How To Change HDMI On Roku TV

How To Change HDMI On Roku TV


Through the years, Roku TV has gained a lot of attention because it provides fast and easy streaming services. Roku TV is a unique way to get a smart TV because it allows users to access all the major streaming services without plugging into any other streaming device.

If, however, you decide to switch to a different streaming device such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV box, and so on. To accomplish this, you need to know How To Change HDMI On Roku TV.

How To Change HDMI On Roku TV Using Remote

How To Change HDMI On Roku TV Using Remote

To change the input of the Roku TV you first have to “SET UP INPUT”. To do this, go to Home > Settings > TV INPUTS and select SETUP INPUT on the input you’d like to change to. This will add the input as a tile to the screen of your Roku display at home.

All you need do is return to your home page, and click this tile to switch inputs! Before you return to HOME, make sure you change the name of the input to match the exact device connected.

For instance, If you have a Cable Box connected to HDMI 2. You should REname your HDMI 2-connected input as “CABLE BOX” and add this tile to the Roku homepage.

The next time you want to use your Roku you will need to go to the HOME tab and select CABLE BOX to switch its input into HDMI 2. (aka Your Cable Box)! You can do this with your audio bar as well as your gaming console, DVD player, and more.

Make sure that the most recent input you input to your Roku Home screen is going to appear at the top of your list after you go back to the HOME screen. It is easy to arrange your home screen to combine all the input titles by following these steps:

Navigate to HOME Then select the tile you wish to move. Click the Asterisk ( *) button and then select MOVING CHANNEL. Use the buttons on your device to shift the tile. Finally, click OK when you are ready to save the current location.

How To Change HDMI On Roku TV Without Remote

How To Change HDMI On Roku TV Without Remote

The steps above only work if you own an active Roku television remote. But what happens if you lost it, or it isn’t working?

There are alternatives to changing the input of your Roku TV without using a remote.

Press These Buttons To Control Your Roku TV

The most straightforward solution is to utilize those buttons on the Roku TV. First, you have to find out where the button is. There are four primary locations to check:

  1. Middle, the underside of television’s middle, underside. If you don’t see it, check
  2. back of the TV, right side
  3. Back of TV, left side
  4. Front left, below side

Once you’ve identified the Roku television button(s) then take the time to look closely and determine the exact buttons you’re using. Certain Roku TVs come with a single button, while other models include a power button as well as directional buttons.

The method you use to implement the steps below to alter the input on your TV may differ slightly based on the buttons you’ve got:

  1. Click the main button one time (if you only have one button then click it. If you have several buttons click on the middle one)
  2. This should display menus located on the left side of your television.
  3. Click the main button once more to go further down the menu
  4. Keep clicking until you are on the input that you want to switch over to, and then stop and sit
  5. Your Roku TV should change inputs within 2 seconds

Make Use Of The Roku App To Serve As An Emergency Remote

If you’ve lost the remote you have and do not want to use the difficult-to-find remote buttons that are on your Roku TV to alter the input, then the Roku application is the best option to choose!

Simply type “Roku” into the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, and then download the Roku app for your phone and tablet.

After downloading, you’ll be asked to look in the close Roku devices. The Roku TV will automatically appear on the list. Select the option to connect.

Roku TV missing HDMI 1, HDMI 2, or HDMI 3.

If you’re on the home screen on the Roku TV and some inputs are missing or not included, there are two solutions to solve this.

The first one is a “SET UP INPUT” method I have described previously (jump up and read that section again when needed).

Another way to solve this problem is to plug a device into the particular input at the rear of your Roku TV.

For instance, if you own an Xbox then connect it with the HDMI 3 connection on your television. Once it’s connected the Roku TV will automatically detect it and then add the HDMI 3 port to the home screen.

If you haven’t manually set up an input or plugged the device into that specific input, you won’t be able to see input on the main screen of your Roku TV!


To switch the input of many TVs, you have to press”SOURCE” on the remote and then toggle to the input that you prefer. But Roku TVs are a little more complicated. To switch the input on the Roku TV you need to:

  • Go to Home
  • Then Settings
  • Select TV Inputs
  • Then, finally, Set Up Input

Then, you can change the name of your input to match the specific device to which it is connected.

If you don’t own a Roku remote but you can switch the input with remote buttons that are on the television or through download an app for it. Roku app.

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