How To Add Location In Your Instagram Bio – Easy Ways

Instagram offers unique features to your profile. It displays your following count, username, name, and bio. You can add additional information to your business or personal account, such as your location. This post will allow you to know How To Add Location In Your Instagram Bio.

These can be done on both the Android and iPhone versions. This tutorial is based on the Android version of the Instagram app. However, using the following tutorial on an iPhone with a slightly different interface might be possible.

Before you add a location to your Instagram bio, it’s a good idea to understand what ‘location’ is, what you will need, how it works on your bio, and what you can do to make it happen.

What Is the Location In Your Instagram Bio?

What Is the Location In Your Instagram Bio

You can edit your Instagram profile to add a location. The blue hyperlink opens a map app that will show you how to the location. This is so that the follower can find your location more easily.

The bio doesn’t contain the clickable blue-hyperlink address. The term is used for simplicity as it is located near the bio. You can edit the bio separately from the blue hyperlink location.

You might ask, “Why do you add the clickable address when you can just write your non-clickable address in the bio?”

Except for being clickable, your Instagram content isn’t copyable. It will be difficult for other Instagram users to enter your address, like your followers, manually.

What you will need

Here’s a list of things you will need to add a place to your Instagram bio.

  • An account for business Instagram. This allows you to add a location clickable to your Instagram bio. This article will help you set up an Instagram business account or change to one.

To add a location to the bio, you only need an Instagram business account. There are no other requirements. There are no requirements for adding a link to your Instagram story.

You can’t add a location to a personal account or creator. Different Instagram accounts offer different features to manage the profile. This includes the ability to add location information.

How to set up an Instagram account for business

A business Instagram account offers many advantages in terms of the profile. You can not only add a location in your bio but also your phone number and email.

You can promote your business on Instagram by creating a business account. This will allow you to include detailed information such as your location in your Instagram bio. Customers can then find out where you are located if they visit your business or office.

Clicking the location in your bio will redirect you to Google Maps, which shows your office and business location.

If you wish to add a place to your Instagram bio, you can easily switch between a personal/creator account and a business account.

How To Add Location In Your Instagram Bio For iPhone And Android?

How To Add Location In Your Instagram Bio For iPhone And Android

By accessing your profile > Edit Profile > Contact options > Business Address, you can add a place to your Instagram bio. Enter your zip code, city, or address. To save, tap the checkmark button.

These are the steps in detail:

  • Click Edit Profile. Here, you will find all your business account profile options, including changing your location.
  • Tap Contact Options. To add a location to your bio, tap Address.
  • You can also add the address of your business, including its city/town and zip code. These will be displayed in your bio. To save, tap the checkmark button at the top.

How Can I Hide Or Show My Location On Instagram?

How Can I Hide Or Show My Location On Instagram

Instagram lets you hide or show contact information, including location (business address), that you have added to your business Instagram account. It could be that the location is hidden.

Go to Edit profile to hide your location. Select Profile display. Turn on the toggle for the Display contact information option. To save, click the checkmark button.

You can add a location in the bio and still have a personal account.

Without switching to a business account, you can add a location in your bio. You can either write the address directly or use a landing page creation service like Linktree to put the link.

Here are the steps to continue putting your location in an Instagram bio using a personal Instagram account, even if you don’t want to switch to a business account.

Place the exact location in your bio.

This is the best way to show your exact location on Instagram without switching to a business account.

Although they may not be able to click the directions to your location easily, at least they will know where your business is located. Your followers will also be familiar with the address, which will help you grow your local audiences.

After a few words of description, most people will put the city’s name or state where they live. Instagram does not allow multiple paragraphs in your bio. Instead, it will delete any space (the “space” when you press enter to add a new line). This will merge the bio with the location on the same line, making it hard to read.

You can use these specific methods to add space to your Instagram bio to add a line for your location. While it isn’t as efficient as switching to a business account, it’s worth it if you don’t want it.

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