How To Block No Caller ID Calls On An iPhone

How To Block No Caller ID Calls On An iPhone – Simple And Quick Methods.


If you’ve noticed calls with a hidden phone number, I’ll show you how to Block No Caller Id Calls on an iPhone.

If you have an iPhone, you can find ways to stop the calls from affecting your routine. This guide will use several methods to block unwanted calls from your iPhone.

How To Block NO Caller ID On An iPhone 10, 12, 11, and 13?

How To Block NO Caller ID On An iPhone 10, 12, 11, and 13

Silence Of Unknown Callers

The latest version of the iPhone, which includes those running iPhone 10 (or iPhone X), iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 – are supported with iOS 13 and higher. The launch of iOS 13 brought the unique feature of Silence Callers. This app directs any calls made by unknown phone numbers to voicemail. Your iPhone will not ring, but it will record the call to your Recently viewed portion of your telephone book. Also, when you leave a voicemail, you’ll receive a notice that the voicemail message has been left.

Here’s how to activate this featureSilence unknown callers option on the iPhone 10, 11, 12, or 11:

  1. You must unlock your iPhone and find your settings icon. Apple shows the icon as a tiny grey gear.
  2. Click on the Settings icon, then scroll through the menu, and then choose the option for the Phone option.
  3. You can select the silence unknown callers option in the menu that opens and then slide the toggle to the left to enable the feature. Once activated, the toggle will change green.

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

Another method of blocking the calls of unknown phone numbers is to utilize the Do Not Disturb feature of your iPhone. The application is relatively easy to set up; here are the steps:

  1. You can unlock your iPhone and then click to open the Settings icon.
  2. Then, go through the menu that appears and click Do Not Disturb.
  3. Click the Allow calls from and then select the option All Calls option.
  4. Close the menus and go towards the home screen. Homepage screen.

This method works by allowing only individuals in your contacts list to contact you. However, it blocks any other calls from reaching you, so you could not receive essential calls from other numbers than those listed in your contacts list.

Create An Entirely New Contact

Create An Entirely New Contact

The third way to prevent unknown phone numbers from calling you is to create the contact you can call “Do not answer” (or “No caller identification.” Unfortunately, the iPhone isn’t able to block private or hidden numbers since it cannot identify the numbers. However, creating a new contact, a clone of this number will allow you to overcome this. Here’s how to accomplish it:

  1. Go into the Contacts section and tap on the plus icon to create the contact.
  2. Input ” No Caller ID” into the contact’s name box.
  3. Then, type in ” 000-000-0000” to get the new contact number.
  4. Select “Done” to Save.
  5. After that, please go through this new contact’s profiles until you find an option to block this caller option, then tap it.
  6. Choose the Block Contact option for confirmation of your selection.

The iPhone can now recognize any hidden or private number as blocked and stop your phone ringing if someone contacts you from an unknown number.

How To Block No Caller ID Calls On An iPhone

Making A Contact

The most recent iOS platforms do not work with most old iPhone models. Due to this, the Phone you have may not be able to offer features like silent unidentified calls. There are, however, ways to block calls from unknown numbers. These steps will help you:

  1. Go to contacts on your smartphone, then press the (+) to add a new contact on your Phone.
  2. In the profile of this new contact, enter ” No Caller ID” under the name.
  3. In the bar for numbers In the number bar, enter ” 000-000-0000” for the phone number.
  4. Choose “Done and save your contact.
  5. In the saved profile of the contact, please scroll to the bottom of the profile until you see the blocker, then tap on it.
  6. Choose to block the contact.
  7. Activating Do Not Disturb

Another method to stop unwanted calls from your Phone is to turn off Do Not Disturb. Here’s how to achieve this:

 Find the handset’s settings icon, and click it.  

  In Settings, Look for Do Not Disturb, and then move on the switch next to it to the right to enable it. Once activated, the toggle will turn green, and a moon icon will be displayed in the status bar.  

  Then, click next to the Accept Calls option, then choose the All contacts option. A small check will appear at the top of the screen.  

  Return on your home screen.  

 As mentioned before, this method is effective; However, it doesn’t block unidentified numbers. Instead, it blocks any number that is not on your contacts list.  


 Another way to block an unwanted number on your iPhone is through the cell phone service provider. The majority of these providers provide filters or plans that assist you in blocking unwanted calls.  

 How To Block No Caller ID From An iPhone Using Verizon Service  

 How To Block No Caller ID From An iPhone Using Verizon Service 

 If you are using Verizon as your mobile phone provider, You can sign up for Their Call Filter. Additionally, Verizon provides a selection of features that include blocking spam and calling robocalls.  

 The Call Filter from Verizon is available for free for Verizon customers. If you’d like an enhanced model, sign up for the pay-per-month version – called Call Filter Plus, which costs $2.99 each month.  


 How Do You Block The No-Caller ID Feature On Your iPhone Using AT&T Service?  

 AT&T has an application that is its own, referred to under the brand name AT&T Call Protect. It will stop unnecessary calls from reaching your mobile. The app is accessible to all AT&T subscribers with the iPhone 6 or HD Voice Capable iOS. You can use the less basic version for free or subscribe for a monthly fee of $3.99 for the more expensive option. Both options offer the ability to receive Nuisance Call Alerts and unidentified call blocking.  


 How Do You Block No Caller ID From An iPhone Using T-Mobile Service?  

 Block No Caller ID From An iPhone Using T-Mobile Service

 T-Mobile also provides a variant of the filtering program known as ScamShield that guards against spam, robocalls, and unwanted phone calls. It is available for download at no cost through its Google Play Store or App Store. If you’re looking for an upgrade with more power, you can choose Scam Shield Premium. It costs a monthly cost.

These calls from interfering with your day. This guide will look at a few different ways to block these unwanted calls on your iPhone. 

Nuisance Callers Blocked  

Nuisance Callers Blocked  

 Blocking or removing unknown calls from your iPhone is easy when you’ve mastered the process. Follow these steps, and you’ll only get calls from those you’d like to speak to. You can also contact your cell phone company to set up a blocking filter suitable for you.

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