How To Charge A Juul Without A Charger

How To Charge A Juul Without A Charger


Like any other device is powered by a rechargeable battery so that when the battery gets low, you don’t have to throw it away; instead, recharge it to continue using the features that your Juul provides. But How To Charge A Juul Without A Charger?

Without batteries, it will not be powered. This means that it will never be able to hit. If you are a frequent device user, you might be concerned about this situation and want to hurry to recharge your battery. It could be depressing that you can’t find your Charger or when you discover that your Charger has been damaged just when you require it the most.

You could decide to place an purchase of the latest JUUL traditional charger, but it might take longer to arrive, and you’d like to take pleasure in smoking. There is no need to be concerned about this issue, and make your own Charger can recharge your device. But, it is advised only to utilize it on an urgent basis and not use it as an ongoing method of charging the battery of your JUUL.

The JUUL USB Charger

The JUUL USB Charger

When did you buy the JUUL kit? It includes a USB charger that works with a variety of charging stations as well as electrical sockets. The Charger also works with USB ports of your laptop and computer.

If you take a close look at your JUUL, it will be apparent that it is equipped with magnetized four slots. The slots help to hold your JUUL securely to the Charger until you decide to take it off after it has fully charged or whenever you choose to utilize it. This happens when you’re making use of the initial JUUL charger. What happens is the consequence if your Charger goes missing? What happens if you have to stop using JUUL or vaping? Not necessarily, but here’s what you should do.

How To Charge A Juul Without A Charger

How To Charge A Juul Without A Charger

This is easy at home to help you continue smoking when you can’t connect to your Charger. You can build an interim JUUL charger at your house.

You will require the cord that comes with the USB plug as well as scissors. You can follow the step-by-step procedure;

  1. Cut off the ends of the USB cable that typically connects to your phone with scissors. Be sure the length associated with the USB end is a greater length than the ones you cut. Also, you must ensure that it is disconnected from the source of power before cutting the cord.
  2. Remove the plastic insulator and expose it 2 inches from the wires. It is possible to distinguish the cables by their color. They are available in Red, Black, Green, and White shades. Certain lines might have grey wires than the Black ones in certain chords.
  3. Sort the wires out by disconnecting them. Then fold one of the Green and the White wires in the insulation part of the cord, and then hold them with tape.
  4. Remove the plastic casings on the Red and black/grey wires with a pair of scissors. Be sure not to strip the insulation of the wires by more than 1/4 inch from the cutting end.
  5. Twist the metal exposed inside the wires stripped.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for both the Green and the White wire.
  7. Place your JUUL flat on the ground with its light facing towards the upper side. This is to be sure to monitor the LED to determine whether your homemade Charger works.
  8. Guide the Red and White wires to the bottom of your JUUL and insert them to the left and right-most ports. Be sure to push the cables as far as you can.
  9. Connect the USB extension of your cord to your USB connector on your USB Wall charger. Be sure not to interfere with your wires in the JUUL. It is also essential to be careful not to use a laptop, computer, or other electronic gadgets as there might be a short circuit that could cause damage to the device.

Check that the wires are correct before plugging your Charger into the outlet and switching it on. If the JUUL‘s LED doesn’t light up, then adjust the wires until the LED lights up. Then after the LED lights start blinking, apply tape to secure the cables securely. Do not leave the JUUL in a dark place while it’s charging.

So, you’ll be able to charge your JUUL and continue using your vapor while waiting for the Charger.


It is common to lose its JUUL charger, or losing it is a typical circumstance, particularly when traveling on the road with your JUUL. The method for charging the JUUL without the charging device is the most compelling scenario if you accidentally lose the Charger and have to continue vaping. But, this method is best utilized in emergencies when you can locate or replace the Charger. Take all safety precautions when using this method to ensure you are protected.

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