Does Meena Dies In Sing 2

Does Meena Dies In Sing 2


What will happen to Meena? Will she survive or will she die? We need to see here what will happen to her. What do you know about Meena in sing 2? Well, she is someone in the movie who opens it and then she falls down a hole and afterwards, she ends up in a forest.

That was some magical kind of forest. So see here does Meena dies in sing 2 or not. Meena also belongs to some part of the musical production of Alice in Wonderland. She along with Gunther, Johnny and Rosita were performing Let’s Get Crazy. Buster then returns to the theatre after feeling dejected. After that Ash says that she won’t let the guys dictate her worth then she joins Buster.

Then Buster joins the gang in order to take the bus to a red shore city and at the time Johnny and Meena express their doubts in themselves because of what Suki said.

Meena, however, comes to Buster and she says that she has a romance scene written for her and at the same time she was also nervous because before that she never had a boyfriend. But then Buster hires some big-name actor named Darius who will act as Meena’s partner.

But he was full of himself and he doesn’t bother about Meena and he doesn’t even bother to remember her name. So we have to see what impact it will have on Meena and how will the story turn. We have to see what will happen to Meena and how will she take this.

Will she take it personally or will she take it in casual terms? Continue reading to know what will happen and does Meena dies in sing 2

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Does Meena Dies in Sing 2

Talking about the storyline of Sing 2 we can see that when Meena was trying to have a practice with Darius she was not at all comfortable.

She went outside because she was feeling awkward and she felt brought down by the egoistic behaviour of Darius. After that, she meets another elephant that was named Alphonso and he runs an ice cream business. He always treats himself with that and he noticed how she was dressed he also referred her to a goddess and he gave her free ice cream as well.

Meena was feeling smitten by this and she makes a fool of herself by walking into the door and by splattering the ice cream on herself. In the next scene when she was acting her another scene with Darius she envision Alphonso as her partner and she was singing I Say A Little Prayer.

The crowd cheered for both of them and then Jerry break out Jimmy at that moment. Meena was having trouble when she was having romantic scenes with Darius until she meets her next partner. She felt a connection with Alphonso. Although from sing 1 she was not loved by many of the people and some tweeted that it is better than this elephant dies in sing 2.

That video got viral. This was not the only thing but also some other people expressed their hate towards Meena and they said she was doing far too much. This story continues and we have to see what will happen in sing 2This was all about does Meena dies in sing 2. We told you the plot and told you the review of certain people so we have to see what will happen to her. To see what will happen and if you have any other doubt then you can ask us in the comment section.

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