How To Change Stream Title As Mod | Step-By-Step Guide

On Twitch Two most important things prospective viewers will see regarding your stream are the titles and what game it’s playing. This is why it’s crucial to keep your stream’s title and game’s category up-to-date and change them when you change to something fresh.

We’ll demonstrate how to change Stream title as Mods of the Twitch stream.

How To Change Your Stream’s Title On Twitch

How To Change Your Stream's Title On Twitch

You can name your stream on Twitch using the following method:

  1. Login to the Twitch accounts you have
  2. Go to the Creator Dashboard to access your channel. You can find it by clicking on the profile icon of your Twitch account’s profile image.
  3. You can click on “Stream Manager,” which is an option on the top right-hand menu.
  4. Hit the link that reads “Edit the Stream Information.”
  5. A window will open with all stream information options. Complete the form for “Title” to give the name you want your stream to bear.
  6. Then, press the “Done” button, and your name will be stored.

You must be aware that the title will remain the same for every stream unless you alter it before starting the stream. If you do not add a new title, your stream will have a title precisely identical to the stream before. Stream titles are also restricted to up to 140 characters.

Pro Tips: If you change your stream’s title to the Twitch mobile app, you may also add it emotes to the stream’s title. It’s a fun method to distinguish your stream from other streaming.

Step-By-Step Instructions To Change Stream Title

Step-by-Step Instructions To Change Stream Title

Below are the steps of the process to allow you to alter the stream’s title quickly.

  1. Log on to and sign in to the account you have created on your Twitch Account.
  2. In the right-hand corner of the browser, you can see your profile picture. Click on it, and then navigate into”Creator Dashboard. “Creator Dashboard”
  3. On the right side, you’ll find an option. Select “Stream Manager”
  4. On the Stream Manager page, you will notice a button that reads “Edit the Stream Info.” Click this button.
  5. A pop-up window will pop up with various fields you can fill in for your stream. What’s most important in this tutorial is the “Title” field. Fill in”Title” in the “Title” field, and then hit”Done” in the bottom right “Done” button on the lower right. That’s it! Your stream has now been renamed.

How To Change Your Stream’s Title On Streamlabs

How To Change Your Stream's Title On Streamlabs

When the software you’re running is Streamlabs for broadcasting programs, you can change the stream’s title too. These are step-by-step instructions for changing your Twitch stream’s title with streamlabs.

  1. Start Streamlabs.
  2. Hit the arrows in the sidebar to open your chat window.
  3. Select the pencil symbol located on the top left corner in the Chat Box section.
  4. An open window is likely to open that reads “Update Information on Stream.”
  5. Fill in the field referred to as “Title” and then write the stream’s new title.
  6. After you’ve created your new stream’s title, you can hit”Update” in the bottom right corner “Update” button located in the lower right-hand corner. The new Twitch stream title has been changed and saved.

Here are step-by-step instructions, with pictures of altering your steam’s name within your Streamlabs program.

  1. The first thing you have to do is open StreamLabs.
  2. The next step is a bit confusing. There’s only a tiny button that expands and opens the chat. The arrow appears on the right or left part of the Streamlabs interface, depending on your selected layout. My arrow is located on the right.
  3. Select the pencil symbol located on the top-left edge of the chatbox.
  4. Clicking the pencil icon gives you access to edit the Twitch stream’s information. You’ll find a field called “Title,” where you can enter the new stream’s name. Then, select “Update” in the bottom right corner of the window. That’s it! Now you’ve successfully changed your Twitch stream’s name.

Does A Twitch Mod Modify The Stream’s Title?

Does A Twitch Mod Modify The Stream's Title

Twitch mods can alter the title of the Twitch stream. One of the advantages of being a moderator that is an editor is the power to change the title of a Twitch stream’s subtitle at any moment.

A Pro-Tip Be aware of whom you choose to be mods on your channel. Not only do Twitch mods alter the channel’s title of the channel, but they can also make use of different Twitch mod-related commands that they could use to benefit the channel; however, in incorrect hands, they can cause a lot of problems.

How To Change Stream Title As Mod

How To Change Stream Title As A Mod

Here’s the procedure for how mods can alter a Twitch stream’s title.

  1. Open the Twitch channel you’re moderating in.
  2. Select the icon of the sword, which is in the lower-left corner of the chat.
  3. Then click the pencil icon displayed beneath the stream below the current title.
  4. There will be a pop-up window titled “Broadcast Options.”
  5. Fill in the box in the field “Title” by entering the latest stream’s title you’d like to use.
  6. Then, click on”Done” or the “Done” button located at the bottom of the right.
  7. You’ve successfully modified the stream’s title using Twitch modification!

Suppose you would like to see photographs. Here’s a step-by-step guide that includes photos of changing the Twitch stream’s title to a moderator’s.

Be sure to join the Twitch channel you hold the moderator’s role. Look for the sword icon in the lower-left corner.

Then, you’ll be required to click the pencil icon right next to the stream’s title.

In the pop-up window that pops up, you’ll have to fill in the “Title” in the “Title” area with your new stream’s name. As a reminder, you’re only allowed 140 characters.

After you’ve filled the new title, then click”Done. “Done” option to save and edit the new stream’s title.

Tip For Titles Of Streams To Get More Viewers

Tip For Titles Of Streams To Get More Viewers

Although it won’t ensure you 100s of viewers on the first day, having an appealing stream title can draw new viewers. I recall the one of my Call of Duty streams having a comic title that was punny. Another streamer who’d never visited my channel before noticed the title when scrolling through Twitch before deciding to go on the channel because the title he was drawn to so that he was in love with it. The moral of the story: don’t take your stream’s name for granted. Your stream’s name can help attract new viewers.

While creating unique content is the main element to attracting more viewers to your stream, other elements like a stream’s title can draw in viewers. The aim of your title should be bizarre, humorous, or engaging. A standard title that states “Playing Warzone” and “Streaming Stardew Valley” isn’t going to cut it.

Don’t give your stream a title that contains details that anyone can discover through an image on your stream. For instance, giving the stream’s title an indication of what game you’re playing doesn’t make sense. Users on Twitch will automatically know what game you’re playing, so why should you also name your stream?

I’ve seen titles that contain puns to be captivating. Also, absurd titles can be compelling. Another approach is to make titles that provoke fascination, for example, “You will not believe it!” …”. There are also titles with controversial opinions, like “Mayo is fantastic when you eat cereal.” You can model your titles after clickbait headlines you find on the internet. Make your stream more creative in its title, and you’ll be amazed when you see people sign up to see if its title is interesting or humorous.

Questions You Have Concerning Titles On Stream Titles

Questions You Have Concerning Titles On Stream Titles

Do you have to use swear words in your Twitch title? It is impossible to swear or use profane words included in your Twitch stream’s title. Twitch is so strict that it will not allow the use of swear words in the stream’s title.

What Should I Call My Twitch Stream’s Name?

Select something humorous or memorable. The idea is to get people to be able to read the title of your stream and then click on it. A non-popular opinion-based title can attract viewers. For instance, “MARVEL Movies SUCK” could be a good idea. Of course, it is possible to get people upset by a title such as this and then not be able to get them involved.

Do Twitch Titles Have Any Significance?

They’re essential in that the chance exists that someone stumbles upon your Twitch title because they were impressed by your name. Are they the most critical factor in gaining recognition on Twitch? But they certainly aid, and I believe that they have an impact. Every single detail matters when trying to create a Twitch channel. Make sure your stream title is unique and distinctive.

Are Hashtags A Possibility To Add To Your Twitch Stream’s Title?

It is possible to write hashtags in your stream’s title; however, it won’t be a clickable tag like other platforms. It is possible to use a title such as “Warzone #SmallStreamer,” but it’s only words, not a helpful tag that can classify your stream or allow users to search for it.

Twitch has a “tag” feature that you can use to categorize your streams; however, this feature has nothing to do with relating to your stream’s actual name. It is possible to use five twitch tags to define and categorize your channel. It is recommended that you use all five.

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