FBAA Book 4 Teaser

FBAA Book 4 Teaser: The War of Two Queens


For those who recently had your heart ripped Landell way of Jennifer L. Armentrout, here’s the teaser she shared on her Facebook page for book 4: (Keep Reading because SPOILERS)

Many poured out of thousands poured into the Capital and carried everything they could and on their backs. Many merely cradled their kids. Others carried the burden of old or the sick. The flow with pale, bleak faces and tired appearances was endless as they walked past our three, with the majority unwilling to look towards us. Some, especially those who were the youngest looked at us with wide eyes.

The look of a tiny girl who was resting her cheek on the shoulder of her father met mine. I wondered what she was seeing. A monster? Liberator? Death?

For some, I’d change into all those things before my day was over.

The doors then closed at the top of the huge Rise.

“That is the only one of them who have decided to quit the Capital, Your Highness.”

“And the ones who made the decision to stay?” I asked.

“They are aware of the side they have chosen to do. They’ve opted to be killed.”

They had.

I took off the golden crown and let it fall out of my fingers to the ground. Setti tightened under me as I lifted the helmet up, falling into.

In the forest, a rumble of worry rang from the people who had left the city. In the distance, the leaves were shaking. A sharp howl pierced the silence, then another another. The growls and yips came through all the sky as wolven raced through trees, and swooned crowd as they froze in the midst of their hiding in the sand. Setti changed position as he shook his head.

“Momma! See!” a young child was shouting as the mother attempted to silence him. “Momma! See it!”

A dark shadow slid silently across the forest for a moment, blocking the sunlight. At that point, Royal Guards on the Rise stood still and looked up. The Death’s roar was heard overhead and a swath of energy and fire poured out, crashing the gates of the Rise. Massive sections of iron and limestone broke and fell apart and fell to the earth and dragging all the Guards down with it. The entrance was for a brief moment it was a wall of fire but then it was gone.

“My Queen?”

“It is the right time.” I sunk my knees in Setti’s sides as his powerful hooves lifted into the air. The wolven burst across the line of trees and swung his teeth and claws racing ahead while another shadow, smaller was thrown over me.

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