Funimation App Not Working

Funimation App Not Working – 7 Ways To Fix


Begin watching the largest selection of English-dubbed anime and hundreds of subtitled series in Japan with the Funimation app for Android. You can stream at any time and from anywhere.

Are you experiencing issues with the Funimation app? Funimation app isn’t working? Perhaps Funimation is showing a black screen, or the Funimation app not working or crashes? Funimation app is not loading, Funimation login issues, or Funimation app not working. Do not worry; you’re not the only one. Many other people are experiencing the same problem.

This article will explain why the Funimation app isn’t working and the best way to resolve it.

Why Is Funimation App Not Working?

Why Is Funimation App Not Working

If the Funimation app isn’t working, It could be because of a variety of causes, including:

  • There could be an issue or glitch in the Funimation application, and Funimation Server is not working.
  • You’ve turned on”low data” on your mobile
  • The app hasn’t been updated in a long time
  • The app hasn’t been cleared of cache
  • The wifi connection or your mobile device isn’t working correctly

How to Fix “Funimation App Not Working”?

How to Fix "Funimation App Not Working"

Wait until Funimation fixes the bug. Funimation is not working; there are chances of bugs or glitches in the Funimation App and Funimation server. The Funimation team is aware of this and is working to fix the issue.

In this instance, it’s impossible to do anything. Therefore, you must wait until the issue is fixed on the Funimation team or the Funimation server is online.

Fix 1: Try Alternating Between Wifi and Mobile Data

Try switching between wifi or mobile data to determine if the Funimation app issues are related to your internet connection. If you have a different experience from ours, we suggest reaching out to your service provider to get more information.

So, check your internet speed. Switch off and ON your mobile data, or check for your router if you are using wifi.

Also, try switching from wifi to a mobile network and back to the mobile.

Fix 2: Log Out And Log In To The Funimation App

To fix the Funimation App problem, First, exit the app and then log in to the app. This will resolve the issue, and the Funimation App will work fine.

If the Funimation app doesn’t work, check out other options.

Fix 3: Clear Funimation App Cache

Most of the time, if there’s a problem with the Funimation application, clearing the app cache will fix the issue.

To fix the Funimation app problem, clear the Funimation application cache. To eliminate your cache of the Funimation App cache,

If you are an Android user, go to Settings >> Search for Funimation App, and tap on the icon to clear the cache. Funimation App cache is deleted.

To use the app for iPhone users, go to iPhone settings > Go to General >> Search for Funimation and tap on the icon that appears. Tap on iPhone Storage. Click on the Offload Application button. Download and install the Funimation App.

Verify whether the Funimation app for working or not after clearing the cache.

NOTE: Available screens, settings, or steps to clear cache can differ based on the software version and the model of the phone.

Fix 4: Delete and Reinstall Funimation App

To resolve the Funimation app issues, First, delete the app and then install this Funimation app. At some point, Uninstalling and then reinstalling the Funimation app can resolve the problem.

Then, uninstall the app on your phone, reinstall it, and verify whether the Funimation app works.

If the Funimation app isn’t working, check out other options.

Fix 5: Update Funimation App to Latest Version

To fix Funimation app issues, Update the Funimation app to the latest version. Sometimes, an older version does not work correctly.

If your Funimation application version is outdated, the app may not function correctly.

In addition, updating the Funimation app to the most recent version will resolve any past bugs reported to the Funimation Support team.

It is also possible to set an automatic update of the app if you’d like to ensure that your app is always updated with the latest version and bug-free.

Fix 6: Check The Compatibility Of Your Phone With The Funimation App

If the Funimation app is not working on your phone, you must ensure that you are compatible with your phone’s Funimation app.

If your device isn’t capable of running the Funimation app, you can use a phone that is compatible with the Funimation app. The Funimation application will function perfectly as well. The issue can be fixed.

Fix 7: Restart Your Device

If this method does not work, it could be an issue on your phone, not the Funimation app. Also, close this Funimation app and reboot your device.

After restarting the machine, Funimation App will work perfectly.


To fix the Funimation app problems, look for a stable internet connection, then delete and install the Funimation application. This will solve your problem while the Funimation App is now working perfectly.

There may be a glitch or glitch with the Funimation App. In this instance, you should wait until the Funimation team fixes the issue.

Then, upgrade the Funimation app to the most recent version if it is available. Funimation App will function flawlessly.

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