How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger


Have you ever been stuck somewhere and faced something where you wanted to use your apple watch but unfortunately it was not charged. You might have faced this kind of situation where your battery runs out of battery and then it starts to show a red lighting bolt symbol and it needs to get charged. Although at that moment its battery has not completely depleted. Know here 

We all know that it is not some kind of difficult task but it could be quite challenging for apple watch beginners. But what if you lost your charger and you are finding ways to charge your apple watch without a charger. If you want to know that then keep reading as we are here with the answer to your query. 

How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

You should keep in mind always that you should go for a genuine one and you should not go for any local charger for your apple watch and you need to give preference to the original manufacturer charger if you want to charge your iWatch and other gadgets as well. By using the lightning magnetic cable or you can also go for a magnetic charging dock for your apple watch.

You need to know that there are different portable chargers for your charging your apple watch and you can use them while you are travelling. You can also go for other charging accessories that are accredited or approved by apple for chagrin for gadgets as we all know that Apple watches have the same charging interface. 

You can charge your apple watch of different series with the same charger. So we know that you can easily charge with the original charger but here we are with different ways to charge it in case you lost your apple watch charger or you are looking for some other ways.

Using The Reverse Charging Strap

-Using the reverse charging strap

Do you have any idea about this feature? Well at the launching of the very first apple watch many people while trying out figured out one different feature and it was about the hidden port at the button of the strap of the apple watch. The bottom band of the watch is attached to the port. 

You can see a six-pin after removing the cap and it seems useless to the users. And the major function of this is to aid the technicians that will help you to repair your watch whenever any issue arises and this is a diagnostic port of the apple watch and it will optimize or configure the software settings also.

This port can also be used as a charging port and it charges fastly and this was discovered by people and it is a reverse strap charger and you can easily charge your apple watch with this. This will take the same amount of time as the normal charger takes. This is because of the conductive charging technique. 

But in the year 2017 apple quit this kind of production of the gadget as it faced many critical risks and the band started to get overheated and people faced many electrical shocks as well and there was no kind of development in this case and then apple totally abonded this kind of product and decided to remove the diagnostic part as well.

Ways To Charge The Apple Watch With Regular Charger

Ways to charge the apple watch with regular charger

You can use the charging accessories to watch your apple watch. Follow this guide to know the method to charge the apple watch with a regular charger

  1. Firstly you need to take off your apple watch from your wrist before you want to charge it.
  2. You need to handle all of the accessories very carefully.
  3. Then you need to plug the USB cable into the USB adapter.
  4. After that, if you have your own portable charger then you need to plug it directly into the USB of your laptop and then you can plug it into the power bank as well.
  5. You need to plug the adapter into a power source if you are having a USB adapter.
  6. Then you need to position back of your smartwatch on the apple charger then align it and then lock it with the magnets of your charger with your apple watch.
  7. When it is aligned accurately then it will indicate a green lightning bolt symbol on the display.
  8. It may take up to two or three hours until it will get 100% charged.
  9. In the last, you need to remove the apple watch quicker from the charger after the battery gets completely charged.

So this was all how to charge apple watch without charger. We told you the ways how you can do that and also told you how you charge with a normal charger. So now you can follow this and do the needful. Still, if there is something else that you need to ask then you can ask us in the comment section.

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