How do you stream Switch without Capture Card

How Do You Stream Switch Without Capture Card? 2 Easy Methods!


Streaming games have become the primary source of entertainment for gamers public. There has also been an increase in streaming games on the Nintendo Switch streaming community partly because of the rising popularity of the portable console. But do you know How to stream Switch without Capture Card?

Since its debut, Nintendo Switch has been widely considered a top-rated portable gaming device that has been released for some time. The device’s acceptance is increasing, as evidenced by the number of sales.

The rise in popularity has also opened the way for more people to play streamed Switch games. So many Nintendo Switch owners are looking for ways to stream their games to this new audience. If you’re among them, you’re in the right place.

Suppose you want to stream Nintendo Switch without the capture card. What would you do? We’ll show you how to stream on the Nintendo Switch without a Capture Card. We’re sure that curiosity brought you here, and we have some exciting details to share with you!

This article will give you complete instructions for the streaming switch without using a capture card. We all know that capture cards are expensive, making them out of reach for anyone wanting to try out streaming games that switch.

What Is The Purpose Of The Capture Card, And Is It Possible To Stream Without It?

In technical terms, a capture card can be described as an electronic device that converts analogue signals to digital signals. This technical term refers to that a card can be used to transform the information received into a format that computers can process.

With its use, there’s no doubt that it is a recording card essential to stream; however, despite being a primary source, it’s not the sole streaming device. There are many other options in use utilized in the Nintendo Switch streaming community.

How Do You Stream Switch Without Capture Card?

How Do I Stream Nintendo Switch Without Capture Card

In this regard, We began our study using various methods but ultimately narrowed it to two efficient strategies that need little effort to establish. The two approaches are;

Method 1, Streaming Xbox One Through Xbox One

Method 1, Streaming Xbox One through Xbox One

It may seem complicated at first, But don’t worry; this procedure is simple and easy to set up. The majority of us have an Xbox One console at home, and as it comes with built-in capture cards, we can utilize it in place of an external capture device.

Equipment Required for this Method of Working:

Windows PC or laptop: A PC or laptop is required to stream onto the various platforms because the software we’ll use is compatible with the forum you are using.

Make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirement for streaming that it is an Intel Core i5 4670 processor (or its AMD equivalent), 8GB of RAM or greater, and Windows 7 or newer. If you’re using a laptop, ensure it is attached to the wall outlet and charged.

HDMI Cable: This cable will connect the Switch to the Xbox console.

Ethernet Cable: Using wifi is not enough; therefore, it is necessary to wire the connection to ensure a reliable experience.

Streaming Applications: We also need to download a few applications that can aid in facilitating this. The first one is The Xbox Console Companion for PC, while the second is the Streamlabs OBS.

How To Configure Everything Using This Method

Step 1. Join the Nintendo Switch to the Dock.
Step 2. Connect to your Nintendo Switch Xbox via connecting either end of an HDMI cable into the Nintendo dock and the other in the Xbox console. Xbox console. Be sure to use an ‘ HDMI port in the Xbox.
Step 3. Start The One guide software on your console. You should also ensure you have turned up your Nintendo Switch.
Step 4. Connect the Xbox console to the computer. It is necessary to connect both the console and PC connected to the same wifi network to accomplish this. It is suggested to connect them using an Ethernet cable to ensure better stability.

Step 5. Download to open Xbox app on your computer. Then, in the app, select the Xbox One console, which at the moment should display your Nintendo Switch screen

Step 6. Now, begin to run your streamlabs OBS. If you are asked to set the settings, adjust the settings to match your specific hardware. This is the time to record the Xbox window.\
Step 7. After everything is in order, click”stream” in red to show the Nintendo Switch gameplay on the streaming platform you choose.
After completing the previous seven steps, your stream will be running. If you encounter problems with the connection, then verify the cables.

Method 2. Applying The Steamlabs Application on A Different Device

Applying the Steamlabs application on a different device

This method is also safe and efficient, even though it may not yield the ideal outcome. However, the results are sufficient and entirely usable.

Equipment Required for This Method To Work
Mobile phone: We will use the mobile phone that streams your Switch for this method. Any phone that works, thus making this method popular with a broader range of users.

Tripod Stand and Mobile Mount: Since we’re using a smartphone camera and microphone for streaming, we want the stream to run as smooth as it is. This can be achieved by mounting the phone on the tripod stand.

Streaming labs OBS: The Streamlabs OBS is a multi-platform application that supports Android and IOS integration. We’ll be using this program on our mobile phones to switch on the stream.

How to Configure Everything Using this Method

Step 1. Download the Streamlabs application for your mobile phone from either the application store or Play store.
Step 2. When you open the Streamlabs application, it will ask users to log in to their preferred platform. It usually requires a password located in the settings for your account on the forum.
Step 3. In the permissions manager, grant the use of a camera and microphone for Steamlab. Steamlab application.
Step 4. Choose the source for the display and then customize the layout to suit your needs. Streamlab application lets you play around with text and widgets. Explore the various settings to get the best design.
Step 5. Once all the aesthetics are completed, navigate to the broadcast settings in the application stream lab. Choose the resolution and bitrate under the speed of your internet. We suggest starting with 720p with 2500 bitrate.
Step 6. Place your phone onto a tripod, and adjust the position to find the ideal angle.
Step 7. We’re just a click away. Start broadcasting on any platform you prefer by pressing the red button on the application’s screen.

Final Words

Nintendo Switch is a smart handheld game console with high-end capabilities. Live streaming lets you play your favorite games in a completely new way. Capture cards let you stream Nintendo Switch games more easily and save your gameplay.

If you’d like to stream games without the capture card, you’ll require the Xbox One. Two options are discussed in this article. One method is using Xbox One, and the other is making use of Streamlabs.

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