Does Diego Die in Ice Age

Does Diego Die in Ice Age | What Happened To Diego?


How much do you know about Diego? Do you know Diego is the tritagonist of the Ice Age franchise and he is also the deuteragonist of the first movie? Diego is a saber tooth tiger who has started as an antagonist and then soon he became the best friend of Sid and Manny and also become the peaches’ adoptive uncle. So know here does Diego die in ice age.

Firstly Diego started to die in the first movie but he still survived in the final cut. The first cut was kind of depressing for the kids who were in the test audience. In the story of the Ice age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Diego’s story was about leaving the herd that was trying to rescue Sid on his own. 

Manny along with his wife conceived a child who was killed before along with his mother. She was killed by a tribe of humans that were on the hunt. Manny met the ground sloth Sid and also the Sabertooth tiger Diego. Along with this, there was another mammoth that was named as Ellie and there were her brothers named Eddie and Crash. They both came to embrace his family.

Diego along with Sid and Manny met with a mammoth named Ellie when they were escaping to the flood in the second movie and at that time she was separated from her herd during the ice age. After some time Diego along with his herd resided in a valley that was soon flooded over when there was melting ice. 

After some time Diego grew upset with his complacent life that he was in a herd and he has lost his edge as a hunter and he was leaving his herd behind. After some time Diego decided that he will stay in the dinosaur world after the adventure and he will return to the surface. 

Then he remained a member of the herd and he stayed with them. After he was reunited with Granny, the four were going to meet with the group of animal pirates and it was led by a vicious seafaring ape named Captain Gutt. There was also a beautiful female saber that was named as Shira and she was caught by Diego’s eye. 

Diego then convinces Shira to leave the crew and he tells her to join the herd as his mate. After some time Gutt was defeated and then Diego along with the rest of the herd that left their old home was there finding the new one in order to continent shift. Then both Diego and Shira lived happily in the herd valley.

Diego faces some strange feelings and he feels that he should start his new family with Shira and the herd will find the home that was endangered when they discovered that there was a massive asteroid that was headed towards the planet and they reunited with buck and then the herd started their journey to stop the asteroid. 

Diego almost fell into the river of lava but he was saved by Manny and from this, we conclude that he almost died in the process but he got saved. Diego at that moment got confused and he asked why he did that. 

So this was all about does Diego die in the ice age. We got the answer that he has almost died but he was saved. So the answer is clear that he didn’t die. Still, if you want to ask anything else then you can ask us in the comment section we are always here for you.

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