FFXIV Anima Weapon Guide

FFXIV Anima Weapon Guide


Anima Weapons are among the most stunning weapons you can find in Final Fantasy 14; here’s the complete guide to crafting the first one.

Final Fantasy 14‘s initial expansion Heavensward introduced The Anima Weapon Quest. This lengthy questline was initially continuously updated over the expansion and allowed you to upgrade a powerful weapon gradually.

Even though there are larger and more powerful weapons to progress towards, here is FFXIV Anima Weapon Guide that will help you if you want to create the perfect Anima Weapon, even if only for the incredible style. Let’s look at every quest on the list and the tasks you’ll need to accomplish to create this quest to create your Anima Weapon.

Updated July 28, 2022, by Jacob Whaling:

Anima Weapons are still one of the most elegant Primal slayers you can use. We’ve updated this guide to include up-to-date information for each stage of the lengthy but worthwhile Anima Weapon Quest.

FFXIV Anima Weapon Guide Before You Begin

FFXIV Anima Weapon Guide Before You Begin

Before you embark on the quest, let’s go through some basic information to help you along the path. The first thing to remember is that creating the Anima Weapon is not for those with weak hearts. This quest will require grinding and putting a lot of materials and time into the process.

In addition, the Weapon you will receive and the upgrade will be at level 60. These weapons are currently obsolete and are mostly used for cosmetic reasons. This Weapon will also be specific to the job, and every procedure will need to be repeated if you wish to create the Anima Weapon for a second job.

Complete The Quest ‘An Unexpected Proposal’

Your Animal Weapon journey begins with the adventure, An unexpected proposal.

  • Pre-requisites:
    • Complete the Main Scenario Quest ‘Heavensward’.
    • When you reach level 60, it will be the position you’ll begin the quest.
  • NPC Location:
    • Rowena – Dravania, Idyllshire (X:5.7, Y:5.5)
  • To finish this task, contact Rowena within Idyllshire. Then, go towards Azys Lla’s Alpha Quadrant in Azys Lla and converse with Ardashir.

Complete The Quest ‘Soul Without Life’

  • NPC Location:
    • Ardashir – Alpha Quadrant, Says Lla (X:7.4, Y:11.5)

Once you have accepted the quest offered by Ardashir, After accepting the search, you’ll need to obtain one of two items: An Astral Noduleand an Umbral Nodule. We will discuss two methods to acquire these items in the next section.

The most common method to obtain the Astral or Umbral Nodules is to trade with them, first buying six crystals of different elements in Fates in the Heavensward zone. As per the table below, a specific type of crystal is found in every Heavensward site.

Astral Nodule Crystal Locations

Luminous Wind CrystalThe Sea of Clouds
Luminous Fire CrystalAzys Lla
Luminous Lightning CrystalThe Churning Mists

Umbral Nodule Crystal Locations

Luminous Ice CrystalCoerthas Western Highlands
Luminous Earth CrystalThe Dravanian Forelands
Luminous Water CrystalThe Dravanian Hinterlands

Suppose you want a crystal to drop from a Fate that you must complete the Fate with the Gold rating. Even though the crystal isn’t sure to fall, it could be necessary to conduct several Fates in every zone to get the crystals you want.

After you’ve collected the six elemental crystals and spoken with Syndony from Mor Dhona (X:22.6, Y:5.8), trade them into the appropriate Astral and Umbral Nodule. After you’ve gathered these, go back to Ardashir at Azys Lla to finish the quest.

Another method to complete this task is to bypass it altogether by trading in an unfinished Zodiac Zeta Weapon.

If you have completed this Zodiac Relic Weapon Quest and obtained the Zodiac Zeta Weapon, You can exchange it to Syndony to get both Astral and Umbral Nodules. This allows you not to collect these from Fates. However, using this method, you’ll lose the initial Zodiac Zeta weapon; you can acquire an exact duplicate of it from Drake in the North Shroud (X:30.3, Y:20.1).

Complete The Quest ‘Toughening Up’

  • NPC Location: Ardashir – Alpha Quadrant, Says Lla (X:7.4, Y:11.5)

The quest requires players to finish 10 dungeons using your animated Weapon fitted. The dungeons must be completed in the following order:

  1. Snowcloak
  2. Natasha (Hard)
  3. The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard)
  4. Keeper of the Lake
  5. Wanderer’s Palace (Hard)
  6. Amdapor Keep (Hard)
  7. Dusk Vigil
  8. Sohm Al
  9. The Aery
  10. The Vault

After you have completed The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard), Amdapor Keep and The Vault In the final dungeon, you’ll need to converse with Ardashir. He will be waiting for you when you leave the jail two times. Once you’ve completed the tenth dungeon must return to an Alpha Quadrant and speak with Ardashir again.

The dungeons can be completed within a small group. You can start at your current level and on your own If you’d like, and this is especially advantageous if you’re in a DPS class, so you don’t have to endure long queues if you’re at level 70 or higher and not have difficulty tackling these dungeons on your own.

Complete The Quest ‘Coming Into Its Own

  • NPC Location: Ardashir – Alpha Quadrant, Says Lla (X:7.4, Y:11.5)

To complete this quest, you’ll be required to gather four items: Enchanted Rubber, a fast-drying Carboncoat, Divine Water, and a fast-acting Allagin Catalyst. To acquire each of these items, you must first obtain 10 materials that are not identifiable, as well as 4 additional materials as follows.

MaterialFirst TokenSecond Token
Enchanted Rubber10x Unidentifiable Bone4x Adamantite Francesca
Fast-drying Carboncoat10x Unidentifiable Shell4x Titanium Alloy Mirror
Divine Water10x Unidentifiable Ore4x Dispelling Arrow
Fast-acting Allagan Catalyst10x Unidentifiable Seeds4x Kingcake

You can get these Unidentifiable Materials in the following methods:

Unidentifiable MaterialMethod 1Method 2Method 3Method 4
Unidentifiable Bone150 Tomestone of Poetics3 Amalj’aa Tribe Tokens 6 Vanu Vanu Tribe Tokens 6 Vath Tribe Tokens 18 Moogle Tribe Tokens3 Precision Gordian Bolt300 Allied Seals
Unidentifiable Shell150 Tomestone of Poetics3 Amalj’aa Tribe Tokens 6 Vanu Vanu Tribe Tokens 6 Vath Tribe Tokens 18 Moogle Tribe Tokens3 Precision Gordian LensTimeworn Wyvernskin Map
Unidentifiable Ore150 Tomestone of Poetics3 Amalj’aa Tribe Tokens 6 Vanu Vanu Tribe Tokens 6 Vath Tribe Tokens 18 Moogle Tribe Tokens3 Precision Gordian SpringTimeworn Dragonskin Map
Unidentifiable Seeds150 Tomestone of Poetics3 Amalj’aa Tribe Tokens 6 Vanu Vanu Tribe Tokens 6 Vath Tribe Tokens 18 Moogle Tribe Tokens3 Precision Gordian Shaft300 Allied Sea

The second item can be found in the following ways:

Second TokenMethod 1Method 2
Adamantite FrancescaCraft as Blacksmith5000 Company Seals
Titanium Alloy MirrorCraft as Alchemist5000 Company Seals
Dispelling ArrowCraft as Carpenter5000 Company Seals
KingcakeCraft as Culinarian5000 Company Seals

Once you have collected the tokens, bring them with you to Cristiana, who is in Mor Dhona (X:21.3, Y:5.4), to trade them for the Weapon Material. Afterward, return to your A- Quadrant and hand them over to Gerolt Gerolt (X:7.4, Y:11.5).

To complete this task quicker, we suggest combing several strategies to acquire those Unidentifiable materials. Completing your Tribal Quests daily, and utilize the Poetics you earn from other activities and Roulette to trade them in exchange for the Unidentifiable material.

The second token item can be obtained easily by acquiring surplus Grand Company Seals or bought on the Market Board from other players.

Complete The Quest ‘Finding Your Voice

  • NPC Location: Ardashir – Alpha Quadrant, Says Lla (X:7.4, Y:11.5)

To complete the quest to be completed, you only have to find 5 Aether oil. They can be obtained through the below ways.

  1. Complete and accept the weekly challenge “The gift of the Archmagus’ from Koh Rabntah in Mor Dhona (X:21.8, Y:8.1).
  2. You can purchase 350 Tombstones of Poetics each from Hismena in Idyllshire (X:5.7, Y:5.2).

The quest “Gift of the Archmagus’ requires you to complete the 3 Crystal Tower series of raids (Labyrinth of the Ancients, Syrcus Tower, The World of Darkness) and then hand over the Pearls that you collect from each raid at Koh Rabntah in Mor Dhona (X:21.8, Y:8.1). The quest can be completed one time per week and earns an Aether Oil.

You can collect the five Aether Oil by using either method. If you don’t need to pay for your Tomestones on a weekly quest, then the weekly one is the best alternative. Or, if you’re keen to complete the quest in the shortest time possible, You can buy the Tomestones for the sum of 175 Tomestones from Poetics.

Complete The Quest ‘A Dream Fulfilled

  • NPC Location: Ardashir – Alpha Quadrant, Says Lla (X:7.4, Y:11.5)

To complete this quest, you’ll be taken into Idyllshire to meet Ulan (X:6.4, Y:4.7), and he will instruct you to collect Crystal Sand and Umbrite and then mix them into treated Crystal Sand. This item can boost the stats of your Hyperconductive Anima Weapon, and you’ll require a total of 240 points to be added to your gun to complete this task. A single Crystal Sand and one Umbrite can be transformed into three treated Crystal Sand, which can be used to upgrade your Weapon in any way you like.

After you’ve allocated 120 points to your Weapon, there’s the possibility of earning extra points when you convert Treated Sand into Umbrite at a maximum of six at each time. This will significantly reduce how much Crystal Sand and Umbrite you must have to complete the process. The total amount of items you require could be different.

The second thing you’ll need to create Treated Crystal Sand, Umbrite is available in exchange for 75 Tomestones for Poetics by Hismena from Idyllshire (X:5.8, Y:5.1). You can take Your Crystal Sand and Umbrite to Ulanto and ask her to transform her turn it into treated Crystal Sand, which you can use to enhance your Weapon. When you reach 240 points, this procedure will be completed.

One of the fastest methods to acquire Crystal Sand is to grind White Crafters’ Scrips and exchange them for Rowena’s Tokens. If you have a skilled crafter of the highest level, you can trade into collectibles in exchange for Scrips and swiftly complete this process.

If you have Levequest allowances accrued, You can also take on the Heavenward Levequests to find the Amber-encased Vilekin. When you do these Levequests, there is a chance that the appearance of a chest contains the Amber-encased Vilekin. If you can’t find the chest, you can end the Levequest and attempt another time.

Complete The Quest ‘Future Proof’

  • NPC Location: Ardashir – Alpha Quadrant, Says Lla (X:7.4, Y:11.5)

To complete this quest, you’ll have to collect 50 singing Clusters. There are three ways of gathering this item that can be done with the help of.

  1. Accept the daily challenge ‘ Seeking Inspiration’ From Amphelice from Idyllshire (X:7.9, Y:5.8).
  • Complete Duty Roulette is 3x leveling.
  • Rewards 18 Singing Clusters.
  1. Accept and finish the daily challenge ‘Cut From a Different Cloth’ From Angelet Idyllshire (X:7.9, Y:5.9).
  • Complete Duty Roulette: Level 50/60/70 Dungeons.
  • Rewards one Singing Cluster.
  1. Purchase 40 tombstones from Poetics From Hismena from Idyllshire (X:5.8, Y:5.1).

If you do not purchase Singing Clusters using Tomestones, it’ll take at minimum about two weeks to accumulate enough. We suggest going through both quests and buying the remaining Tomestones of Poetics If you wish to complete this task as quickly as possible.

Complete The Quest ‘Born Again Anima’

  • NPC Location: Ardashir – Alpha Quadrant, Says Lla (X:7.4, Y:11.5)

This quest starts with Ardashir asking you to finish three dungeons for the project you’re currently crafting for the Anima Weapon. The dungeons that you must complete are:

  1. Sohm Al (Hard)
  2. The Great Gubal Library (Hard)
  3. The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard)

After you have completed these dungeons, you’ll need to talk to at least two NPCs in any or.

  • Contact the Processing Node and finish the “Some Assembly Required” task.
  • Contact the Verification Node to gather Aetheric Density for your Weapon.

Some Assembly Required

To complete this subquest, you’ll need 15 pneumatic. The following methods can obtain it:

  • You can purchase 100 Tomestones of Poetry at Hismena from Idyllshire (X:5.8, Y:5.1).
  • Purchase up to 4000 Grand Company Seals from your Grand Company’s Headquarters.
  • Find it through the random chest drop available from the timeworn Dragonskin Map.

Once you’ve completed the mission, you’ll be awarded The Newborn Soulstone, which you’ll require after you have collected Aetheric Density.

Aetheric Density

Gathering Aetheric Density requires you to fill a specific gauge with points gained from various jobs. You’ll be required to have an Anima Weapon equipped for the various tasks listed below to achieve Aetheric Density. You may choose to complete any of the following activities to complete the meter

  • Heavensward Fates, Hard and Extreme Trials, Dungeons, and Raids (8 and 24-player).
  • A Realm Reborn Dungeons (level 50).

The best method to complete this task would be to sign up with a farm club and then complete Alexander Savage Raids. Most people prefer to play the A1S and A9S because they’re the most efficient with a small party. Search for groups with ads in the Party Finder or plan your party to finish this process.

If you’re not keen to run this task in an organized group, you could always go through dungeons of level 50, such as Huakke Manor (Hard), Amdapor Keep (Hard) and Brayflox Longstop (Hard). Of course, you could run these in a small group with an experienced level 70+ solo player. Once you’ve got the hang of the game of climbing these levels, you’ll be able to complete them in about five minutes. Ensure that you wear your Anima Weapon equipped by the end of the game, or you’ll not increase your Aetheric Density.

Complete The Quests ‘Body And Soul’ And ‘Words Of Wisdom

  • NPC Location: Automaton – Alpha Quadrant, Says Lla (X:7.4, Y:11.5)

The two quests are simple and involve talking to Rowena within Idyllshire. For the quests, you only need to complete them only once. If you want to meet the following Anima Weapons, you can immediately move to the next level, Best Friends Forever.

Complete The Quest ‘Best Friends Forever

  • NPC Location: Ardashir – Alpha Quadrant, Says Lla (X:7.4, Y:11.5)

This is the last stage of the Anima Weapon questline. It’s possible to view this quest as a form of “victory lap” since it will lead you through each level 50-60 Trial that is hard. You’ll have to complete these tests using an Anima Weapon equipped and must complete them in the order listed below:

  1. Bowl of Embers (Hard)
  2. Howling Eye (Hard)
  3. The Naval (Hard)
  4. Thornmarch (Hard)
  5. Whorleater (Hard)
  6. Striking Tree (Hard)
  7. Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Hard)
  8. Thok ast Thok (Hard)
  9. The Limitless Blue (Hard)
  10. Containment Bay S1T7
  11. Containment Bay P1T6
  12. Containment Bay Z1T9

Once you’ve completed these tests, go back to the place and talk to Ardashir at Azys Lla. He will then request you to present an Archaic Enchanted ink that you can purchase for the price of 500 Tomestones from Poetics taken from Hismena at Idyllshire (X:5.8, Y:5.1).

Once you have delivered all the Ink to Ardashir, and then you will receive your Anima Weapon will be complete!

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