Facebook Dating Is Not Showing Up – Solved

Facebook Dating Is Not Showing Up

Facebook has added a new feature to its platform called “Facebook Dating.” But some people are facing the issue as Facebook Dating Is Not Showing Up.

Facebook dating is a great way to meet new people. Depending on your Dating Profile, you may even be able to meet someone and start dating.

You must use a single email address to use the new feature, but you will have to create a brand new dating profile. Create a separate “dating” profile on Facebook from your main one. As a result of your preferences, location, and interests, other users will be able to suggest or find you. If you develop a romantic interest in someone, you are under no obligation to wait for them to get in touch. Instead, you can begin contacting them on your own accord.

Since its debut, the new feature has performed admirably. It can, however, lead to issues that we’ll address today. In this part, we’ll show how to fix that Facebook dating is not showing up.

Why Facebook Dating Is Not Showing Up?

Why Facebook Dating Is Not Showing Up

Many factors, including the following, can cause this problem:

One: You aren’t using the Facebook app.

Two: You are below the age of 18. There isn’t anything we can do to change that anyone under 18 cannot create an account. However, if you are over 18 years old, there is no way to fix the problem except to download the app for Android or IOs to access Facebook Dating.

A variety of reasons could cause this issue. This section will discuss the possible causes why Facebook Dating does not work.

Accessible Service Issue

Another reason could be that Facebook Dating Service isn’t available in your area. The service isn’t available in every region. Facebook authority is restricted to a few countries that offer their dating service.

You cannot access or use the Facebook dating service if you’re not located in these countries.

Internet Conecction Issue

Another reason your Facebook dating site isn’t working is the internet connection.

Facebook dating service may not work if your internet connection is slow, unstable, or unusable. You should ensure that your internet connection works as expected.

Server-Side Error

Facebook Dating can sometimes experience server-side errors that cause server down problems for all users.

Ensure that the server-side error occurs and wait for the Facebook authority to resolve the issue.

Fixing Facebook Dating Problems:

Fixing Facebook Dating Problems

There are two types of Facebook profiles: a Facebook dating profile and a Facebook personal profile. To create a Facebook Dating account, you will need an email address. This profile will not be the same as your Facebook profile. Your interests, preferences, and location will all be considered when creating your profile.

Facebook Dating is currently restricted to a few countries. It is available in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic. Dan., Malta. The Netherlands. Paraguay. Peru. The Philippines. Spain. Switzerland. Estonia. Finland. France. Singapore. Suriname. Thailand. The United States. Uruguay. And Vietnam. Poland, Portugal. Romania. Slovenia. Slovakia.

You cannot use Facebook Dating if you’re not from one of these countries.

Let’s now look at possible solutions for those users who have created a Facebook Dating account but cannot access it.

Update Facebook App

Perhaps the latest version of Facebook’s app is not available. This could explain why dating doesn’t work. Click the Update tab. You can also choose to have your Android or iOS device automatically updated. Check to see if the device supports dating.

Check Internet Connection

Connecting to Wi-Fi might cause problems with accessing Facebook Dating App. Perhaps your location is causing issues with your connection. If your data plan remains active, you can still access your network to check for connectivity problems.

Allow Facebook App Notifications

Check that Facebook isn’t on the list if App notifications are disabled or turned off. To allow you to use Facebook Dating, you may also want to enable Facebook app notifications.

Clear Cache

Apps that have their data stored in the phone’s memory will run faster. The data you use in apps are stored on your phone’s memory. Sometimes, data can become corrupted and cause an app to stop working correctly.

Clearing cache on your smartphone may be able to fix this issue. Clearing the cache can help verify that your smartphone’s dating function is working correctly.

Check If Facebook is up

You can check Facebook App for issues and look for other users. It’s best to wait for it to work again if it goes down.

Uninstall and reinstall

Usually, the solution works, and your app is back up. You won’t lose any data, but don’t panic. You only need to Uninstall the Facebook App on your Android or iOS device. Then, uninstall the Facebook app on your Android and iOS devices. I’m confident that the Facebook dating feature will function.

Try a Different device

You can also install Facebook on another device and log in to your account from that device. Log in to Facebook and try logging in to your Facebook Dating account. If you can use the Facebook Dating feature and see it, your problem is device-specific. You can access Facebook Dating using the Desktop browser version. An update will fix the problem for your device shortly.

Try the final solution if you cannot see Facebook Dating on any other device.

Facebook Help

After trying the solutions, Facebook Dating does not show up on your Facebook page. You can email their Technical Support Team via their Facebook Page.

Last Thoughts

Many Facebook Dating Service users reported experiencing the Facebook Dating Service not showing up in their Facebook app.

Facebook Dating is not showing up on your Facebook app because of age restrictions, service accessibility in your area, internet connection problems, permission issues, etc.

These are the top five proven and most practical ways to fix your Facebook Dating app problems. These proven methods can quickly solve your problem.

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