How To Add Reel Back To Profile Grid

The default way to share reels is that they are posted on Instagram, are displayed in the reels tab, and are accessible to anyone with an account on public. In this article learn, How To Add Reel Back To Profile Grid?

However, you can turn on the ‘Share to feed’ option when posting a reel to ensure that the reel is displayed on your Instagram grid alongside other posts. Adding a reel to your profile grid can help users easily find your reels and increase their exposure.

Is It Possible To Add Reels To The Grid Of Your Profile?

Is It Possible To Add Reels To The Grid Of Your Profile

Sometimes you take the reel from your grid of profile pictures accidentally, or you did not add it when you posted the reel; however, now you’d like to add it back. However, Instagram doesn’t have any way to add a reel video on your grid for your profile. Many users complain about this issue online.

The only method to put that reel on the Instagram account grid will be reposting it. If you do this, you’ll lose the posts on this reel, and your views, likes, and remarks will also disappear forever. We suggest you follow this procedure only if you’ve just posted your reel, but there isn’t a lot of interest.

If you are comfortable with the ability to delete and republish your reel, here’s how to do it –

  • Delete your old reel. Visit the profile page on your Instagram profile, navigate into the Reels section, and then start the reel video you wish to erase. Then, press the Menu button (three dots) and click the delete button in red. It will erase this reel from the account. Be aware that you’ll also be unable to view, likes, and comment about it.
  • Upload reel videos and upload them to your grid on your profile. After you’ve removed your reel from the web, you must post it again. Visit your Instagram reels camera, and download the video from your gallery. In the editor screen, you can include text, stickers, or filters to the video.
  • When you click next the next time, you’ll be required to create a caption for the video. Below this, you will see a button that says, ” Also share to feed“. Make sure that the button is turned on. After that, you can click the Share button to share the video to the Instagram account you have. Instagram account.

“Add To Profile Grid Option Is Not Available On Instagram.

Add To Profile Grid Option Is Not Available On Instagram

It is worth noting that the Instagram application has the ‘Remove from Profile Grid’ option that allows users can remove reels from their feed if they need to. By doing this, you can remove the specific reel from your account but will show it under your reels.

There isn’t a possibility of adding reels back into the grid on your profile once you delete the reel from your Instagram profile or fail to share the feed with your posting.

How To Add Reel Back To Profile Grid

How To Add Reel Back To Profile Grid

Organizing how you will shoot your Instagram Reels with Preview App is important.

You’ll lower the likelihood of not remembering to click on”Add Profile.” “Add to Profile” button.

If you do have to erase Reels from your account, you can delete the Reels from your Instagram account and then upload them once more. The Reels should be ready to post from Preview on Instagram. Easy!

You can accomplish a wide range of things using Preview.

For example, you can:

  • Save All Your Reels
  • Reels the captions as well as hashtags
  • Make an image for your cover.
  • Plan your Reels
  • Change the sequence of Reels feed. Reels feed
  • Upload the Reels to your grid for your profile

You can also see what your Reels will appear alongside the rest of your feed before posting you upload it to Instagram.

It’s also a great way to store all your Reels Drafts within a secure location, as Instagram may accidentally delete ALL Reels Drafts.

What number of Reels can be uploaded in Preview?

As many as you like.

Here’s how to accomplish it:

  • OPEN VIEW (on either the phone application or PC)
  • Use + to upload your Reels
  • Drag and drop to alter the order in which your videos are posted (in the order you’d like to share them)
  • Press on Reels
  • The caption to be opened
  • Create your caption and hashtags
  • Click “Find Hashtags” to locate the most popular Instagram hashtags
  • Click “Edit” to change the thumbnail/cover image
  • Switch onto “Show in Feed” to include Reels in your profile grid. Reels to your profile grid
  • Alternately: Turn on “Schedule Post” to set a time when you’d like to publish your Reels

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