How To Charge A VUSE Without A Charger

How To Charge A VUSE Without A Charger | 3 Easy Ways


How to charge a Vuse without a Charger? This step-by-step guide is for everyone. It is possible to charge your Vuse quickly following these steps.

How do you charge a VUSE without a charger? The first step is to find a source of power. It is possible to utilize an external battery or laptop if the VUSE is not connected correctly. This approach requires no technical expertise and won’t invalidate any warranty on the device! Connect one end of the cable to the USB port on your vaporizer, and then connect the second port to the wall socket that powers the old phone.

Then, wait about two hours until it is charged ultimately, disconnect the devices from each other, and then go back to smoking. It doesn’t; we’ll review some of the most popular methods of charging your vaporizer if no conventional charger is in place.

How To Charge A Vuse Without A Charger?

How To Charge A Vuse Without A Charger?

VUSE is a well-loved electronic cigarette that uses a USB charging device to recharge the batteries. What can you do to recharge your device without a charger? There are numerous ways to accomplish it! In this post, it is necessary to locate an external power source.

Many people carry an external power source like this USB Car Charger or even take one out of used mobile. Start by plugging the adapter for your wall outlet in your USB ports on the vaporizer, and then connect the other end to an old mobile phone travel charger). This is just one of many methods people have devised to get their devices recharged.

The Necessary Preparations

  1. Get a high-quality video camera, or at the very least an iPhone for filming. You must ensure that the location in which the Vuse charging tests without the exclusive charger is well-lit.
  2. Plan an escape plan, unlock the lock before you go, and remove the chain from the door. Who is to say, perhaps you need to evacuate urgently so that you don’t run into neighbors, firefighters, and even the landlord.
  3. Find a reliable phone charger. You can leave your phone alone with its cord for a few minutes. Be careful. Let them say goodbye since this is their final meeting. They’ll never again meet.
  4. Make sure you have a sharp knife ready and ask yourself a second time, do you want to make this cut? Are you sure? Let’s start and remember that we warned you.
  5. Do not forget to turn off the camera. If the result isn’t working out, you can post on YouTube the video “How NOT to charge your Vuse if you don’t have a branded charger.”

Ready, Steady, Go!

Unplug the wire from your phone charger, and then ruthlessly cut off the USB-C or micro USB and Lightning (depending on what model you have on your phone, you will be without power).

Cut off the wire’s sheath, then take out of the middle of the two wires that were used to connect to the charge port of the connector through which the phone was charged.

If you’re lucky enough, these two wires could turn red and black.

Remove the insulation approximately half an inch to leave two contacts exposed.

Make sure that the charge indicator and brand name appear on top.

Be sure to put the red wire carefully into the central orifice located at the top of your vape, and put the black one in the hole just located to the right of the middle one. While you’re doing this, make sure that the charge light and your vape’s name appear above, as stated in the preceding paragraph.

If everything has worked out properly, the green indicator should blink. It will announce that charging has started, and in a short time, you’ll be able to enjoy a second vapor with that beloved Vuse. While charging takes place, make sure you keep all of your vape and both wires in your fingers and be careful not to shake them. Sudden interruptions in the flow charging will not cause your device to become healthier.

Some Tips: How Do I charge A Vuse Without A Charger?

Tip #1: If you have an iPhone connect it to your computer via the cable and then turn it up – this will be able to charge both devices simultaneously!

There’s a method for you to recharge your iPhone and laptop simultaneously! Just one cable is required to connect it to iTunes on both devices.

Turn them off- let them sit for about 30 minutes before switching them around so that they’re exhausted of power due to being connected but haven’t been turned on yet. Then, reconnect with a second cable long enough to allow the sync to occur seamlessly (about 10-minutes). You’ll be able to move through the battery percentages quicker than you’ve ever done before as there won’t be any wait time between charges, as is the case with outlets in addition.

Tip #2: Charge up while traveling by plugging your phone or any other device into the vehicle’s socket for a cigarette lighter (if available) and any accessory port with a 12-volt voltage compatible with all phones even tablets.

With the increasing number of travelers nowadays, it’s common to forget to provide access to or spend in the absence of work or school to charge their devices or other devices. But what do I say if I showed them how to connect their device to any outlet that has 12 volts in it? There would have no requirement!

Tip #3: The longer you use your Vuse to charge, the more efficient. You could get approximately an hour of usage from five minutes and up to 15 minutes worth 30 seconds of charging!

A lot happens within those moments, so be sure to stay on top of it all by using our handy chargers below:

Vuse is an exclusive device that comes with a charging system. You can plug it into any outlet, power source, or wall socket at home to use to recharge, meaning that you don’t have to invest cash on costly cables! The longest-lasting battery will last around 5 hours before requiring an additional recharge (but it’s less time for indoor use).

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