How To Get A Black Retro Flip Clock For Your Screen Saver (Mac and Windows)- Easy Steps

How To Get A Black Retro Flip Clock For Your Screen Saver (Mac and Windows)- Easy Steps


Screensavers are unnecessary in the modern age of LCDs with low energy, TTN, and IPS panels. Screensavers are utilized to prevent the burning of CRT displays that emit heat; however, they are no longer needed in modern-day monitors. This article will show you how to get a Black Retro Flip Clock for your screen saver (Mac and Windows)

In the meantime, a Screensaver or display saver is software that can be activated for a particular time after the computer has been shut down. Screensavers initially were created to prevent texts or images from becoming burned onto older monitors.

Flat-panel monitors and monitors used today do not suffer from burn-in issues like old CRT displays. However, Screensavers are used for aesthetic value and to secure a computer’s password when the user isn’t using the keyboard.

The Retro Flip Clock Screensaver From Flip Qlo

The Retro Flip Clock Screensaver From Flip Qlo

The screen saver with a flip clock is the work of Yuji Adachi, a Japanese developer who also designs and distributes other vouchers for free apart from screensavers, including icons, fonts, apps, sets, and desktop wallpapers. However, this Fliqlo screensaver is one of their most notable projects and is being created with a lot of effort. The screensaver was recently made available as an iOS application for iPhone and iPad available from the App Store at $0.99.

The concept behind this screensaver is quite simple in that it transforms your screen into a vintage flip clock that resembles those electromechanical clocks developed in the early 20th century. Because of their basic but elegant design, which showed the time with large white numerals on black backgrounds, they quickly gained popularity. The appeal and pleasure of this wallpaper are it will change every Windows and Mac OS X computer into an elegant and practical clock. The clock will be more prominent when the screen is more prominent.

The option to change between a 24-hour and 12-hour format is just one of the functions of this screensaver, which the first flip clocks were not equipped with. Additionally, the size of the clock can be adjusted by 25 – 125 per cent. This option can be adjusted or removed at any time.

The only issue we have found is that installing the Adobe Flash Player plug-in requires the installation. It’s a safe and free download, and most users already install it onto their PC, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

The Fliqlo Flip Clock is an attractive and practical screensaver that could be useful and current at home or in the office. The good news is that it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X.

How To Get A Black Retro Flip Clock For Your Screen Saver (Mac and Windows) Step By Step:

How To Get A Black Retro Flip Clock For Your Screen Saver (Mac and Windows) Step By Step
  1. Go to the Fliqlo site for the screen saver download.
  2. Locate your Download For Mac and Download to Windows boxes, then click to download.
  3. If the window does not open instantly, you can search for the word “Fliqlo 1.8.3” by using Finder.
  4. Double-click the document to launch it. Then, install it. You can install it at your own choice. Always review the software’s terms and conditions before installing anything new on your system.
  5. Once you’ve successfully installed it, access your preferences in the system and then navigate into Desktop or Screen Saver.
  6. Look for it by searching for the Fliqlo screen saver in the screen savers list and then selecting it.
  7. ENJOY!

How Do I Use Fliqlo Screensaver For Windows 11/10?

How Do I Use Fliqlo Screensaver For Windows 11/10?

After installing it on your computer, once you have installed the Fliqlo screen saver on your PC, you can activate it and use it just like every other type of screen saver. To activate it, click the Start button or hit the Windows key on the keyboard, and enter the word “change screen saver”. If you see results, you can click on the Change Screen Saver button to launch the Screen Saver Settings window.

Choose the Flaqlo option from the drop-down menu in the Screen saver section. Then press “Apply/OK”.

Final Words

Here’s how to utilize and install a retro flip clock screensaver for Windows 10 or Mac by creating FLIQLO.

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