eCommerce Website Developers: Responsibilities and Roles

Today, we’re living in the eCommerce era with a growing number of online shops. There’s nothing surprising about it, as more and more people make purchases directly from their smartphones. Yearly revenues from eCommerce shopping grow exponentially, estimated at approximately 5,2 trillion dollars in 2021, according to Statista. Keeping this in mind, it’s rather hard to overestimate the role of eCommerce website developers, as the development of eCommerce stores lies almost entirely on their shoulders.

eCommerce Website Developers

If you want your own eCommerce store, it’s time to hire eCommerce website developers. Read on, and you will get the most important information about eCommerce programmers: their responsibilities and roles, the aspects you should consider when hiring these specialists, and finally, why you need an eCommerce shop for your business for 100%.

eCommerce Developers’ Responsibilities and Roles

It may sound surprising, but the eCommerce website development job implies the widest scope of responsibilities. eCommerce website developers are responsible for almost everything concerned with online shops functioning, even their marketing aspects.

To put it in a nutshell, the main functions of an eCommerce developer are about everything concerned with an online shop creation: designing, building, and modifying. Still, while looking at these professionals’ duties, it’s easy to notice that they are also responsible for their shops’ marketing success

The list of duties of specialists working for eCommerce website development companies is really impressive:

quality eCommerce website development service
  • Providing a quality eCommerce website development service (easy-to-navigate web store with quality content and graphics)
  • Optimizing eCommerce websites to be compatible with any devices, browsers, and search engines
  • Creating and updating products on the eCommerce shops
  • Suggesting changes for reducing costs or increasing sales, finding opportunities for conversion rates improvement
  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies based on trends in the industry and existing customer data
  • Developing and designing sites using web design software such as Microsoft Visual Studio or Dreamweaver
  • Building eCommerce shops on popular eCommerce platforms such as Magento or Shopify
  • Taking care of eCommerce stores’ security via penetration testing and virus scans.

It’s easy to notice that eCommerce website development is about a pretty wide scope of duties, from web design to marketing. In other words, eCommerce developers are responsible for everything concerned with the online shops they build.

Factors to Consider for Hiring eCommerce Developers

Factors to Consider for Hiring eCommerce Developers

If you want your future eCommerce store to make a real success for your business, you go searching for eCommerce website developers with a background similar to this:

Education. The most preferable is a four-year bachelor’s degree in computer science, web design, information technology, or other related fields. In addition to it, it’s also necessary for an eCommerce developer to have knowledge of marketing and SEO.

Licenses & Certifications. It’s desirable but not mandatory to have some certifications for programming language knowledge, web design, etc.

Skills. For this job, it’s necessary to have several blocks of skills, such as technical, communication ones, and business intelligence:

  • Technical skills. For building eCommerce stores, it’s necessary to know, understand, and be able to use 
  • Programming languages such as C++, Java, and Python. Additionally, eCommerce developers need to be able to work with HTML, SQL, and CSS. It’s also important to orientate in web app development platforms to choose the optimal one or change the existing platform, for example, from Vue to React. Without these skills, it would be rather troublesome to create and maintain eCommerce web and mobile applications
  • Communication skills. Like with any software or application, eCommerce website development must be based on quality communication with all the team members to get an effective and quality product. The well-organized communication ensures that every participant of the product development process understands the project’s status and end goals. With well-developed communication skills, eCommerce developers will always find a way to provide constructive feedback, effectively cooperate with other team members, and share their ideas in an intelligible manner.
  • Business intelligence. To comprehend the requirements of their customers and the market they serve, eCommerce developers need to have business intelligence. They employ this quality to produce goods that consumers desire and require, and to be aware of the financial effects of their choices.

eCommerce website developers need to have certain education and skills to be able to accomplish their job. In this profession, aside from the relevant education, it’s necessary to have technical and communication skills, and business intelligence. Without expertness in these fields, it would be impossible to create and maintain eCommerce web and mobile applications. If you need to find the best specialists in the shortest time and have certain doubts about your hiring abilities, consider outsourcing BPO services. When it comes to hiring an eCommerce website developer, it’s essential to find someone who has the necessary education and
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Why Is It Crucial to Launch an eCommerce Store for Your Company?

Once you decide to launch an eCommerce store, be sure – this decision is definitely right, progressive, and endlessly beneficial for your business! Why is it said so confidently? – Because there are a number of reasons:

  1. With eCommerce, you can reach more customers. With a physical store, your reach is limited by your location and time zone. Internet users from all over the globe can become your customers and buy your goods!
  2. It’s more convenient for your existing customers. eCommerce shopping can be done at any time and place convenient for a person. People can make orders and buy goods when they want from any device. As ecommerceDB shows, the most popular devices used for online shopping are a smartphone (66%) and a laptop (55%) for the US market.
  3. Your sales will definitely grow. As shopping at your online shop is more convenient, you will see more purchases made from it. 
  4. More marketing opportunities. One of the best marketing tools your company has is its website. In addition to increasing the likelihood that your company will be found in search results thanks to SEO, a variety of other marketing strategies can complement it. For instance, with pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing, you can spread backlinks to your site.
  5. Easier scaling of your business. One day, you’ll probably want to expand your product line and target market or adapt your operations to meet changing customer demands. With an eCommerce site, you can scale your business a lot easier than with a brick-and-mortar store. You can add more lines, more payment choices, and even expand where you choose to ship to.


eCommerce is perhaps one of the most recognizable signs of our time. Online shopping makes people’s lives easier and together with this brings a lot of benefits to businesses such as increased reach, more opportunities for marketing, and easier scaling. That is why more and more business owners decide to launch their eCommerce stores and start searching for worthy eCommerce website developers, respectively. These professionals are responsible for each and every aspect of a store, including marketing and finding ways for the store’s improvement. Logically, to build a worthy eCommerce store such specialists must have a serious background including relevant education, certifications, and technical, communication, and business skills.

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