How To Change Aspect Ratio In Premiere Pro

How To Change Aspect Ratio In Premiere Pro


However you decide to consume your films, videos, or television, the aspect ratio is important. The aspect ratios of Premiere Pro are an essential element in making films, and not just for editing, as they determine how viewers will experience your movie. Let’s find out How To Change Aspect Ratio In Premiere Pro.

What Exactly Is Aspect Ratio?

What Exactly Is Aspect Ratio

An aspect ratio is the width and height of an image. It is the way your video will be projected onto an image. It is an element of filmmaking that must be considered before distributing to the channels you prefer (Cinema or television or social media sites, Youtube, etc. ).

An aspect ratio can be written using two figures and an asterisk. For instance, 4:3 for a fullscreen aspect ratio and 9:16 for a vertical aspect ratio. This is great for mobile phones or uploading YouTube videos and TikTok videos. Let’s take a look at how to alter the aspect ratios using Premiere Pro:

What Are The Various Types Of Aspect Ratios?

What Exactly Is Aspect Ratio

This is a quick review of the various types of aspect ratios and what they are employed to do. Check out our guide to aspect proportions and frame dimensions for a detailed understanding of aspect ratios and how to determine the one most suitable for your needs.

  • Widescreen (16:9) It is utilized for documentaries, online video films, and documentaries.
  • Vertical (9:16) is a common feature on mobile phones.
  • Fullscreen (4:3) This was used before widescreen was first introduced.
  • Square (1:1) Square (1:1) is the current format used in social media.
  • Anamorphic (2.40:1) is used in films and gives your film a cinematic look.

How To Change Aspect Ratio Of A New Sequence – Step By Step

How To Change Aspect Ratio Of A New Sequence - Step By Step

Create your New Sequence

Go into the File menu, New and Sequence, and then click Sequence.

Go through “Settings” and browse the “Video” section.

This will open an additional window. Click on Settings within this window. You’ll look at a video section on the Settings tab. This is where you’ll be able to alter settings for the aspect ratio settings of your project.

The fundamental aspect of the ratio is below. It is located right next to the resolution of 16:9.

Determine your Aspect Ratio. Then Enter it in the form below.

If you are aware of the aspect ratio, enter it into it. If not, then you may determine an aspect ratio below in case you’re trying to determine the resolution of your preferred aspect ratio.

After you’re done when you are done, click OK.

If you’re changing your aspect ratio in mid-project

You’re halfway through editing your Sequence and realize you’ve failed to select the right aspect ratio. But don’t be concerned because you can alter the aspect ratio of an entire sequence.

Go to “Edit” and Click “Auto Reframe Sequence”

Make sure that you can open the Sequence. Then, click edit >> Automated Reframe Sequence.

If you prefer, look in the project’s panel and right-click your Sequence in this panel. Select the Auto Reframe Sequence and then click. This will open an entirely new window.

Modify the value of your “Target Aspect Ratio.”

Within this window, you will observe the target aspect ratio. You can alter these settings as you wish. After you’ve chosen a different ratio and changed those settings, Adobe Premiere Pro will perform a fantastic job of keeping all the elements in your project properly centered and within the frame.

Be aware that this method isn’t ideal, and your plan could require adjusting.

How To Change Aspect Ratio In Premiere Pro?

How To Change Aspect Ratio In Premiere Pro

To alter the frame size of the video, you need to create the Sequence from scratch by clicking “File” > “New” and then “Sequence”. Within the ” New Sequence” window, click”Settings” and then click on the ” Settings” tab. Choose ” Editing Mode” to ” Custom“. In the ” Frame Size“, Change the resolutions of the vertical and horizontal to, for example, “1920” and “1080” to create the HD project.

Why Is It Important To Have An Aspect Ratio?

The aspect ratio defines the shape of your video: square rectangle, horizontal, wide, rectangle extremely wide, Cinemascope, etc. You need to determine the form you’ll deliver your video. Knowing this before shooting can help frame your action appropriately and determine the appropriate resolution when you create the new Sequence using Premiere Pro.

How Can You Determine The Aspect Ratio Of Your Footage?

How Can You Determine The Aspect Ratio Of Your Footage

To determine the aspect size of your video, you need to divide the height by the width of the film’s resolution. If the resolution of your video is 1920x1080p HD, that is, then the result of dividing 1920 by 1080 equals 1.78. In aspect ratio terminology, it’s called 1.78:1 (also known as 16:9 / landscape/wide, etc. )

That’s how the camera, smartphone, or screen recording captures your video.

The next step is to figure out the aspect ratio of the final product (large cinematic screens or horizontal YouTube shorts and square video). It’s something you must learn for yourself or request the details from your customer.

Once you have figured out what is the aspect ratio, for example, 2.35:1, which is a widescreen for cinemas, the next step is to determine how tall (or the vertical dimension) your frame relative to its size (or vertical value) of the frame).


It’s simple to alter your aspect ratio in Premiere Pro. Don’t overlook the importance of having an appropriate aspect proportion for the project you’re working on. It is essential to know how to modify an aspect size inside Premiere Pro, whether making it for a brand-new project or for a halfway-through one you’ve already done.

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