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Do you like the series Tokyo revengers? If yes, how much did you like this and how much did you like the character of Draken? I guess a lot and now you will feel sad if you see the truth and you might get happy if the answer to does Draken die in Tokyo revengers is no. right? Well, worry not, we are here with everything that you need to know.

Talking about the Tokyo revenger series, it is the new breakout series and it is taking over all the other series and it is ruling the anime world. It is another Shonen series and many were apprehensive at first and there is no other series like this. In this, the life of Takemichi Hanagaki is shown and he leads a run-of-the-mill dead-end life.

He used to live in a very dirty and kind of run-down apartment and he was working part-time and where he was working he was given no respect. His life got changed when he got to know that the girl that he used to date when he was in a high school named Hinata Tachibana along with her brother Naoto have been murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Talking about Takimichi he was also killed after being hit by a train and he did not die rather he was transported to the past and then he was able to save Naoto. When they were in the present they realised that Takemichi and Naoto have the ability to save his sister to get back to the past and then he agrees to go back to destroy Tokyo Manji.

So we have told you enough of the storyline here and now we have to start with the character of Draken and see if Draken dies in Tokyo revengers or not. This series has phenomenal characters and talking about Draken he is also known as Ken Ryuguji and he seems to die but what happened actually. See here. 

Does Draken Die In Tokyo Revengers

Does Draken Die in Tokyo Revengers

Firstly you need to know who was Draken in Tokyo revengers. He was the vice president of the Tokyo Manji Gang and he was a wild individual. Draken loved to fight and he was kind of rude to some people. He was rude to those who used to be beneath him and who used to relish meeting with the worthy adversaries. 

Draken was quite protective of the gang’s president Mikey and he was a very mature and very logical kind of person than Mikey and he knows when he should be shown respect and he knows when to take responsibility. He was kind of a caring person but he doesn’t like to show that side of him. He was very kind and used to take care of Mikey when he used to fall asleep and take care of his eating and many other things he does for him.

Noe talking about the death of Draken he was stabbed and he somehow managed to save him and after the first jump in Tokyo Revengers he tries to prevent Draken’s death and after all that it was seen that Draken’s fate was sealed. He was stabbed but somehow Takemichi somehow managed to save him and still after that it was seen that Draken still died after all that.

He died because he lost too much blood from the gunshot that hit him and that was acquired from the Rokuhara Tandai. Takemichi was on a date with Senju and Draken there heard the rumour that there was a hit that was placed in Takemichi’s life and he should place it there and the members of Rokuhara also tried the second shot to kill him. Draken was in front of Takemichi and he took the final blow.

Draken’s death was confirmed in the chapter 224 of the Tokyo Revengers and Senju asked Takimichi and Draken to avoid any kind of conflict and the gunshot attracted the civilians and at that time Draken remained in place and fell to the floor. Then Senju and Takemichi asked for help and when they arrived there they got to know that it was too late to save Draken.

The entire purpose of Tokyo revengers was to save Draken as he was the loved one and Takemichi was at the wit’s end and Takemichi was transported and Draken was already dead or he was about to die. Takemichi was feeling absolutely helpless and there was no way for him to save Draken.

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