

There are also restrictions on the amount of money you can withdraw for security reasons. You should check the Help section on the website for the EDD card for more details.

Here’s More

Generally, filing your unemployment claims and paying to eligible workers typically lasts three weeks.

You can find information about ways to cover Unemployment Insurance through your Account on the Unemployment Insurance website or by dialing 1-866-333-4606, toll-free, to contact department Unemployment Insurance department.

In addition to the toll-free number in the Disability Insurance and Paid Family leave contact details. You will also be able to find information on the payment requirements through your Social Security online account.

Here Are Some Additional Essential Facts Regarding EDD Card

Here Are Some Additional Essential Facts Regarding EDD Card

Here are some essential details regarding the EDD debit card. EDD debit card you must be aware of:

It is impossible to get an alternative card since your last card is operational. If you have lost your credit card, you can apply for a new one through the Customer service number. You can have access to your money through ATMs or online banking.

This EDD account is regarded as an account that is a checking account under every bank term. You can check all your transaction history through online banking or an ATM.

What Is The Significance Of Pending EDD Payment?

You’ll know which times were “pending” and “paid” when you do the transaction online. If you’re in “paid,” you’re aware that there are funds in your Account that aren’t in your bank account.

If you notice “pending,” it means that an official decision has not yet been taken.

How Do I Get An EDD Debit Card?

You can apply for an EDD Debit Card from the official website,, and then you’ll get the Debit card.

You can also call the Bank of America EDD Debit Card customer service to discuss the issue and get the card.

  • 1-866-692-9374 (voice)
  • 1-866-656-5913 (TTY)
  • Contact 423-262-1650 for assistance (if you’re outside the US.)

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