Does Meijer Accept Apple Pay

Does Meijer Accept Apple Pay In 2022?


Meijer is among the most well-known grocery and bulk-goods shops across the USA, with more than 240 supercenters in Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

If you’re a frequent shopper or are planning to become one there, you may be interested in knowing what payment options are available and Does Meijer accept Apple Pay?

We are amazed by electronic payment options like Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay as they are quick and secure. They are also simple to use.

These payment options are accepted by other retailers like Lidl that use Apple Pay and Walmart with its payment system ” Walmart Pay“.

In this article, we’ll explore the possibility of accepting Apple Pay at Meijer will accept Apple Pay, whether that is in-store, via their website, or through their app as well at the gas station.

Does Meijer Accept Apple Pay In 2022?

Does Meijer Accept Apple Pay In 2022

Meijer accepts Apple Pay in all its chain of stores starting in 2022. It also accepts Apple Pay in specific Meijer gas stations, particularly Meijer 24 hours-a-day gas stations. In addition, you can utilize Apple Pay to purchase products at Meijer self-checkout. You’ll need an Apple NFC-enabled device to use Apple Pay at Meijer.

How Do I Use Apple Pay At Meijer?

How Do I Use Apple Pay At Meijer

Apple Pay is a safe and swift method of paying at Meijer regardless of whether you use it with the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, or any other compatible device.

Therefore, all you need to do is access the Apple Wallet to access your mobile, select Meijer MasterCard, and then make the payment.

If you’re a first-time user, follow these simple steps to start with Apple Pay at Meijer.

Confirm Compatibility

Before you add your credit payment card to Apple Pay, you must ensure the device you use is compatible after you have confirmed the app’s compatibility with your device, set up the app through Apple’s website.

Launch App

After downloading, you can launch the app by opening Apple Wallet and selecting the “+” symbol. This symbol is located in the upper right-hand corner of your display.

Add Card

It is at this point that you need to join the Meijer MasterCard. It is simple to do and will require you to scan your card with your smartphone’s camera and follow the steps.

Pay Securely

You can now use your Meijer MasterCard to make payments via your phone!

Open your Apple account on your smartphone, select the Meijer MasterCard, and scan your phone at an automated checkout device.

Does Meijer Self-Checkout Take Apple Pay?

Meijer self-checkout does take Apple Pay. Bring your iOS device to the point of payment that is contactless, and you’ll be able to pay with Apple Pay, provided it’s set in the Apple Wallet application.

Can I Use My Apple Watch To Pay At Meijer?

Can I Use My Apple Watch To Pay At Meijer

Yes, you can use the Apple Watch to purchase products at Meijer. The typical case is that your Apple Watch functions just like your iPhone.

In this way, you can use NFC in conjunction with the machine.

Do Meijer Gas Stations Take Apple Pay?

Do Meijer Gas Stations Take Apple Pay

Yes, you can make use of Apple Pay at Meijer gas stations.

Bring your Apple device that has Apple Pay enabled to the contactless NFC device, and you will be able to pay for the fuel you use.

Can I Use Apple Pay On Meijer’s Shop And Scan App?

Can I Use Apple Pay On Meijer's Shop And Scan App

Unfortunately, Meijer’s app does not offer payment options with Apple Pay.

If you’re shopping with the innovative checkout feature “Shop & Scan,” you can make payments using Apple Pay by following these steps:

  • Scan all products you are planning to buy.
  • When you’re done, you can present the app at self-checkout.
  • In the self-checkout window, You can choose to add Apple Pay as your payment method, and it will work.

Does Accept Apple Pay?

Does Accept Apple Pay

There isn’t a payment option for Apple Pay on the Meijer website. Instead, you’ll be able to use credit and debit cards or coupons to shop on

Are There Any Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Meijer?

Are There Any Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Meijer

There are numerous advantages of using Apple Pay to purchase items at Meijer and other stores. Here are some of them:

  • The method is quick and straightforward to apply.
  • It’s more secure to make use of Apple Pay than to use debit cards or credit cards by themselves.
  • You can add the protection layer when you connect your credit card to Apple Wallet.
  • Apple protects your data; therefore, the store cannot be able to access your credit card information.
  • When you successfully add your credit cards to the Apple Wallet, you are not required to carry a wallet or purse.

What Are The Other Ways To Pay At Meijer?

What Are The Other Ways To Pay At Meijer

Other than Apple Pay, you can make use of other payment methods at Meijer, for example:

  • Cash
  • Cards for gifts from Meijer
  • Credit or debit card
  • Checks for personal use
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay

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