How to change the colour of Your Name on Twitch

How To Change The Colour Of Your Name On Twitch?


Have you noticed people with names of different colours? Don’t worry; you’re at the right spot. In this tutorial, you will be taught the best way how to change the colour of your name on Twitch name for both PC and Mobile.

Changes are necessary not just in your life but also in your gaming.

If you’re a streamer, you will have to make changes, and changing the colours of the name on Twitch is not a difficult job.

Viewers also have the option of having different colours of their Twitch name. Anyone can alter it.

How To Change The Colour Of Your Name On Twitch

How To Change The Colour Of Your Name On Twitch

There are two methods to alter the colours of your profile on Twitch. The first option is to enter the chat on a Twitch channel and click the “Chat Identity” icon on the left side of the chatbox. The menu will appear that allows you to select the colour of your name. Another alternative is to type”/colour” in chat. Press enter and enter the exact colour you want your name to be changed to (green-blue, green, etc.). This will also permit you to input the colour code.

Here’s A More Thorough Step-By-Step Instruction For Changing The Colour Of Your Name Using Twitch.

Step-By-Step Instruction For Changing The Colour Of Your Name Using Twitch

When you’re on the chat area of any Twitch channel, look towards the left side of the chatbox for messages. The icon might look different according to the channel you’re in; however, if you hover your mouse over it, it will read “Chat Identity”, and you can click it to reveal the chat identity.

When you click “Chat identity”, you’ll get an options menu. If you scroll down, you’ll have the option of changing the colour of your name globally for your twitch username. You have the choice of around 15 primary colours.

It also offers you the option to select “more shades,” but you can only select a different colour when linked to your Twitch account to an Amazon Prime account OR purchased Twitch Turbo for an annual fee.

When you’ve picked a colour, you’ll notice that your Twitch names will switch to reflect the new colour for all Chats that you join on Twitch. If you’re on a live channel, it might take a couple of minutes until the new colour will take effect and occur.

What exactly is Twitch Turbo? It’s a monthly subscription plan available on Twitch that comes with a couple of advantages. One of the most significant benefits is the ad-free streaming for ALL streams regardless of whether you’re a subscriber or not. One of the tremendous additional advantages of Twitch Turbo is the ability to select a personal Chat username colour. You can pick any colour you want.

If you are interested, Twitch Turbo allows you to select between several different emoticon sets for all-purpose emoticons. Your username will be adorned with an additional chat badge beside it, and you’ll be capable of extending your storage for broadcasts up to 60 days rather than 14 days.

The best part is that you can access these features by linking the Amazon prime account. In all honesty, if you’re looking for features that you’d like to have access to, I’d join the account you have with Amazon Prime to your Twitch account. It will be less expensive in the long run and provide you with free Amazon 2-day shipping. This is just my opinion! There are more information details about Twitch Turbo at

If you type /chat #hexcolor or colour (colour code) when it’s not a colour that is valid, you’ll get an error like the picture below, giving you a list of the colours that are available and warning you that it will not permit you to enter the colour you’ve asked for.

Another option to alter the colour of your Twitch username is entering /colour in chat. If you type /colour, it’ll prompt you to enter what colour you’d prefer the name to change to. For instance, you could write “/colour blue” or “/colour red”. You can also type”/colour” using a hex colour code to get more specific.

What’s the advantage of changing the Twitch username’s colour? It’s all about aesthetics and fashion. Changes to your username do little, but they can make you stand out. The colour you select may be solely motivated by your preferred colour, or maybe it’s similar to the colours of the channel’s branding. Beyond that, the colour for your username has no effect and will only make you look attractive.

How Yo Change Your Twitch’s Name, Black

How Yo Change Your Twitch's Name, Black

To switch your Twitch account’s name from black to white on chat, you’ll have to be able to link the Amazon prime account directly to the Twitch account or buy Twitch Turbo. Once you have done this, you can change it back to white by using two methods. First, visit and then click the settings and select”Prime Gaming Section” and then “Prime Gaming Section”, and you can select the colour white from the list of colours. Another option is to choose the hex colour code #fffffff. Make sure you select “confirm colour,” or it won’t begin to take effect.

Methods To Create Your Twitch’s Name Shine

Methods To Create Your Twitch's Name Shine

If you’ve ever been on Twitch, you might have noticed specific Twitch names glowing, and you thought, “I want to do this!” Changing your Twitch username to glow when you chat was a feature that was only accessible through a third-party platform known as BetterTTV or BTTV for short. Although this feature was available before, the feature is not an option.

It’s all about the individual preference for what you want the Twitch name to look like. Some people deliberately pick a hue or absence of (white) to appear as an obnoxious troll, making it difficult for viewers to understand their username. I prefer choosing a colour compatible with the Twitch channel’s image. However, it’s all silly, and I’m not convinced that it affects the development of your stream.

Are You Able To Have Emotes In Your Twitch Username?

Are You Able To Have Emotes In Your Twitch Username

Twitch does not allow usernames to include emotes in them. There are hundreds of emotes that can be used in the chat area on Twitch; you cannot make your username contain an emoticon. This may be something they’ll include soon, but at the moment, it’s not accessible.


Primary Twitch users are limited in the number of options in selecting the colour for the Twitch name. If you’re looking to select an additional custom colour, you’ll have to buy Twitch Turbo and connect Amazon Prime to your Twitch account. The colour you select as the colour of your Twitch name is only to look good and has no connection to your account. It’s just a method to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd.

Be aware that the colour of the Twitch name will influence the way other users perceive it. If you choose an intense colour that blends well against the default white background of Twitch or, if you select white, you’ll make it hard for others to read your username.

This is especially challenging for streamers trying to read and comprehend your name. I’ve seen streamers ignore or avoid saying their name because they didn’t understand the name clearly. Perhaps this is the type of name you’re looking for? If not, pick a darker alternative that will be more accessible for others to understand.

I hope this post was clear and provided you with the information you need to know to choose the best Twitch account colour.

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