How To Change Your Email On Xbox

How To Change Your Email On Xbox


A majority of email users have at least one address. It’s no surprise that gamers have at least one email address. This is especially true when you consider the fact that online functions like Xbox Live require an email address.

Many of us do not know How To Change Your Email On Xbox. Sometimes we have to delete an email and replace it with the one we use most often.

You can easily modify the email address associated with your Xbox One. It is important to remember that the email address must be replaced with another Microsoft address such as Hotmail, Outlook, or Google Mail.

How To Change Your Email On Xbox Account

How To Change Your Email On Xbox Account

Change The Primary Email Address On the Xbox One

Let’s get started by explaining what we’re looking for. How do I change my email address? This is how you can change your email. This works for Xbox One. However, it can also be used for Series S or X. The steps will end with information. These will assist you with the two other versions of Xbox.

  • You will first need to turn on your Xbox console. You must log in to the account for which you wish to change your email address.
  • Next, visit the section ‘Your Info.
  • Look for the “Manage How You Log In To Microsoft” option.
  • After you are there, you can add or remove emails.
  • It is generally better to first add the email you wish to use.
  • After that, you can remove the primary email address. Next, change the email address to the primary.

Most cases won’t ask you to log in again. If it asks you to log in, do not use the old email. The password you used with the previous email is the same.

The Website – Xbox Series S And X

The Website - Xbox Series S And X

This option is not limited to Xbox Series S or X. This can also be used for Xbox One. It is also known as the “Website” method. It works with almost all Xbox Live accounts without any problems. So:

  • A web browser is required on each device. Microsoft Edge App is available for Xbox.
  • Next, open your browser and go to the official Xbox Website.
  • Log in to your account. Next, locate your profile. It should be in the top-right corner.
  • Locate the “My Microsoft Account” option. To open the dashboard, click on your profile picture.
  • You will find the “Your Info” option on the My Microsoft Account Page.
  • There you’ll find the same “Manage how to sign into Microsoft” option. You might be asked to enter a password or other credentials.
  • Go to Account Aliases, and then click Add Email. After you have added the email, return to Manage Accounts and make it primary.
  • Take the other one out.

Both methods are very similar, as you can see. The steps are slightly different. We made every effort to ensure that you have the most clarity.

Gmail Accounts

Gmail Accounts

It’s now time to ask the question: Can you use a Gmail address? Yes. A Gmail account is possible. It can be used as an account alias. For that, you will have to visit:

Log in to your Microsoft account, then tie it up with Gmail. Microsoft will often assist you in creating a new account that is synced to Gmail.

It is important to realize that any email you use other than Microsoft will cause changes. Also, settings will change if you have a Gmail account.

Is it better to use Gmail or not? Not at all. You will get better features with Microsoft Email. You’ll have full access to Xbox’s features, as well as many other perks. You will not experience syncing issues as a Microsoft Account user.

Conclusion – How To Change Your Xbox Email Account

This has nothing to do with how to change your Microsoft Account Email. This is a completely different concept. This article is not about changing your Microsoft account email, but about Xbox emails.

You can create an Xbox account using Gmail, Outlook Xbox, and other email IDs. Use a gamer tag or username if you are having trouble logging in to Xbox.

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