How Did Kratos Get To Midgard

How Did Kratos Get To Midgard


Kratos is a legendary figure in Greek mythology. However, Kratos adapted his skills to Norse mythology after God of War 2018 was released. How Did Kratos Get To Midgard?

In the three initial God of War titles, Kratos was a part of Greek mythology of Greece. Kratos battled mythological gods in every way and engaged viewers in the captivating tales of the initial three games. However, things changed after God of War 4; the album was released in 2018 and focused on the form of a brand new set. In the new series in the year 2000, the God of War Kratos ended at Midgard, the center of the Nine Realms in Norse mythology.

The fans naturally wondered what the process was that Kratos went from one place in the world to brand new mythology in one game. These questions were answered when God of War was initially released, but players are seeking answers now that the game is set to be released on PC in 2022.

Kratos In Midgard

Kratos In Midgard

According to the director of the creative in God of War and the creative director for the God of War franchise, Cory Barlog, Kratos ended being in Midgard following what happened in God of War 3. After the game’s conclusion, a massive flood swept Greece and the world. Kratos was the one to bring this about to end the world.

In God of War, there are no residual effects of the flood. Logically, Kratos got through the surge towards the conclusion in God of War 3 by boat, in the same manner, that Atreus and Atreus traverse the globe in the latest game. The flood is the principal reason Kratos can travel between realms. Kratos, the Norse God of War Tyr, is shown traversing the world in the game’s illustrations and provides further evidence of Kratos’s ability to travel between mythologies.

Kratos likely ended up being in Midgard after a row through the realms. When the flood was slowed, and the waters had receded, Kratos settled down with his second wife, Faye, and had one child, Atreus. The first chapter of God of War sees Kratos mourning the loss of Faye and his son Atreus to the summit of a mountain to scatter her ashes.

No evidence within God of War lets us know precisely how flooding affected Midgard. But, another character in the game, Freya, stated that Tyr’s Bridge was submerged underwater for 150 years, possibly due to the flood. This implies that, at the very least, 150 years have passed in the wake that took place in God of War 3.

Mythologies from all over the globe are interconnected. The most notable example is Kratos’s numerous references in connection with Greek mythology in God of War 2018. The story could take many different directions in mythology, following what happened in God of War: Ragnarok.

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