How To Block Youtube On Roku: 3 Easy Methods

Roku, with time, is becoming a household name; it allows its users access to every popular online streaming service, be it Amazon or Netflix, and it is winning hearts worldwide. 

However, this aspect makes people more and more worried, primarily parents. Raise your hand if, once you open Youtube, you are hooked on the application; the same can also happen to your kid.

Is this addictive quality of Youtube making you more and more worried about your kids and their addiction to watching Youtube on Roku?

If yes, the solution to your problem is blocking Youtube on Roku.

Youtube has more viewers than Facebook and Netflix combined; it allows its users to stream their favorite content in 80 different languages, and on top of that, all of this content is free to watch.

However, with how easy it is to access content on Youtube and for free, many users want to block Youtube on Roku, but is it possible?

Roku offers a complex solution to blocking channels that are not Roku-owned. You must get creative to implement restrictions and cannot directly block Youtube on Roku.

Of course, you can set up parental controls on your child’s YouTube account, but they can still access the application on Roku.

Step-By-Step Process To Block Youtube on Roku

Step-By-Step Process To Block Youtube on Roku

There is no option left for you to block YouTube on Roku. However, you have the parental Control feature left with you. So, you can put restrictions on YouTube to watch implicit content with the Parental Control feature. At the same time, you can enable parental Control on Roku to impose restrictions on your streaming device.

Method 1: Removing The Channel

You and I are perfectly aware of how misinformation can hurt you and your mental health; this situation is especially alarming in the case of kids and teens, Youtube has given free access to an unlimited number of channels on the platform, and some of these channels also contain information and audio video visuals which you may want to keep away from your kids.

The lifestyle and the world shown on the platform can harm the personality of your growing world, and I am sure you don’t want your kid to have a role model that only triggers your kid’s insecurity.

This is why many parents believe it is better to block Youtube on Roku; that brings us to our first method of blocking youtube Roku. You can block Youtube on Roku by removing the channel from the list of options.   

You can remove Youtube from your channel list on the Roku Device. Follow these steps to do that.

  • Go to Roku Main Screen.
  •  With the Roku Remote, please choose the option My Channel.
  •  Go to Youtube and Press Star Button on the Roku Remote.
  •  Select Remove Channel and Press OK.
  •  Press OK again to confirm that you want to remove Youtube.

Method 2: Using Roku Parental Controls to Block Youtube

As mentioned above, there is no direct way to block Youtube on Roku; however, if your kid is using Youtube daily, it can adversely affect his mental health.

Additionally, much information on the platform is said to be unreliable and relevant. Therefore, if you or your kid relies on Youtube channels for their subjects, you are wasting your time.

So, wasting hours and hours on Youtube that results in nothing should be reason enough for you to block Youtube on Roku.

This brings us to our second method of how to block Youtube on Roku; Block youtube by using Roku Parental Controls. Here’s how you can set parental controls on your Roku device:

  • Go to the official Roku website and Sign-in into your account.
  •  Click on the Profile icon and choose My Account
  •  Click on ‘Update’ under Pin Preferences
  •  You’ll be taken to a page where under ‘Making Purchases and Adding Content,’ you’ll see selections to choose from; select the option ‘To Always require a Pin to make purchases and add items from the channel store.
  •  Parent controls are now active. 

Method 3: Block Content on Youtube Using Youtube Parental Controls

Block Content on Youtube Using Youtube Parental Controls

Youtube also understands that the content they are providing on its platform is only suitable for some age groups. Hence they have also taken critical steps by which parents can restrict what their kids can see and cannot see.  

Streaming platforms like Youtube come with parental controls, and you can Block content using their Restricted mode, and youtube will only show the appropriate content.

If the methods mentioned above don’t help you block Youtube on Roku, you can directly change the parental control settings and dictate what content your kid is watching on the platform. 

Follow these steps to enable Restricted Mode and block Youtube on Roku.

  • Go to the Youtube channel on the Roku device.
  •  Click on ‘Settings.’
  •  Scroll to see the option ‘Restricted Mode.’
  •  Please enable it.

With that, we have reached the end of our article; instead of constantly worrying about what your kid is watching on Youtube when you are not around or going through watch history to keep track of their activities, you can block Youtube on Goku.

Unfortunately, there is no direct way you can block Youtube on Roku. However, if there is a will, there will always be a way. We have mentioned several workarounds that you can follow to block Youtube on Roku.

Whether you remove Youtube from the channel list or apply parent control on either Roku or Youtube, all these methods can help you indirectly block Youtube on Roku.

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