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Does Tinder Have Read Receipts | Know Who Read Your Message


Does Tinder Have Read Receipts? Tinder is built on the back and forth conversations between users. But Tinder’s free features do not offer any way to tell if the other user has seen the message. So how can you know?

To be alerted whenever someone reads your message on Tinder, You have to purchase read receipts, an optional feature. The receipts are available in packs of 5, 10 and 20.

In this article, we’ll explain how to turn on reading receipts and the best method to find out when someone is viewing your message.

Does Tinder have Read Receipts?

Does Tinder Have Read Receipts

Tinder has launched Read Receipts that allow users to see the time when they’ve read their Tinder messages were read. The Read Receipt notification is sent to you after your match has read the Tinder message. To obtain Read Receipts, you need to purchase them individually. This is a Tinder application feature that Tinder users often demand. All the online dating apps, not only Tinder users. However, let’s look at what it does in this app for dating.

 How Do Tinder Read Receipts Work?

How Do Tinder Read Receipts Work

Tinder Reader receipts are a feature that costs money and are not included in Tinder Plus or Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold subscriptions, which means you need to buy Read Receipts.

You must purchase at least five read receipts in one go to be able to do so by pressing “Get Read receipts” on the profile you’ve matched with. If you do not have Read Receipts, you’ll be directed to a sale page to purchase 05, 10 or 20 on Tinder Read Receipts.

If you activate the Tinder Read Receipt for the profile, the account will be considered an individual use, regardless of how many messages you’ve sent. Users can choose not to have Tinder publishing their Read Receipts, and, therefore, it isn’t possible to enable Tinder Read Receipts on these profiles.

How Do I Get Tinder Read Receipts Activated?

How Do I Get Tinder Read Receipts Activated

If you’ve bought Read Receipts, it’s easy to get a Read Receipt on your Tinder profile. Go to the conversation, then select Receive Tinder Read Receipts. From now you can see if they have read your messages and at the time that they precisely did so.

Tinder Read Receipts vs A Tinder message

Tinder Read Receipts vs A Tinder message

It is crucial to note that someone may not have seen your email does not mean they didn’t notice that you sent an email. it is possible that They might ignore you completely and don’t even want to begin a chat session 

How Much Tinder Read Receipts Feature Cost?

How Much Tinder Read Receipts Feature Cost

Tinder Read Receipt is not included in Tinder’s premium subscription plans. You can purchase them on your own. You can buy them in groups of 5, 10 or 20.

Like other Premium features and subscriptions offered on Tinder, Prices will vary based on the gender of your user, location, and age. The current standard Tinder Read Receipts price in the US is as follows:

  • 5 Read receipts are 15 USD
  • 10 read receipts for 20 USD
  • 20 Read Receipts for 30 USD

You can buy one Read Receipt for three to 1.5 USD.

Are Tinder Read Receipts Free

Are Tinder Read Receipts Free

If you want to know if the person you’re flirting with has seen your messages, you don’t have to shell out money to do it. You have other alternatives.

It is always recommended to do this to contact someone you think is attractive. You want to meet up with her to exchange contact details and then keep the conversation going through Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger, or any other messaging application.

Here you can view most of the time free whether or not you have received a response from someone who has seen your message. We are saving you $30.

How Can You Turn Off Your Tinder Read Receipts?

How Can You Turn Off Your Tinder Read Receipts

If you don’t wish to forward the read Receipt to your friends, You can also turn off Read Receipts and disable them all together so that other Tinder users aren’t able to activate Read Receipts for your messages. It’s as easy as this:

  • Start the application
  • Click on the profile icon
  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to “Manage Read Receipts”
  • Shut off “Send Read Receipts”

Do Tinder Read Receipts worth it? Review

Do Tinder Read Receipts worth it? Review

The price isn’t exorbitant compared with other features that are paid for, like Tinder Super Boost However, we feel it’s costly when you consider the value added by using this feature.

This is, to be honest with ourselves, extremely low. In the first place, you shouldn’t consider whether anyone has read their messages or not. Many people don’t respond to Tinder messages, regardless. This is why you won’t get any replies to the first message you send in most situations. Sometimes, it’s best to wait for several days before sending another message.

It is recommended to restart conversations whenever someone does not respond to you and you’d like to carry on the exchange. It is recommended to do this at least three times.

It’s not an unimportant feature since it does have some advantages; however, there are not nearly as many to justify spending money for. It’s good to know whether she has been reading your messages after you restart a conversation, as it may look scary if she checks the app after an interruption and finds that you’ve sent her a message three times and she never replied to you.

However, is Tinder Read Receipts worth paying for? We think not. Spend that cash on a Boost and Super Boost with premium features that give you more matches.

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