How To Charge Vape Pen Without Charger

How To Charge Vape Pen Without Charger


Vapes are a popular choice for the younger and older generations. They are a non-tobacco alternative to smoking cigarettes. The vape pen is an electronic device powered by batteries, which takes flavors, nicotine, and other substances. Apart from disposable vapes, most vapes you purchase have a charger, allowing you to charge vape batteries whenever they run out. Here are the ways How To Charge Vape Pen Without Charger?

Anybody with a cell phone, laptop, or other electronic device knows that batteries wear out. It’s also a hassle to ensure they’re charged up. We’d like to know if you’ve ever felt anxious when your device is at 30% and the night isn’t over yet. This post will explore every possible method of charging your vape.

How To Charge Vape Pen Without Charger?

Replacing The Batteries

However, the battery housing inside is constructed; most electronic cigarettes run on rechargeable AA batteries built into the mod. The smallest vape pens could have a AAA battery; however, if you’re comfortable enough to know the two sizes and the majority of people are – it’s not that difficult to determine what’s in the vape pen.

Since many vapes are sealed and do not have battery replacement, providing complete information on how to take your batteries off is not easy. If you have mods where the battery is not accessible, then you’ll need to proceed to the next method.

However, if you can access the batteries for your particular model, replacing the rechargeable with an ordinary AAA (or AAA) battery will do the job and give you some good moments of no-hassle smoking. Of course, if you can obtain rechargeable batteries, so more power to you.

DIY Charger

We all know that the vape pen that doesn’t have a charger is about as efficient as smoking a cigarette while it rains, but things become a bit exciting when you charge your vape pen using a homemade charger.

Before we provide you with the details, here’s the statement of disclaimer:

The most crucial thing to know is that if you make a DIY charger, it is a matter of operating with power from the AC, which could be a risk to you and your family in the hospital or even worse. Don’t use an unprofessional charger to charge your vape pen if you don’t know what you’re doing. Instead, look for a reputable charging device (see below for a list of options).

This is a highly-recommended DIY technique, so long as you’re extremely vigilant.

  • Find a cable with the standard Micro-USB connection.
  • Using wire cutters, take the device end off the wire (not that brick end!).
  • Let the wires shine through the insulation’s outer layer.
  • No matter how many wire colors are there, you only require two wires: a red wire and a black one.
  • Remove half an inch (~1.25cm) of rubber insulation from the black and red wires, and expose the copper.
  • For the JUUL-type vape pen, connect the black and red wires to the two slots for contact in the charging region until you can see the indicator light come on. This is the way to tell if the device is charged.
  • For a disposable e-cigarette, you must cut it open to access the battery’s negative and positive terminals.

It is extremely important not to connect the two wires or touch them with your hands. If feasible, you can connect them to terminals or slots before connecting the device.

We suggest using electrical tape to separate the wire and secure the charger to the vape pen.

Access Another Device

If you’re missing your brick, you have a USB charging cable compatible with your device; it is possible to use another connection point to charge your vape. Any device connected to an accessible charging port is acceptable and can likely charge the battery.

Desktop computers or laptops are ideal for charging devices such as this, and even the PS4 can recharge your vape pen without issue.

Portable Chargers

A portable charger, also known as a power bank, is a great choice to charge your vape pen – provided you have the right cable and you’re lacking the plug.

A portable charger can be your ideal charging device, so it comes with an ordinary USB port. All you need is an appropriate cable with a USB-C or micro-USB connection (whichever your device requires).

These devices that use low voltage also prolong the life of your batteries as the portable charger isn’t capable of charging your device to the maximum!

If your vape battery doesn’t charge when connected to the battery, it indicates that the power source requires charging, and it’s probably not the best day for you.

Use A Standard Cell Phone Charger

Like the other alternatives above, using a phone charger to charge your phone boils down to the type of device you own.

There are a few devices that do not support the micro-USB connector. The only way to charge vape batteries is to use the original charger that came with it. Some devices may only be able to get fully charged when they are docked to their base.

But, if your electronic cigarette isn’t too picky and can charge using a USB-C cable or a micro-USB adapter, then you’re lucky! You can get one of these almost anywhere, any time.

The people you know have an extra cord, or you could normally purchase one at the local convenience store. After that, you plug it into the brick included with a charger for phones, and you’re done! The phone will be charged within a matter of minutes.

It’s important to note that USB-C isn’t as popular as micro-USB, but it’s getting there. But every gadget, like vape products, integrates USB-C technology so the situation will change soon.

There’s a good chance that there’s a USB-C cable or adapter in the vicinity that you can find, and you’ll be in good shape.

Grab An External Battery Charger

Locating an external charger in vape shops is nearly as simple as finding various mods and E-juices. However, just like chargers with power banks or random charging cables, they won’t solve the issue for all vape devices, particularly those requiring a specific voltage or chargers.

If you have an electronic cigarette that connects via an external charge source, you ought to be sure to add one to your shopping cart at the vape store. (They are essential should you have to lose one.)

Like power banks, An external battery charger is specifically designed to charge rechargeable batteries. In addition, external battery chargers are not likely to charge the batteries.

This means a longer battery lifespan for the vape pen you’re using, and it’s always a plus.

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