How To Charge Fitbit Without Charger

How To Charge Fitbit Without Charger


Fitbit smartwatches come with various high-end features, but each feature will drain the battery. If the official Fitbit watch’s charger is unavailable, You can try alternatives How To Charge Fitbit Without Charger.

There are many ways to charge your Fitbit with no charger. You can recharge it with your Fitbit smartwatch by connecting the charging cord in the USB Port on your computer or laptop, a Certified UL USB wall charger, or other energy sources like the power bank.

This article will cover various ways to charge your Fitbit without needing a charger. In addition, we will give you the essential tips to ensure that your device is charged correctly.

How To Charge Fitbit Without Charger

How To Charge Fitbit Without Charger

The following are a few easy ways to charge your Fitbit with no charger.

Charge a Fitbit Using USB Port On A Laptop

for those who don’t carry their Fitbit charger on hand, then you can charge it by connecting it to the USB connector on your laptop or computer. Use a USB cable to connect your watch to your laptop and begin charging.

Without a doubt the best and most widely used, and easiest method to charge your Fitbit without needing a charger.

Important The port you connected to the cable doesn’t appear to charge your Fitbit; then try other ports.

Charge The Fitbit To A Wall Charger

If you don’t own the official charger for your Fitbit, it is possible to use your USB outlet, similar to the one you use on your phone or tablet, to charge your Fitbit. This method could recharge it much faster and more efficiently than plugging the Fitbit into a desktop or laptop computer.

Additionally, it is suggested to utilize an approved UL USB Wall charger. It won’t cause harm to the battery or device, which is why you can keep it charged all the time need.

Charge Your Fitbit Using Power Bank

The power bank is among the most affordable options to recharge your Fitbit. It can also be used for charging externally if you don’t have a charging device to capture the Wearable. Furthermore, they’re beneficial when you travel because they allow you to charge your devices in transit.

Charging your Fitbit with a battery bank is simple if you follow these steps.

Step 1: The first step is to ensure that you have charged your battery fully and can transmit power into your Fitbit.

Step 2: Switch on the power source with the push of a button. When the light is on, the device is ready for use.

Step 3: Connect the charging cable to your power bank and the Fitbit smartwatch.

Step 4: Check the watch’s battery’s lifespan.

Step 5: When your battery has completed charging it, hit the power button to shut it off.

The power bank is wireless and readily available for your use. If you are using the wireless power bank for charging your Fitbit, you must power your Fitbit; make sure you align the backside of the watch to the back of your power bank. It is essential to ensure that both devices are aligned with that charging device.

Charge Your Watch By Making A Fitbit Charger

This is how you can build your personal Fitbit wall charger

Step 1: Cut the USB’s lower end using the nail cutter.

Step 2. Next, remove the insulation on the point you just cut.

Step 3. Cut all wires, excluding the black and red ones.

Step 4: Remove all insulation off the black and red wires and wrap them in a tight spiral.

Step 5: Attach your black cord to the side button of the Fitbit. You can also use tape to do this.

Be aware that the above connection is extremely fragile and difficult to hold. Therefore, if you wish to know the amount your Fitbit has billed, you can use the app on your phone. It is best not to disturb the Fitbit’s setup by touching the device or moving it.

Attach The Other USB End Of Your Device To The Power Bank

Beware: Don’t use a laptop or wall adapter in this process because a short circuit could happen if you make a mistake and touch the wires in the middle. In the end, it could damage the battery of your laptop.

How To Check If the Fitbit Watch Is Charging

How To Check If the Fitbit Watch Is Charging

If your Fitbit wearable is charged, it is possible to check the level of the battery by clicking the button or pressing on the display. Fitbit series such as Inspire, Alta Ace, and Charge will show an active battery icon on the screen once the device has been fully charged and is 100 percent.

In specific Fitbit devices, such as the Flyer or Flex, it is possible to determine the status of your watch’s Charge using its led light on the back of the eye. The watch can flash different colored lights to show the level of charging according to the table below:

LED ColorBattery Status
White LightMedium to fully charged
Red LightLow
Flashing Red LightVery Low

Essential Tips For Charging Your Fitbit

Essential Tips For Charging Your Fitbit

These are essential guidelines that will help you to recharge the Fitbit watch and prolong its life span properly:

Use the Original Charger

When you can whenever possible, If you can, Charge whenever possible, charge your Fitbit smartwatch with your original charging device that was included with it. Make sure to use a charger specifically for your battery model to prevent harm to the battery.

Let The Battery Drain Before Charging

If you recharge your smartwatch after the battery has completely exhausted, the battery isn’t in a position to properly calibrate itself. Allow the battery to drain now completely and then before charging it.

Keep The Charging Port Clean

An accumulation of dirt and dust in the charging port may prevent the charger from creating an effective connection. The charging port must be cleaned using an instrument or toothpick every month.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Be sure not to keep your watch in a hot vehicle or in direct sunlight for a prolonged time. If you do, the battery could be susceptible to damage, and its life expectancy diminishes.

Avoid Using Heavy Apps and Games

High-quality graphics and animations could quickly drain the battery of a game or app. Beware of these apps and fun if you want to prolong the Fitbit smartwatch’s time.

If you follow these tips following these suggestions, you can prolong the life of your battery on your Fitbit and make sure that it charges correctly.


If you do not have an external charger, There are many ways to charge the Fitbit. It can be set using an electronic device, power bank, or even an external charger. These options are excellent for capturing quickly; you can choose which one you prefer.

One of the most crucial things to remember is following the guidelines to ensure your watch is charged correctly.

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