How To Charge A Dab Pen Without A Proper Charger

How To Charge A Dab Pen Without A Proper Charger?


How can I change my dab pen while out or on vacation, but I didn’t carry the charger for the dab pen? Here are five solutions for you on How To Charge A Dab Pen Without A Proper Charger.

How To Charge A Dab Pen Without A Proper Charger

How To Charge A Dab Pen Without A Proper Charger

1. Charge Using A Charger

If you cannot get an electric charger for your dab pen, you could try connecting the power cable of the dab pen with your Micro USB charging port on your smartphone. It will be extremely convenient while charging as the Micro USB charger is easily accessible.

2. Make Use Of A Portable Power Bank

The rise the portable batteries means that users no longer need to worry about their mobile being power-depleted when they leave home and travel. The primary function of a mobile power supply is that it is a battery that can supply the power. It is possible to charge various devices using the charger cable.

If you connect your device to power banks for a time and notice that your dab pen’s battery isn’t charged, this could be due to the battery running out of power.

3. Plug Into A Desktop Or Laptop

Desktops, laptops, and gaming consoles all have USB ports. As long you have the proper charging cable, they will perfectly charge any pen in the world.

Make sure you charge your pen using the laptop not connected; it could drain the laptop’s battery more quickly.

4. Make Use Of An External Charger For Batteries.

This method is only appropriate for batteries that can be removed. This method can’t be employed in a dab pen with an in-built battery that is not removable.

When your dab pen is equipped with a removable rechargeable battery, You can charge it with an external battery charger to recharge the battery of your dab pen.

In reality, using an external charging device to charge the battery in the dab pen can prolong the battery’s lifespan and the device.

External chargers can be found in most vaping shops, supermarkets, and electronics stores.

5. Use A Homemade Charger To Recharge Your Pen

Recommendation: Professionals should not work this way to avoid damaging the battery and equipment. The most important thing to remember is that it won’t be worth the risk in the event of an electric shock, explosion, or burns.

What Is The Best Time To Recharge The Pen?

What Is The Best Time To Recharge The Pen

If you are using the device and discover that the pen is producing only a tiny amount of vapor when it’s in use and the light indicator on the dab pen flashes either red or green rapidly (the way to set the settings for each manufacturer differs) that signifies that you need to recharge the dab pen. It is recommended to fully charge the dab pen before the first time you use it following the product so that you don’t run out of battery and can not give you the best dabbing experience.

What Kind Of Dab Pen Charging Cable?

Alongside a disposable vape pen, every dab pen purchased will come with a charging cable inside the package, which allows you to charge your dab pen once it has run out of juice quickly.

As the first producer of dab pens, It is suggested that customers utilize the power cable to charge the dab pen. There are three standard power cables, including Micro USB/TypeC/Lighting.

Micro USB and Type C interfaces are more popular charging options.

Be Aware Of The Following Precautions When Charging The Dab Pen.

Be Aware Of The Following Precautions When Charging The Dab Pen

Use the charging cable supplied by the manufacturer to charge.

  • Don’t make use of the dab pen while charging.
  • Beware of flammable materials while charging (don’t place the pen on your sofa or the carpet for charging).
  • Beware of charging too much.
  • Beware of the dab pen you’re charging for long durations of time.

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