How To Fix ONN Wireless Earbuds When One Side Is Not Working – Explained

How To Fix ONN Wireless Earbuds One Side Not Working – Best Solutions


One earbud isn’t working, so you’re stuck with listening to music through the other one, which is extremely frustrating. Owners of ONN earbuds, which are notorious for only working on one side at a time, know this pain all too well. After reading this article you will know How To Fix ONN Wireless Earbuds One Side Not Working.
Make sure that your ONN Bluetooth earbuds are not in mono mode and that both earbuds are fully charged if they only work from one side. You can simply reset the earbuds to fix the problem if neither of these scenarios apply.

Getting Things Started

Getting Things Started

Make sure a simple fix isn’t the source of your problems before performing a full reset. Because you don’t have to reset the earbuds completely after running these tests, you’ll save some time.

Please Verify That You Are Not Using Mono Mode on Your Earbuds!

Mono mode allows you to only use one earbud to listen to your music. If you still need to hear what’s going on around you, this feature will come in handy.

You won’t be able to listen to music out of both earbuds if the mono mode is activated. Turning off mono mode is all that’s required. That’s great news if it does the trick! As always, have a good time listening.

Mono mode can be turned off in a variety of ways depending on the type of ONN earbuds you own. You can learn how to disable mono mode on your earbuds by reading the instruction manual that came with them.

Your Earbuds should be fully charged before using them.

Try charging the earbuds in the charging pods first if that doesn’t work. Due to an imperfect fit, one of the earbuds will wear out faster than the other. Press the earbuds firmly into the case to ensure they’re secure. Take a break and let them recharge for about an hour.

Charge time should be enough to fix the problem with a dead battery. A reset may be necessary if the earbuds still don’t work after following these instructions.

Fix ONN Wireless Earbuds One Side Not Working?

Fix ONN Wireless Earbuds When One Side Is Not Working

Connectivity and communication issues between your headphones and your music player are likely to blame for the failure of your earbuds to work properly in mono mode. Rebooting your computer should resolve the issue.

If you haven’t already, let the earbuds charge all the way before proceeding with the reset steps. If they’re not fully charged, you may encounter difficulties. So, even if you think your devices are fully charged, don’t skip the charging process!

What Is The Procedure For Resetting ONN Earbuds?

What is the procedure for resetting ONN Earbuds

Resetting your ONN wireless earbuds will put them back into factory mode and restore them to their original state. If one of the earbuds isn’t working, try going into factory mode to fix the problem. The following instructions will help you reset your ONN wireless earbuds:

  1. The ONN headphones must be turned off first.
  2. For 10 seconds, press and hold the power button.
  3. Watch for the blinking of the red and blue LED lights.
  4. Re-plug your earbuds into your device and try again.

Despite ONN’s instructions, some customers have reported that this reset method does not work on their devices. If that doesn’t work, you can also try holding down different buttons for 10 seconds at a time until the problem goes away.

How To Connect ONN Earphones

How to Connect ONN Earphones

You’ll need to connect your headphones to your phone or Bluetooth device in order to complete step 4. In case you lost the instruction manual that came with your earbuds, here is how to repair the earbuds:

  1. Make sure your phone is set to “Bluetooth” mode.
  1. Press and hold the button on the earbuds to turn them on.
  2. When the earbuds begin to flash, they are in pairing mode and ready to connect.
  3. Click the Bluetooth devices in the area to connect your headphones to your phone.

How Long You Hold Down The Power Button Differs From Product To Product

It’s possible to hold down the button for as long as 10 seconds with some earbuds, but it’s not necessary with others. Either way, wait for the LED lights to start flashing.

Any weird connectivity issues should be cleared up by performing the planned reset and repair on your ONN wireless earbuds.

What If My ONN Earbuds Don’t Work After I’ve Followed The Instructions?

No one seems to be raving about ONN’s earbuds. In the event that your ONN earbuds do not work, we recommend contacting customer support. If the problem persists, they may be able to offer a different solution or even a new set of earbuds.


ONN’s wireless earbuds are notoriously unreliable, which has led to a lot of dissatisfied customers. Only one earbud works at a time, which is a common issue. It’s possible to fix the issue by disabling mono mode or charging the two earbuds, but you may need to do some additional effort.

This problem is likely to be solved by simply resetting the headphones. By performing a factory reset on your ONN wireless earbuds, you can clear out any weird settings or connectivity issues and get them working like new.

Call customer service if none of the mentioned options works. Sadly, the ONN earbuds don’t work properly for many users, who are forced to contact customer service. We wish you the best of luck with a factory reset!

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