How To Add Text In CapCut

How To Add Text In CapCut


CapCut was originally an app that edited TikTok videos. It quickly gained popularity. It’s a simple editing program that allows you to add effects and cuts to your videos.

Text is undoubtedly one of the most popular and practical additions to short videos. The text might be the best way to make your videos stand out and freshen them up.

CapCut is designed to allow you to add titles and comments. How to add text in CapCut videos

How To Add Text In CapCut iPhone

How To Add Text In CapCut - iPhone

CapCut makes video editing easy regardless of your operating system. This is how to add text to your iPhone video.

CapCut app will open a video and display the preview, timeline, and menu bar at the bottom. To open the settings, tap “Text”.

There are four options: “Add Text”, Text Templates”, Auto Captions, Text Templates, and “Stickers”. You can personalize your text as much or as little as you like by choosing “Add text”. If you need a quick fix and have fewer customization options, go to Text Templates and choose one of the pre-made animated text. This quick fix will focus on the “Add Text” option.

To edit different parts of your text, press the “Add Text” button. These are the text menu tabs:

  • Keyboard
  • Style
  • Effects
  • Bulle
  • Animation

After the menu has been displayed, it defaults to the “Keyboard tab”. Here you can enter your text.

After you’re done, click on the next tab. The text will be imposed onto the video. Your text will be displayed in an introductory style the first time you view it. You can customize it further by clicking the “Style” tab. This tab has three settings, all located on their respective ribbons.

You can select fonts from the first ribbon by pressing any of the buttons that show a preview of each font.

You can choose text borders, highlights, and backgrounds for the next ribbon.

The third ribbon, which includes text colors and effects options, is the most complicated. These options will be explained in the next step.

The ribbon is the most customizable and can be customized to make your text stand out. These options include:

Colour – This is a simple parameter that changes the color of the letters. An opacity slider is displayed below the color palette when you have selected the color. This allows you to make text transparent or darker.

The outline controls the color.

Background – This option changes the background color. Tap here to display the opacity slider, just like in the “Color” menu.

Shadow – Creates a shadow that is colored behind the letters. Two additional sliders will appear after you’ve chosen the shadow color. The first slider is for opacity, and the second control shadow blur.

Spacing – This menu has nothing to do with color, despite the name. You’ll instead find a variety of text alignment options. You can adjust the alignment to either a top-to-bottom or left-to-right axis. You will find two sliders below that affect the spacing of the text.

Bold Italic: The last menu on this ribbon lets you change the font to bold, underline, or italic.

After customizing your text style, you can move to the “Effects tab” and explore some of the suggestions. You can also add text bubbles to the next tab, “Bubble”.

The “Animation” section has many text animations. You can choose from a separate animation when text enters or exits the frame and a looping animation that will continue while the text is displayed.

After setting up your text, tap on the checkmark to the right, and the text will be added to your video.

How To Add Text In CapCut – Android

How To Add Text In CapCut - Android

Because CapCut works on all devices, adding text to your video will work on Android and iPhone. Here’s what you need to do:

CapCut will open your video. Tap “Text” in the menu bar below the video timeline.

There are four options: “Add Text”, Text Templates, “Text Templates”, Auto Captions, and “Stickers”. You can quickly create text using “Text Templates”, but “Add Text” allows for more customization.

Tap “Add text” to open a menu that includes multiple tabs. These tabs can be: 

  • Keyboard
  • Style
  • Effects
  • Bulle
  • Animation

To enter text, use the “Keyboard tab”. Next, move to the next tab to customize more.

Click the “Style” tab. Three parameters can be used, each with its ribbons.

The fonts are first. To choose a font, tap the preview button.

The following ribbon has options for text borders, highlights, and backgrounds.

The third ribbon, which is more detailed, will need to be explained.

To add effects to your text, use the third ribbon customization option. There are many options available:

The “Animation” tab, which offers more customization through various text bubbles and effects, is the most important. Choose between different text animations. These animations can be classified as a loop, exit, and entry.

After looking through the options, click the checkmark to save it and add it to your video.

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