How To Charge MacBook Without Charger

How To Charge MacBook Without Charger


If you’ve misplaced or forgotten your MacBook charger and are looking to charge it up, you’ve come to the right spot. You can indeed connect the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air without charging devices. In this article, we’ll go over three different options on How To Charge MacBook Without Charger.

The most popular method to charge your MacBook is, naturally, by using the charger. But what happens if your charger isn’t working? What happens if it’s damaged? What if you’re in the coffee shop and didn’t bring it? Do not worry about it because there are other ways to recharge your MacBook’s battery without using the charger. Be aware that these options aren’t guaranteed to last. These are only temporary fixes if you have no alternative. If you find yourself in this circumstance, There are a few options to recharge your MacBook without using a charger.

How To Charge MacBook Without Charger

How To Charge MacBook Without Charger

Use a USB Type C

It depends on the model of the MacBook you’re currently using. You can charge it with the Android USB Type C phone charger. It’s as easy as plugging this cable into your MacBook to charge the device via an outlet. This charging system works similarly to the way you recharge your iPhone. It is expected to recharge your MacBook. However, it may take some time.

Get A USB Converter

If you own a PC in your possession, you could benefit from this feature to recharge your MacBook. For this, you’ll need a USB 3.0 to USB Type C converter cable. Connect the line between two devices, and it should accomplish the task.

Using A Power Bank

There is indeed a way to recharge your MacBook with a power bank. Naturally, it will depend on the kind of MacBook that you own. Additionally, the power bank should also have a USB 3.0 port to allow this to function. You can connect the USB 3.0 to the USB Type C converter cable, and it will be equipped to charge your MacBook.

Things To Remember

Before you test any of the strategies that were mentioned above, here are a few general rules you should remember:

  1. Suppose you’re using a USB-C charger for your phone and any USB-C device other than the standard MacBook charger. In that case, it could negatively impact your MacBook’s battery, especially over the long term. Some side effects could result in the battery becoming swollen or damaged. Use only at your discretion!
  2. Although these strategies may be effective, the amount of duration it takes to charge the MacBook could be a problem. Since you’re without the charger that came with it, it may take longer to charge your device.
  3. These are only temporary solutions. But, in a long time, you’ll need an authorized MacBook charger earlier rather than later. If you are using any of these solutions to power your MacBook battery, the health of your battery may likely suffer a performance decline as time passes.

If you have any batteries left on your MacBook, You should keep it as long as you can to avoid needing recourse to a process that could end up damaging the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

Bottom Line

Although it was initially thought to be impossible, it’s now known there are at least three possible (and innovative!) methods you can charge your MacBook without the need for a charger.

It is crucial to know that the above techniques are only temporary solutions. They should only be utilized in extreme situations when there isn’t an alternative option.

None of these three methods can provide your MacBook’s power, especially in the long term. Thus, should you find that the original MacBook charger is damaged or has stopped working correctly, it is not working properly, the best solution is to purchase an official new charger. If you’ve not brought it, make sure it’s the first thing you get for when you leave your home next time.

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